Jumanji Animated T.V Show Opening Theme

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Georgia : I was so obsessed with this cartoon!

WINTERS : This show was so badass back in the day!

Dizzy Blu : Holy shit this seems scary as hell now. Even the weirdly drawn characters look creepy. How was I ok at this as a child?

No Place Like Holmes (2010-2015) : :( Robin Williams helped bring us this classic.

ginonovanta : I always preferred this to the movie actually,as a kid i was obsessed with this show; i remember that with a friend at school whe actually drew a version of the jumanji board ourselves and kept inventing riddles XD

CaptainChameleon : If Jumanji was airing today, I bet Van Pelt's rifle would be replaced by a laser gun.

Ben l'hyène/the hyena : I have chills and tears due to the fact my childhood hit me like a truck and that the opening sequence is simply epic and badass.

Stephen Milroy : I like how the phrase 'are you game' means either 'are you up for the challenge' or 'are you prey/food for the hunt (i.e. wild game!)' I only just noticed that! Very clever animation department!

G Koh : *Enter a strange land where danger lurks everywhere.* *Enter a darkness that threatens the day and soul.* *Enter here where impossible is possible.* *Enter Jumanji.*

epique wenqa aka epik : they had the longest necks ever haha

neverpure20 : is everyone crazy here thats one of the most unique and beatiful art styles ive ever seen

TheVoiceOfTruth : better than the movie

Amir Hakimi Abdul Khairi : whos here because of the jumanji movie 2017?

Sammy N : Alan: Patrick Star Peter: Gretchen Grundler Judy: Jimmy Neutron Trader Slick: Nigel Thornberry

karda009 : I actually watched the show before the movie, and in hindsight, it kinda ruined from the movie for me. The show was so much cooler.

Jon P : Dayum Jumanji your scary....

supermanXL : when UPN wanted to get on that Saturday Morning Cartoon but instead put their shows on Sundays and had no competition. RIP UPN

incufish23 : Like most good 80s-00s kids cartoons I feel the writing department had the freedom to make it equal parts fun and smart but add some real darkness and menace. Jumanji the world in the game was unfriendly, weird and very set in it's make up/resistant to change. Also the artist Everett Peck was a great move, shows look is still very unique.

Mr_Rhymes : lol can't believe I was okay looking at this show lol as a kid. I forgot how freaky and ugly the animation was lmao

Go Green : well guys the animation was intended to be ugly ,it ads the twisted atmosphere and makes the villains and monsters look more scary. at least that's what i think and the animation therfore suits this show.

Anh-Thu Le : I watched this when I was a kid.

Michael J. : Basically take Jumanji and throw it in the art style of Duckman.

soid drone slayer : This was such an underrated movie to animated series I use to watch this all the time Im glad it lasted for 3 seasons, I liked how they switched it up from the movie where Judy and peter get sucked into the Jumanji world Alan had to face which is much more scarier than the Jumanji world coming to the town of Brantford.

Мирослав Лукьяненко : Ohh, that was thrilling and great, I liked a style of tv series, artwork and general plot! I tried to dress as Van Pelt for Christmas party when I was 12, and everybody asked me why am I wearing strange hat and a rifle, if I am Joseph Stalin 

nightshadow the skolftaur : you know out of all the top 10 (more or less) countdowns of fav/catchy/epic/well done cartoon themes i NEVER seen this on any list i mean i see people putting things like the gummy bears theme on there list or gargoyels or sonic the hedghog for pretty much the same reasons so why not even give this an honorable mention at the very least? im looking at you mojo.com >.> its obviously very well done very catchy and not to mention epic sounding :p this coming from someone who didnt even know this show existed until i saw it on netflix lol hell it even goes for the theme of the animals of farthing wood but there are some top lists that have it which unlike this show which there is none at all not even talking about it for that matter glad to see that unlike most if not all the shows i watched as a kid growing up in the 90s that this show actually ended its series instead of leaving it on a fucking huuuuge cliffhanger once again im looking at you reboot sonic the hedgehog ect >.>

bella rose : This was my shit! omg!

LiyuConberma : I just LOVE how they chanting "Jumunji" in the bg so ominously and the music similar to Indiana Jones adventurous spirit as well. ^w^ Definitely one of my favs childhood shows.

qtippz : Cool Beans!

ofir beck : 0:17 No matter where you run No matter where you hide Death is approaching you From every side Terror or bravery Failure or victory Play on the stakes and you'll find Your destiny In this game you will find your destiny

Duke k Dave : This rimeds of the wild thornberrys

Annabelle the human girl : I remember it! 😊

hewge duk mhan : I never liked the way that the kids looked

Kamrul Islam Jisan : OH !!! Like I'm back to Ma Age 8 !!! :D That was Awesome manhhhhhh !!!

Kag 1995 : Looks sorta like a nick show

Kyleigh Felan : Sometimes I like this video :-)

FLAME4564 : Its been so long since ive heard this classic cartoon Theme ^_^. Such an epic cartoon/movie Jumanji was back in the days <3. Good times

Dalon Young : W...W...What? this...this is a THING?!

John Israel Fish : This was a thing...

Atripple : I wanna see a crossover of Jumanji and The Wild Thronberrys.

98209276 : this reminded me that growing up sucks these were better times I miss the 90s intensely

stuart balchin : Thanks to the rocks and Kevin harts peace of crap I'm watching this

Mehedi Hasan : This reminds me my childhood :)

FreakyLynx : Loved this cartoon.

mega NAIROD : This looks quite badass!


Kawsar Amin : it reminds my childhood


Mark : time to play the game

Mark : Before GoT, there was Jumanji.

pp lai : Omg I almost forgot about this cartoon.