M4 Training - Shooting Under Stress - US Army

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The Mighty Bacon : I liked the part where he did exercises and then shot

All.Weather.Guy A.W.G : my pulse rise 115 beat per min just by watchin this..


Rho Main : I felt the burn by just watching

Chomies : More like under physical exhaustion

Levo GAMES : I hauled the groceries from the car up to our flat and my arms still hurt. #notfitformilitary

big daddy : need to try this some day  looks hard but kinda fun

Greyson Wayne : Yeah...but have you ever tried putting your money in your wallet after paying and while there is a huge line at Wal-Mart ? Didn't think so solider !

C Mueller : This isnt Shooting Under Stress its Shooting Under Fatigue. Crawling through pig guts while HMG fire rips over head is UNDER STRESS! lol.

Will S : is this the mo-reens? semper hoo-yah sailor

Hodge Lyons : good stress shoot now someone needs to teach that soldier how to square up his hips and shoulders to the target.

Ozan : It's not shooting under stress, it's shooting under exhaustion...

tyrantable : I'll have to remember to do this in battle -_-. Conserve energy, conserve ammo, try to take a dump before you leave the base because you may get into a combat situation.

Wi Ge : I think I lost a couple of pounds just by watching him

mighty Power999 : Proud of that soldier ! Now that's amazing

Jesse Martin : "Shooting with an elevated heart rate" Fixed that for you.

alucard the impailer : Seem's like your instructor need's a little bit of this. Apparently nobody taught him to keep his hands out of his pockets.

abhi modi : Salute to the us army

Scoutmag : Remember when he siad..."this is aviation".......this isnt a stress test.

MJ : I started sweating just from watching this. I would not survive that shit.

vladimir makarov : I'm impressed he didn't use his stress card XD

vladimir makarov : Burpi without jumping??? Well now you're just training to become a professional POW. What kinda weak shit excuse of a training is this?

Tristan Hodgden : Why is the guy wearing a coyote plate carrier?

underscorer 117 : Why did the guy shooting have a different helmet cover

Corndog : Are they wearing any form of hearing protection?

German Hockey : Meanwhile in the Army

Good Clean Fun : Does the Army train to shoot the M4 with the body not square to the target? I though they trained to square up so that chest plates faced the threat.

nosheen khan : nice job i like forever

Matt Fleming : This made me want to throw up... miss matching, hands in pockets, shit pt, and non bloused pants? Wtf!

DELTA 5.1 : Well! That was painfull.

vladimir makarov : Have two DI's screaming in each year ripping his life and soul apart while doing a mag dump full auto should be the REAL stress shooting.

John Smith : Well, did he beat DeLeon?

lofi carti : This some hardcore training. It's already hard enough to control your breathing aha

GoodWoodization : my out of shape ass would be dead in the first 15 seconds

American Patriot : I want to try this so badly, but right now I don't know of if my heart could actually physically take it. (Edit) And come to think of it, I'm glad they posted this, it really puts into perspective the training and how difficult it is to someone who doesn't do this often.

Fizzco : US is trash lmao.

Kouros Mohit : A awesome.

Quinton Youngquist : Decent functional training

Mase Sitagata : That looks like ansbach Germany

cmk : good training

superslugeater : Dumb. Never understood why regular army guys shoot while they’re sideways.

Gabriel Dos Santos : American soldiers' legs must be just like chun li's if they train like that

Ap0 : They forgot to kiss each other like US Army always do :D

weebo : wut....lol. weakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. He has no ruck, using an outdated carrier. BOI THEM BOOTS ARNT BLOUSED. A standard SMA expects even on the battlefield, and old johnny go fast walking around with the...dare I say it...hands in the pockets..

Nouiri Sofiene : where is the " stress"

wasted wasted : Holy shit he blends in with the grass pretty well

Wilfredo Dizon : I had to drink some Red Bull after watching this! I have a long way to go.....dang....

bicanroman : Same rules for female soldiers right?

Finkardop : shit made me tired from just watchin

Slash Le Pew : This isn't really mental stress, More like fatigue.