Bohemian Rhapsody | Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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CARTOONS WORLD : I just don't understand why I am still looking this trailer again and again.

Albert Maruggi : who edited this trailer, love it!!!!!

smack daddy : When you've seen the movie, but you keep coming back to the trailer...

GoddessOfWhim2003 : so Disney is about to own Fox, does that mean Freddie is gonna be a Disney Princess?

iris180282 : There should be an Oscar category for "Best Trailer" !

Ian Nicholls : "I pity your wife if you thin six minutes is forever" what a come back. typical Freddie. irreplaceable.

DownUndergamingboi : I'm just a poor boy who needs to see this movie

Marcy Latimore : i’ve already seen the movie but i don’t want to let go of how amazing it was so i keep watching the trailers

Luke Benson : Only a couple of days to go!!!

mutia rizki : Watched the film yesterday, and now binge-watching all of the trailer and clips available on YT. I won’t moving on from this. Let me just stay here, in this euphoria, forever.

McSuperfly : It’s easy to take for granted just how many iconic songs Queen produced.

Samantha Mitchell West : clearly remember how I did "AYYY OH" with my mom and audience in 1985

Mammy Belle : I vote for Bohemian Rhapsody to be our planet's Anthem 🖖🏿

Austin Farrell : Literally the first 15 seconds make me wanna see this movie

Hitashi son : Went to see this 2 days ago, the movie made me smile, it gave me goose bumps, made me teary-eyed, made me laugh.. I was stomping my foot and bobbing my head to the tracks, which sounded absolutely insane in the big cinema, hands down the best cinema experience of my life, no contest!

WhoPlayeditBetter : Please be good

BlueJWay999 : I wish I could download the remix in this trailer. It's sick!

Paul Lannister : I'm glad they choose Rami for the role and not Sacha Baron Cohen. Rami is a great actor :)

Kathy Lawrence : Roger looks so hot. HIS SMILE AFTER FREDDIE SAYS "I pity your wife if you think six minutes is forever."

jon elsea : The media asked about Freddie's personal life and he said "I make music, what more do you need to know?"

Death Grips fans are biased : Rami Malek seems to be making a career out of himself

30 xanaxs : “i pity your wife if you think six minutes is forever”

mislagrimashacenunmar nadaresindealcansar : Kurt Cobain was such a Queen fan, he included Freddie Mercury in his suicide note: I think this says a lot about the power of music and Freddie. The note reads: "for example when we're backstage and the lights go out and the manic roar of the crowd begins, it doesn't affect me in which the way it did for _Freddie Mercury_ who seemed to love, to relish in the love and adoration of the crowd, which is something I totally admire and envy".

Ihavenoidea : I just watched the movie and i loved it!!!!!! Extraordinary performances!!! Especially Rami Malek, well done, i really enjoyed it👏👏 i love Queen and Freddie Mercury 😍

mislagrimashacenunmar nadaresindealcansar : "I have visions of a actually having a film about my life story, one day. I might not play the lead role myself. The things I've done in my lifetime .. it'd be totally triple xxx rated!!" Freddie Mercury

Memo Grajedas Amazing Channel : This just won for best movie trailer of the year.

Ocean Master : Robert De Niro is one of the Producers of the film........So you know it's going to be good.

Lindsay Chow : He lived more in his 45 years than most of us will if we live into our 80s. Amazing life.

RuneShare : Major eargasm at 01:03 when they mixed We will rock you with Bohemian Rhapsody. Hats off to the absolute legend that mixed the music for this trailer!

Shadow :3 : I just can say this is the movie with the best soundtrack EVER.

Caleb Hernandez : It’s about time they do a movie for Queen

Timothyprice : 1 of the THREE KINGS, LEGENDS, GODS of music! Freddie Mercury Michael Jackson Elvis Presley Now we just need a movie this badass for the other two kings! This looks amazing!!!

Yu Vos : I sure hope the Another One Bites The Dust remix thing (more like a mash up I guess) is going to be released! The transition from the "ayoo" at the beginning to the bass line is so satisfying, soothing and just really nice to listen to

edith solis : am i the only one that thinks the guy who portrays Roger Is Hot. nO jUsT mE?

boviean 07 : So I just watched this movie yesterday and?? Hands down my new favourite movie ever.

Melanie Anne Ahern : And Rami takes the Oscar.

Hakuna Matata : I know I am going to cry throughout the movie. None of my friends are Queens fan.I know I am gonna go alone to the theatre.

kavinskys bee : my life was saved the moment i saw the trailer, can’t wait for the movie aswell. long live Queen!

Łëbrøñ Jåmęš : The movie is beautiful and worth every cent

Marie Le : "The Oscar goes to... Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody".

Carolina Ferreira : 4th season of Mr.Robot looks amazing

DooM_jolefth5y 1 : 0:35 favorite part

Alexandre Izzy : I watched BoRhap yesterday. It was an AMAZING movie. It was like i saw the real Queen band, not as the actors. Rami Malek did a great portrayal of Freddie. He nailed it. His eyes speaks. Gwilym Lee, Ben Hardy and Joe Mazello gave justice to their role as Queen members. These 4 amazing actors has good chemistry, as group and band. This movie, you will feel mixed emotions. Laugh, tears, anger, admiration and love. I cried thrice and can't help myself singing along with their songs. Worth the wait, to watch this movie and finally last night, i made it. Happy and enjoyed it. Even if i am just a toddler and didn't know you, when you died. I felt like i knew you long before. ❤️👍😃 RIP Mr. Fahrenheit, Freddie Mercury and Long live Queen. Thanks for your music. Good music never gets old. It will be remembered forever. - - - - - Lots if love from Philippines. 🇵🇭🤗😃

FS Studio : Who makes this trailer, needs a oscar, oh i have an idea, THE NEW CATEGORY OF THE OSCAR: BEST TRAILER

upupaepops : Really glad to see Marc Martel publicly acknowledged by producer Graham King as having done some of the vocals for the movie. When talking about it in Rolling Stone: "“Literally, you could close your eyes and it’s Freddie,” says King. “And that’s a very tough thing to do.”

Sebastian Kwiatek : And the oscar for best actor is ......rami malek

Press F To Pay Respects : This movie was stellar and i can confirm the trailer lived up to its expectations

Ramit Inyah : I legitimately think this might be the best trailer I've ever seen.

Jaketsu : Not the coffee pot!

Simte : 🎵 Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? 🎵