Build Undergroud Hut System On The Cliff To Avoid Wildlife

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MCarolina Fonseca : its free real estate

Dee Nimmin : Listed on Air BnB.

Fadly Shalimi : Ok, Well at least the guy got over his pool obsession.

candace in jersey : Probably built this to get away from his mother in law.

ninjabo 01 : This isn't premitive technology you use processed wood and rope

JusBidniss : If a hole dug into the side of a clay cliff in the forest caves in during the rainy season, and no one is around to hear it, does the guy trapped inside make a sound?

Andrew Bradford : I can’t even build a desk from IKEA. “Insert Side A1 into A2” THEY’RE ALL B

Christopher Baxter : This guy is a machine, people in the modern world, are not mentally or physically strong enough to do this

Sydae : 15:50 congratulations you got yourself a glory hole

Juan Salcedo : Everybodys just talking BS and trying to make fun of this, but none knows the importance to know this things, this could be some primitive but is something pretty clever and very sacrificed to do. In a not faraway future we all gonna need to know something like this, at least something similar, otherwise you wont pass.

Magic Zucchini : Don’t dig straight down

Logan Van Liempt : I wonder how many people stumbled across one of these creations and how many of these places potentially saved someone's life

Chronic Backpain : Don't waste your time trying to do this glitch, its been patched.

Graham : Legit name and ideas stolen from Primitive Technology lol, original.

Probably insane. I dunno. : * *FAKE BIRD NOISES INTENSIFY* *

EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary) : These are the people you want to know when the zombie apocalypse happens

CyanideSpider : this is what we should learn in school...

Outdoor Arizona : Little do you all know he has his tool box there.. Tap tap tap with a stick on camera. Bang bang did dig with his hammer and shovel off camera. Camera on.. Tap tap tap

Kyrin : pls do egyptian pyramid next thx

Sanik fast : I can hear bob the builder crying right now

OCMetals : Now... to find a woman that wants to live there.

TheBoBabsin : Just moved into a nice little 3 bedroom outside the city.

James Motter : And he did it barefoot 🖒

Сибирский Бродяга : Сначала хотел сказать чтобы не издевались и дали парню лопату, НО когда увидел что этот засранец решил этой палкой отгрохать трёхкомнатные хоромы решил так ему и надо! Я за свою трёшку дольше карпел практически тоже палкой!

xCheesy : I love how it's a different roof on 11:01 just compare it to 10:58

ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides : Man can do more with a stick than i can do with an Architecture degree and a tool kit!

Brian : why do the birds always sound so... fake?

camätic_overkill : Im the person who would do this is the side of a pizzahut

Lizzie Noble : And I’m still over here trying to build my ant house T-T

Умник есть жи : В будущем археологи будут находить эти постройки и думать, что люди так жили. А на самом деле они это для ютуба лепили.

SeaCow 12 : Question: is the camera made out of a coconut??

The Last Vortex : Why is he using rope and wire?

Kyle Wall : that not extremely dangerous?

Vinnyr111 : me use stick to make hole in wall

Юрий Дроздов : до первого дождя

sterling archer : These minecraft updates keep getti g better

Ali Zaidi : Wow! Minecraft in 8k! the graphics are amazing!

Nicole Cagle : Happy New Year from Florida, USA

Murilo Duarte : Cadê os BR? 2019

DooM Pi : опасное жильё блет

Alexander Ward : People wonder how humans built massive and complex structures ages before electric power or combustible motors. Like this it was done by hands, intuition and time.

jussara daniele conceição : Com essa casinha duvido um bêbado entrar em casa kkkkk 😂 mais falando sério ficou incrível

Rafael Costa : O Maluco e brabo!Kkk

Katie G : 3 room hut, kitchen, bedroom and living room. Cool.

Irrel Avant : I like this 👍 Maybe consider making a clay stove with a chimney so your smoke can be better controlled. I used to make those when I was a kid.

TheBig Baller : What about the torches to stop mobs from spawning inside?

Hamza _ : Стопудово гнездо для любовницы замутил

Chłodny Klecha : Tiger can climb the ladder easily

Maria Zaldivar : Me encanta la naturaleza ,la personas sencillas y amistosas .Conocer diferentes culturas ,gastronomía ,costumbres etc

Alex cruz : Se doido e se desabar tudo com pessoa dentro.