Depression and the Secret to Happiness | Johann Hari
Unexpected ways to feel happy Everything you know about depression is wrong

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Society is making us depressed but itโ€™s okay Johann Hari has found the secret to happiness ๐Ÿ˜Š Support DDN:


Subzerouh : psychologist erich fromm said: "the "sick" people are the nomal ones and the "normal" people are the sick ones."

Jon Stern : Very good. He seems to have had a bit of a chequered history himself and this stuff is in one way quite obvious when you think about it but still good on him for putting all this together and saying clearly what we all, surely, deep down know is true

Muhammad Zubair /Mr Warmth : I've discovered your channel and I really like the work that you're doing keep up the good work and i hope more and more people watch this and learn something! Thanks๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰

Benjamin Lyman : Amazing content thank you for this. This is what we need on youtube.

Random Scottish Bloke : Great video. Important stuff. Thanks Johan.

Ky Lives : This is amazing, he has summed up a lot of the important points in his book here supplemented by an amazing visual narrative!

asdf : This is such a fantastic channel

Jid Ofole : Western World

Wasabisauce : what you're describing is situational depression, depression based on circumstance or lack thereof. Many people have depression based on a lot of different things, not just circumstantial such as legitimate chemical depression. not to say what you're saying is untrue i just feel it still misses a LOT of what depression is. personally i have depression from abuse, being made to believe i had no worth, i was the source of problems i had no control over, etc etc etc- that lead to severe depression in my early adulthood and late teenage years, and then a friend of mine lived a perfectly nominal life yet also developed severe depression. i really believe that people strive to figure out what depression is, or what mental illnesses in general are because they're so personal and so hard to communicate to others that if we just give it a label and a descriptor we can fight it, which is extremely human obviously but the thing is theres no one source and theres no one cure- my depression was helped with medication to alleviate symptoms and then therapy to work things out while my friends was simply chemical based so he took medication to work things out and got therapy to help clean up symptoms. in my opinion the thing that needs to change in regards to how people look at depression and mental illness is that its not a bad thing, its just a sickness like cancer or even a broken bone, it should be taken seriously and not stigmatized. You wouldnt be worried people would disown you or make fun of you for saying you had cancer or diabetes right?

Dawson The Noble : Frigging duh

Jeff Jeffs : Kewl

Jon Irenicus : Eventually human will become multi planet species and we will slowly but surely evolve and our current needs for social interaction or sense of belonging will change. We will be fine without any human interaction at all.

Stuart Wooster : 7:00 Bart Simpson had it all wrong... "Have a cow, man!"

Travis Lawrence : You speak in circles. You have a point and then again you don't.

kaiserblazer : The guy is a known fraud who edited other journalists Wikipedia articles to make baseless accusations that they were antisemites, and instead of apologizing he portrayed himself as a victim. Dishonest narcissist. Don't believe what he says.