Seaboard Block: Super Powered Keyboard

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Barry Allen : 60% of people will buy this thing thinking they would make awesome music with it, then they would try it out for the first 5 hours, realise that to make music takes too much effort and then it'll sit on a shelf and rot for the next 5 years


no one : Put it on 1.25, it is 10x better.

YY ILLYLYIY : 299.95 saved you a click

qavv : learning to finger a girl step 1: learn the seaboard

João Noronha : if Justice and Daft Punk had a son

Makkay 20 : From 0:11 till 0:17 had me like bruuuuuuh it was so beautiful

TYGR : i just want a roli roli roli....

Jeffrey Ramella : Does your company take kidney's as payment?

Enes Çalışkan : Can you make that a full song a release it please? That thing got stuck on my head and it plays over and over again

Yintong Guo : I wish they continued the song

Jijumon M : Can anyone please for the love of god give me a link to the full track?! please!

Who ? : I have watched this ad at least 50 times now. Sadly there is no chance in hell that I will be able to afford this thing anytime soon, or ever for that matter. :-( Edit, I couldn't stop, and I have watched it in total probably 150 times over the past 2-3 days.

Ramon Solorio : Nooooo! Roli, why do you hate my wallet?????😂😂😂😭

Brandon Vella : Cool product, but I really like the song! Does anyone else thinks it sounds a lot like Justice? I listened to some of Marco's other stuff but it all sounds very different. I'd love to find more like this...

Morg8685 : this for some strange reason has the vibe of Bladerunner for me at least or some SCI-FI styled movie

Kawsaki : This is probably the best Ad I've ever seen! It's as if Daft Punk and Justice had a baby and named it space-aged keyboard! 😄👍👏

Davipar : Is there a full song¿?

jamboy32192 : I think i have watched this ad at least 8 times

snap2snip : I can't stop listening to this tune, very industrial rock

DeeJay BACH : Is there a longer version of this amazing demo music? : D


Project Ace : Trance - 009 Sound System Dreamscape

Color Theory : An object of beauty. ❤️

lewis Morrell : What is the song played, sounds so GOOD!

푸풉 : 숑아님 보고 온 1인

César Barrios Almansa : habéis cuidado el detalle sensitivo al máximo. me habéis dejado : "Wow". El detalle del surco en la pisada es increible. quiero uno, o dos , o tres... y el slide... arrrggggggg.

Agnostic : 0:29 thumb is at least 100ms before the audio. Synchronize your video before you post an ad...

xCraftdu69 : so amazing merci amixem

IDK : this sounds like a gta dlc trailer

RULES BREAKER : Are you kidding me Or Something like that

kacpervlogs YT : roli ive been to make a creation with the soldering iron, you might remember me, the roli building is in dalston, london...


peatear42 : I have no idea at all how to make music, all I know is I want this thing... :/

ByeByeBOOM : You guys have chosen such a nice song and performer to show your product off. So cool

Mourningdread : I can't even play keyboard but i wan't that thing so bad anyways!

andriano mihael : sound like justice..

Kiwi Borb : Please give this to me

Bhavya Kohli : This sounds really good.

Rahul Gupta : This shit is insane!

Dakota Wood : Dropping my next $300 on this. Don't even care. I need this in my life!

Synthesaurio V : Is this justice? Sounds like the new album

Blank : Reminds me of ac

Jer vin : Time to steal moms wallet

zaheer afsar : This is so Freaking Awesome

checkpiontcharlie : saw it on 9gag and fell in love

M Rizqi Ardiansyah : one of the most innovative music instrument company ever

PRI TESH : Future Instrument, Awesome

Music Remix No Copyright Music : Wow 🔝☺🔝☺😀

julian brescia : 0:47 got me