Bohemian Rhapsody | Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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CARTOONS WORLD : I just don't understand why I am still looking this trailer again and again.

Jenn Blue : I must have watched this trailer 100 times already. I wonder how they were able to recreate that huge audience at Live Aid? Whatever they did, it's a good job.

Megan Ripley : That transition from the long "ayyooo" to Another One Bites The Dust is dynamite.

Karen Curtis : I'm just a poor boy nobody loves me 💔

Albert Maruggi : who edited this trailer, love it!!!!!

Ian Nicholls : "I pity your wife if you thin six minutes is forever" what a come back. typical Freddie. irreplaceable.

Just your ordinary alien from mars : Trailer editor:So which Queen song do you want me to put in the trailer Boss: *ALL OF THEM*

Andrew Jimenez : This Better Win An Oscar

Mr. Gaucho : The trailer alone deserves an Oscar tbh

Jack Parry : “I pity your wife if you think 6 minutes is forever”. Something Freddie would say 😂

McSuperfly : It’s easy to take for granted just how many iconic songs Queen produced.

Kong 100 : I love the Bohemian Rhapsody song and this trailer

Fiona Nicola : We were about to watch Jurassic World in the cinema, then this trailer came up. Just hearing the “EEEOOO” everyone squealed, clapped, and shouted when we heard Mercury’s voice including my whole family which is a big fan of Queen. Can’t wait for this movie.

BlueJay21 : The actor who plays Brian May looks like so much like him it seems that they went back in time to bring young Brian May to play as himself for the movie. 😂

shivam agarwal : A Storm is coming and Its name is Bohemian Rhapsody . Everyone be alert because this storm might take everyone and everything

hyrinshratu : This proves that Queen is so awesome you can only remix Queen with more Queen.

argebarse : "I pity your wife if you think six minutes is forever" my new mission in life is to find an excuse to deploy that phrase

BronyGuardian : Looks absolutely incredible! Can not wait to see this!

BlueJWay999 : I wish I could download the remix in this trailer. It's sick!

Memo Grajedas Amazing Channel : This just won for best movie trailer of the year.

Capytan Capy : ¿Quien gritará el "eeeeeeo" en el cine?

0 suscribers with 0 videos *shook* : I feel like I'm gonna cry in this movie.

Ocean Master : Robert De Niro is one of the Producers of the film........So you know it's going to be good.

Cantet Mx : The audio quality must be orgasmic

Melanie Anne Ahern : And Rami takes the Oscar.

André Ferreira : I can't wait anymore RELEASE THIS ALREADY

Twilight Stars : Finally!!!! A movie that brings kids attention to amazing music! The trailer really does Queen justice

Austin Farrell : Literally the first 15 seconds make me wanna see this movie

SgtLoneStar : I can’t stop listening to this beautiful medley of Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen, Another One Bites the Dust and We Will Rock You. God that transition from BR into KQ gives me chills. Really hoping they release a full length version.

Death Grips fans are biased : Rami Malek seems to be making a career out of himself

The Galactic Empire : We all know Queen is basically the BEST rock band, no wonder it's going to have their own movie.

Ondra Ondra : this should win an academy award for this trailer alone :D can't wait

Assh Ole : I know you all are dying to watch this movie, just like me.

Josselin Mt : It was about time , finally a movie about these legends 👏🏽👏🏽

Carolina Ferreira : 4th season of Mr.Robot looks amazing

Aadit Doshi : Give this an Oscar already

Mr.Fr0sty : The replay button is broken, Send help.

upupaepops : Really glad to see Marc Martel publicly acknowledged by producer Graham King as having done some of the vocals for the movie. When talking about it in Rolling Stone: "“Literally, you could close your eyes and it’s Freddie,” says King. “And that’s a very tough thing to do.”

kavinskys bee : my life was saved the moment i saw the trailer, can’t wait for the movie aswell. long live Queen!

WhoPlayeditBetter : Please be good

Jose Rafael Peralta : That trailer does the work of make you want to watch the movie, I'm very excited to see the whole movie

rampageboy : 6k dislikers are beatles fan

Renée Tyler : This is like the 26th time I've watched this trailer.

yikedsike : I’ve been waiting 6 years for this.. 6 bloody years! I can’t wait!!!

ashish choudhary : *_its about time they do a movie for queen_*

Jon Marsh : who are the jackasses that dislike this stuff???

Thor Gram : NOVEMBER is to far away!!!!

Jose Portillo : God bless Freddie Mercury i hope hes happy seeing how his life impacted music and the world

Lia Angyal : let me say, I really love Rami, he is a talented actor, a pleasure to watch and I'm a big fan of mr.robot, BUUUUT.... him playing an iconic brittish/indian singer just feels wrong. I'm not looking to offend anyone, but be honest here, wouldn' it be a scandalous thing to cast an egyptian actor to play for example Louis Armstrong or James Brown?

Kerry Cronic : This is gonna be good af. I love these kinda movies being done for great bands.