Build Undergroud Hut System On The Cliff To Avoid Wildlife

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Continue the underground hut project. Recently I have built more storage and kitchen. All three huts are connected by a tunnel system. I cook on a large flat stone by heating the stone and putting food on it to ripen. Warehouse used to store firewood in rainy days. The kitchen is connected to the bedroom so I can set fire to sleep for heating Thanks for watching. Facebook Page : Other video: Primitive Technology: Hobbit House Build Undergroud Hut On The Cliff To Avoid Wildlife


Fadly Shalimi : Ok, Well at least the guy got over his pool obsession.

Mr. 4Zero : If he went on Naked and Afraid he’d just be naked

Robert Moore : He didn’t even bother to make an iron pickaxe

TheBoBabsin : Just moved into a nice little 3 bedroom outside the city.

TheBig Baller : What about the torches to stop mobs from spawning inside?

Oddi-Bun : I wonder if people just get lost in the woods and find random houses that all of these primitive channels make. That would be pretty cool

CaliforniaCarpenter7 : I'm fully convinced this guy could stick poke his way to a 4 bedroom condo in under a year.

Lucas Pentedemos : Well he is winning the hunger games

Pri Marcus : He made the whole village already, lol! Gotta love this guy.

Marques Smith : ...when your landlord increase your rent 😂

Katie G : 3 room hut, kitchen, bedroom and living room. Cool.

candace in jersey : Probably built this to get away from his mother in law.

CyanideCider : this is what we should learn in school...

Probably insane. I dunno. : * *FAKE BIRD NOISES INTENSIFY* *

Nome Sobrenome : When playing Minecraft is not actually just a phase

Lady Cat : What if the ladder falls....? What if the ladder falls WHILE you’re on it...? What if the ladder falls WHILE you’re on it AND carrying stuff...? What if the ladder falls while you’re going down...? What if the ladder falls while you’re going up....? What if you accidentally slide down the ladder...? What if the ladder slips...? What if the ladder comes for you in your sleep and slowly starts killing you, and you can’t do anything but watch as you slowly begin to fall into a deep sleep that you’ll never wake up from....? Also, what if the ladder falls...?

Christian Brin : This young man has ambition hard working very creative (No lazy bum here ) appreciate your energy great job bro

James Motter : And he did it barefoot 🖒

Kyrin : pls do egyptian pyramid next thx

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Ali Zaidi : Wow! Minecraft in 8k! the graphics are amazing!

Chris Ramsburg : I'll be honest, I'm most impressed with the fern relocation.


IShootYou StayDown : At the bottom like "hey can I come up?". Him: "nO fAcK yOu". *Hides* Me: 😰

OCMetals : Now... to find a woman that wants to live there.

Jon Nunnelley : The homeless problem can be overcome easily by this man's skills!

はる はる : this video like a Minecraft !!

Irrel Avant : I like this 👍 Maybe consider making a clay stove with a chimney so your smoke can be better controlled. I used to make those when I was a kid.

liberty Ann : Does he know wildlife can climb?

Vrdxyツ : This reminds me of when it turned night in Minecraft and I had nothing so I dig into the side of a mountain with my fist

Сибирский Бродяга : Сначала хотел сказать чтобы не издевались и дали парню лопату, НО когда увидел что этот засранец решил этой палкой отгрохать трёхкомнатные хоромы решил так ему и надо! Я за свою трёшку дольше карпел практически тоже палкой!

jussara daniele conceição : Com essa casinha duvido um bêbado entrar em casa kkkkk 😂 mais falando sério ficou incrível

Sydae : 15:50 congratulations you got yourself a glory hole

Mike Johnson : This looks like Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam . Don't think there are too many tigers left in the wild in any of these countries. Maybe 20-50. Have gone extinct in most places due to poaching. What wild life are they avoiding, wild boar?? These guys do a great job in construction. A great job.

Wild Hex : Man good luck in getting those diamonds

Outdoor Arizona : Little do you all know he has his tool box there.. Tap tap tap with a stick on camera. Bang bang did dig with his hammer and shovel off camera. Camera on.. Tap tap tap

B Brunson : I’ve always imagined that this could be done and this video proved it. This is sheer genius. Bravo!

André Nertan Juliao : Esse é o que eu chamo de VERDADEIRO Arquiteto!!! Parabéns!!!

FutureRicky : Pretty smart way to stay safe/add a layer of security from predators at night

Erich Woolley : We are living in 2018 This dude living in Minecraft

Jéssica Leite : Parabéns,eu transpirei só d olhar,cavou a terra usando uma madeira,q desposição,valew

Erick Américo : Isso foi incrível

SuperBear377 : this dude lives in a mansion behind the cliff & trees lol

EVG STORE : ***emergency brodcast system:wildfire , made when someone built a fire in a flammable house***

JusBidniss : If a hole dug into the side of a clay cliff in the forest caves in during the rainy season, and no one is around to hear it, does the guy trapped inside make a sound?

Pimpolho EOQ : Alguém já notou que dá para escutar algo parecido com uma busina de moto?

Emcee Sky : and they say that the civilized modern human being who would only have 48 hours to live in a forest is the civilized one and this guy who knows how to live a comfortable life in nature is the primitive one.

Mr.Faust Faun Fable : Now I know who build the pyramids 😎

CheesyFries 2468 : I love that sound of him hitting the rock. And especially the rock falling down as he brushes it away.