If Flies were People 2

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Speckled Beauty : Ed, Edd and Eddy sound effects, nice

Allen Moreno : Fastest way to kill a fly. Catch em at the window

joe joey : That ending was so satisfying

HeroShade _09 : When he stood behind the curtains. That shit was funny as hell. Cause it be true. Them mfs always be chilling in there.

Amaka Olachi : Everytime y'all put on Sadness & Sorrow I choke 😂

Network : 0:43 Etikas channel and YouTube (Full Video, Not Colorized)

NSA : A fly has one day to live. Spends the rest of the day trolling you.

J.G Jonny : *Ed Edd n Eddy sound effects make any video 1000x better*

Veysel Dayı : i love this channel so much <3

Bifocal Autumn : *Grabs home depot box** This battle isn't over yet

Umayrica : When you tryna hit a fly but it’s a shadow clone

Jason Otah : If you make a part 3 it better be when your on your phone and Bug just lands on your screen

Æ : Oh wow top 10 hood battles

Gren Yena : *Black flies attracted to Watermelon...*

Kleric : For me, it's more like the fly is slapping against the window trying to get out, I open it and the fly ABSOLUTELY REFUSES TO FLY AGAINST THE PART THAT'S OPEN.

ZionIsAlive : Damn flies

Yorha Jihadi : Oh yeah them flys in the window catch everything.

Dark marth : Also at 0:22 how did you get up there lol

D'angelo JacobHymenShits : Nah these flies really got me like that tho

oshiyete yo sensei!! : I was doing that a lot Killing flies is my chieldhood

Axle Fullbuster : *me watching video* Damn I feel so bad for him *fly lands next to me xxxtentacion music start playing*

Archiie : Boy, you messed up the blinds

MikeXeno : We If bees were people part 2

Jackie Chan : What's the song in the beginning?

Truong Lam Lo : A man destroying his own property in the name of entertainment. Now that’s what I call devotion.

Ray : pretty accurate representation of what i'd want to do in that case. god i hate flies

GD Stoomy : That ending was a serious *BUZ* kill


Jay B : those blinds got messed up more than the fly

Xmark3000 : What is that in be back during the end? It looks like like an arcade game tabe or something

Bubblebeam : I love ur skits lol kietaro is always the best 😁😁

James Apple : This is the quality content I come for

Quentin : The ending LOOOL

Naruto Uzumaki : YES! I WAITED FOR THIS! THANK YOU. Also nice soundtrack :) lol

Huey Long : I am very sad for that fly. Alexa play despacito

Kayiose : Damn it, no song name on description ;-;

Kaabiiboy : 0:30 You walk into the room and see this, what do you do?

Sirmel11 : lol the ed edd n eddy sound effect

20XX Confirmed : The extent of editing and acting yall went to to film this one is amazing lol

Xenado : How the hell did you get all the way up there

Scrape God Ars : Oh man this was funny af 😂

Gonjona : If flies were people series are the best Cilvanis videos.

RandomDude : How did Cilvanis get up there tho

King Kirby : I can actually slap one out of the air with a sandal!

Luke Skywalker : I'm calling it, this is a going to be a classic Cilvanis video.

Pecu Alex : I'm gonna report this murder

Fluminox5284 - : When the fly touches your food you know whassup

AtTimer : Saddest death in anime I swear.

TheLateMrBones : Rest In Peace Flyvanis II.

Dark marth : Low key annoying af LMAO