Build Undergroud Hut System On The Cliff To Avoid Wildlife

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ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides : Man can do more with a stick than i can do with an Architecture degree and a tool kit!

Vinny James : I really wanna see what this guy would do on "Naked and Afraid".

Jamie Lynn : Even if it wasn't 100% primitive technology, the majority of his tools/supplies came from the wild. Everyone uses their content for money, and if things don't naturally stick together as shown in 14:10, he used nails to keep his video going. Just think about if he got injured or something because his building wasn't stable? Listen, I was browsing through the comments and a lot have accused him of being "fake". The video never explicitly stated it was all primitive resources. Please, just enjoy the video. Edit: A lot of effort and time put into making holes in the walls with just a stick... Instead of calling him 'fake' , appreciate the work he put into this video.

Robertsbj16 : It's free real estate

Food addicted : *lives in the woods, but owns a better Camera than me*

10,000 Subs With No Vids Challenge : 572 dislikes from rival tribes

Ge Brag : Is that type of soil prone to landslides/erosion?

Donovan : I watch these to help me fall asleep lol

Ezekiel is a Pig : When I was a kid me and my siblings dug in to something like that to make a tunnel slide through it!

Asha de Haas : O Ok O Please like this it took me so long

Nome Sobrenome : When playing Minecraft is not actually just a phase

frenchie6189 : Who else noticed the change of roofing material at the 10:56 to 11:00 mark?

All time Top 10 : *ladder falls* *stuck suspended 20 feet in the air*

LAZYDAYZ. Z.Z : Oh my God he is so good at building, he *totally* did not use an axe nor a shovel NOR EXTRA MEN to help him do this.

Tube Unique SkilL : love it..if you all love me. im here

Sanguine Entertainment : No interior support. He built a death trap. No understanding of loading. This will bury you and you will suffocate to death. Please upvote this before a child kills himself doing this. Wouldn't be saying anything if this wasn't something a child could and would go do. If you can chip at it with a stick -- it cannot resist shearing forces enough to bear the load above it. It will hold . . . until it doesn't. And then you will die if you are inside. Die a horrible death of asphyxiation while totally immobilized. Do not try this at home. -- If you are an adult trying this or something similar with the intent to add interior support -- have a trustworthy friend ready with a shovel, and exercise caution.

JsneezyThe Goat : When you play too much Minecraft and mom said go outside and get a life so you just play Minecraft irl 💀

No Nino : ...and people really believe humans could not have built the pyramids in Egypt.

Joppe : Oh... How nice... A total ripoff of that one channel. C'mon man, be original and don't use the primitive technology name.

*SLUM LORD* :] : He would definitely survive a zombie apocalypse

Chad Kennedy : Imagine what this dude could do with a shovel and a pick..

LovingAtlanta : 🤔If it starts raining, is everything going to collapse and slide down the side of the hill? 🤨


Wurst König : no .... nonononono. while it might be a cool project, please never actually stay in that thing. one rainy day and the whole thing (not only your cave but the entire mud cliff) comes down and buries you. with this material there isn't even any point to build support within the cave, the mud below it will give in once wet enough. yes, this looks super cool, but it's a death trap.

Collyn Hoobler : just how do you make that with just a stick?

Jyotirmaya Mohanty : PhD. in Stone Age Architecture Masters in Bamboo Technology Graduate in Cliff Residency

бродяга : Чувак дай адрес я те лопату и кирку вышлю😂😂😂

photobackflip : Natural selection at it's best. Structural engineering exists for a reason.

Fedora Joe : being self sufficient in 2018

417HOON : @California

Tony Tiger : I did this with friends when I was in grade 6. It never felt quite right being in there for some reason. Some time later, kids from my school went in there and it collapsed on them and killed them. Could have been us. R.I.P.

Rocket Gamer : If this is real life minecraft I would hate to see real life roblox

LovingAtlanta : 👍Pretty cool. I especially like how he transplanted those plants around his cliff hut yard so it will have better curb appeal. 😁💞

Jailbreakerlyfe 2008010 : You can add a Basement.

Your Mum : I wish I could trust someone as much as he trusts his ladder

Tristan Bapat : Talk about predator proof

Ability Videos : Show us how you built the ladder tho

TRX VLOGGER : He is like an Ant! Lol

AUK Tutu : اكو عرب بالطيارة

Gabriel Nogueira : Minecraft players have gone too far...

James Young : I just wonder if they own the land or what. What happens when other people buy that land, all your work is for naught. I love what he does, besides some of it looking structurally unsafe, but I just wonder about all the problems of today's world affecting the cool stuff he does.

Bill Joe : Vietcong intensifies


Fuck sam The vlogers : WOW!!!!!💪🏼👌🏼🤓🤑

Jose R : Mr. Gov: Alright. Now you have to pay property taxes, school taxes, cliff county tax, border line state taxes and bring a copy of your land ownership papers to stamp it with a $1,500 stamp. Welcome to Cliff County.

Настя Переверзева : Oh no! Я русский😱

† AnThoNy MoDz † : Só eu q sou brasileiro e foi assistindo?

Mark Auka : 11:00 he legit looked like he was getting out of a bathroom with a magazine

Araceli Diaz : Mongolos

frankohero : You do sooo much work. Great. But: With the rain-season you will get problems. You could find a way to put mud and grass on top of the three roofs. That would prevent rain from flooding your amazing cliff-home.