Bohemian Rhapsody | Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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: this is such a good trailer!

Kimberly : I can’t wait

Karen Curtis : I'm just a poor boy nobody loves me 💔

Jenn Blue : I must have watched this trailer 100 times already. I wonder how they were able to recreate that huge audience at Live Aid? Whatever they did, it's a good job.

Benny Tp : This gave me goosebumps

RussRedCloud : I see Elliot is having fun

Megan Ripley : That transition from the long "ayyooo" to Another One Bites The Dust is dynamite.

PpfftNation : This trailer should have been six minutes long

Sam Gubat : A MUST WATCH

shivam agarwal : A Storm is coming and Its name is Bohemian Rhapsody . Everyone be alert because this storm might take everyone and everything

Melanie Anne Ahern : And Rami takes the Oscar.

Andrew Television :

BronyGuardian : Looks absolutely incredible! Can not wait to see this!

Andrew Jimenez : This Better Win An Oscar

Abraham Ruvalcaba : Excelent

ashish choudhary : *_its about time they do a movie for queen_*

Abbey Rhapsody : Can't wait November 2!

kazuma Jay : Strap on your seat belts children, we're gonna show you where real music came from.

Albert Maruggi : who edited this trailer, love it!!!!!

Yeahwon Choi : This has to be the greatest trailer ever made..I just keep coming back to this everyday 😂

Veridian : That cat probably plays the piano better than I do

BecauseICan Productions : 0:57 When the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody are sung to the beat of We Will Rock You. Anyone else?


BlueJay21 : The actor who plays Brian May looks like so much like him it seems that they went back in time to bring young Brian May to play as himself for the movie. 😂

strangekaiju : Hit that like if this is your most anticipated movie event of 2018. 100% for me.

Caleb Hernandez : It’s about time they do a movie for Queen

Kong 100 : I love the Bohemian Rhapsody song and this trailer

James Z : This is hands down one of the best done trailers I’ve seen in a long time. Wow

Ed Stockton : Whoever is playing Brian May has absolutely nailed his mannerisms and tone of voice.

spinnertyp : Trailer seen at cinema 0:17 Some kid: Michael Jackson? Me (in thoughts): You are lucky that I am a pacifist otherwise I would show you 42 ways of torturing you forever.

McSuperfly : It’s easy to take for granted just how many iconic songs Queen produced.

Declan Earley : The trailer alone deserves an Oscar tbh

Aidan Rae : This literally might be the greatest movie trailer I have ever seen.

Andrea S. : Goddammit just take my money.

Gary the snail : “I pity your wife if think six minutes is forever.”

Kerry Cronic Vlogs : This is gonna be good af. I love these kinda movies being done for great bands.

André Ferreira : I can't wait anymore RELEASE THIS ALREADY

Logan Lk : *A true legend*

Salad Days : Queen > your wife.

ThisIsALongAndConvolutedTitle : _the voice of a god_

Ian Nicholls : "I pity your wife if you thin six minutes is forever" what a come back. typical Freddie. irreplaceable.

Darryl Willett : Can you say....OSCAR?

WheatleyTheCoreHD : Best song remix ever

Just your ordinary alien from mars : Trailer editor:So which song Queen do you want me to put in the trailer Boss: *ALL OF THEM*

Giusy Renzo : Rami AND THE OSCAR GOES TO Malek is so gorgeous.

Just an innocent Pomegranate : This actually looks really good!

Gwalargary : I just need a movie about The Beatles and Kurt Cobain, and I’m set.

Ponix 17 : This is history

rampageboy : 6k dislikers are beatles fan

Holemanaitor : I'm having a good time after I heard about this. (See what I did there?)