Mother and Son danced to the top songs of the decades

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Moorooa A : Momma was really gettin into it. Officially Coolest Mom Ever

Fritznerda Laporte : Mama was not playing, she held her own that Nae nae and stanky leg was on point . That's what I'm talking about, relaxing and enjoying life it doesn't get much better than this great job to both of them.

Raheel Ahmad : Son: Dances Everyone: _Silent_ Mom: *Breathes* Everyone: _CHEERS_

Ad Vid : Who else was watching the mom the entire time🤣

j New : This is how you know you raised him RIGHT.. no shame with mum x

Nelly Esendi : She dances like a boss😍❤... She got moves

Sister Stina : Can I marry the son so she can be my mother in law?

Ashley DiPaola : the mom dances better than me

G Hiddles : Mom rocked it with her son..SO refreshing to see something like this. Son cool too to do that with Mom. If she had broke out with the Nae Nae at 03:58, I would have lost it!! This was GREAT!!!

Lovely Ladybug : This should be one of the top videos of the year. That lady has moves.

Let's eat Grandpa : Well guess dancing runs in their genes lol

Mel Dixon : This has to be one of the best, if not the best video I have seen on YouTube in a very long time. You two are GREAT and live and rep the Queen City...

Tiger Lily : *im not a regular mom. im a cool mom.*

friendlier : I so hope this is the way the world still sees Americans.

Mahogani R Jones : I love this because it speaks more to the value of parent-child relationship than anything!! LOVE THIS 💃🏼❤️🕺🏼

Amy McLean - Super Ink Arts : This may be my new favourite thing on the internet. Amidst all the bleak and dreary news stories and events in the world, this is a little ray of light.

krystal : if anyone finds my wig, let me know

LovingAtlanta : 👍Ooooh hold up MAMA GOT IT going on!!! Go ahead girl!! 🤗💞🤗

Bethlehem Negussie : Love love love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️you two💕❤️ l would watch you guys dance all day!!! Smashing duo!!!!👏👏👏

m m : I wanna order another cool mama like her, give me the link

Ratheon Hudson : This pair are perfect. Her facial expression shows she's having fun, and his facial expression says "My mom is cool". True

Shirley Aguilera : That was cool. Sons dont always want to admit it. but cool moms makes cool sons

sara abernathy : Ellen you see this @The Ellen Show

robynsegg : Hire them for the Cheerios commercial! Lol! 😂

YoLo : *Get it Momma* !! She’s So Soulful.... This Is Cute! 💕

sueldrsyluvsutube : One of the best mother son dances.

Love Me : Love it when people just have fun especially with their kids...I’m the same with my boys 🤗

Mshamba : I loooove you two tooooo much. All the way from SOWETO. Black people LOVE watching white people that can dance BETTER than US .CXOX

joel pena : Can't touch this was sick lol couldn't help but cheering in my room

Tamu Bracken : I would love to do this with my son. This mom really rocked it!

Renee Howard : mom got moves like jagger

Lee Shay : Thats dope asf. Lol. Im 30...son is 6...we do dances all the time. I hope when hes my age we still at it with the shenanigans lol #bff

Kryshna Dewan-Cobb : Am I the only one that started dancing for cotton eyed joe

tricia melvin : Just too cute! Loved this dance routine although Madonna shoulda been in the mix somewhere. Good clean fun! Exercise too!!! ❤️💋

Jillian : Mama can bust a move! That was fun!

愛 Maddie : *My dance moves left the earth*

Jada Williams : She’s LEGIT she the boss and she got them moves to be so grown who else agrees

Aaliyah Madison-Marshall : Get it ! you guys are the boss keep doing what you guys are it. awesome!

Sista B : MUM got her groove on. Nice to see mum and son having fun and quality time together. Cherish it. To the lady who lost her mum my condolences. All the things your mum taught you pass it on and it will help keep her legacy going. May the Lord comfort and strengthen you. God bless.

Ethan Shohet : 0:27 when the fortnite dances get leaked

vicky stevenson : 💜💜💜💜💜 can tell your son was very very "PROUD" of make all the parents...LOOK GOOD!!!!💐💜💐💜💜💜💜💜

goldenpillar : Amazing! I was smiling the whole time :)

Francesca Turner : Crap i lost my weave 😂

tateshia williams : Omg i just luv this mother and son i can tell they have a good close Relationship 💗💗💗💗

Laker Girl : Too cute!! Mom was better. (but then we always are). Lol.

Eric Hernandez : Bravo this is what life is all about great performance video made my day we all can take a lesson and do something fun with our kids and bond again bravo

Magic Jackson : Where Am I Out of all Of this He Is In Every Decade Even 2010's

Eve Lynn : Omg 😍😍😍😍😍😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

Cloak Of Shadows : Stop! The macarina! The only dance I'm actually good at. Lol 😄 Great stuff!

Hayes Voyles : The bond between son and mother is unbreakable...I love it.