Ridiculous Ways Gov't Wastes Your Money

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Alexander Chippel : I want to watch shrimp run on treadmills as much as the next guy, but it shouldn't be funded by the government.

sanosuke2999 : That council woman looks like the physical manifestation of Greed.

kenny Ruiz : Since it's not a lot of money, she should pay for it with her salary.

K Kampy : people don't realize that the government does not have any income, every cent they spend comes from your tax dollars. Reid is a moron

Chihiro Gustafson : It's not tax money is grant money hahahahahaha what a joke

furtim1 : I am glad this was made, but it is so hard to click the "like" button when the video makes you want to punch drywall.

TheSandboxbob : Step 1: Claim a product or a service is a human right, or a necessity to the public Step 2: Ask congress for money to subsidize this service or product (of course being sure to ignore any existing deficit, or spending budgets in place) Step 3: When small businesses/ service providers slowly die out; claim to combat this crisis by raising taxes, duplicating existing government actions and programs to create more jobs Step 4: Champion your self in the next election as being a moral leader by taking other peoples money to pay for this worthy cause, and justify it by saying the economic crisis in relation to this product or service has been solved........despite what the evidence might show

xxSinEater : 40,000 bike helmet givin away. If a helmet costs, around here anyway, $5. That's $200 THOUSAND tax dollars wasted and money that your local bike shops lost.

david davis : OMG, "The National Money Hole," sounds like something our government WOULD do. Let's NOT give them any ideas.

Joel HC : It's never a lot of money when it's someone else's money. Probably the same politicians that did it are in pro of the illegalization of biking without a helmet on. Hell, I'm sure of it! 0 taxes is the solution or else you can't say your owners/lords how to expend the money that they steal from you.

CaliforniaArchitect : I think I saw some of those bike helmets being resold on ebay.

Nathan Fletcher : I don't understand why this doesn't have more views. I mean the production value is great.

James Stokes : Time to drain the swamp!

whirlybird n : If "it's not a lot of money" then why doesn't she pay for it out of her pocket?

Craig Blackmer : That councilwoman was soooooo hot! As long as you are attracted to rat faced, bucktooth, no neck women that look like they are 75 years old but probably 50.

Rationalthought83 : The most devastating presidents were all left-handed pricks...

[PANTY-DROPPER] THE-TETRA-PRO-GAMER : Not a lot of money eh? How about they fund it with their paycheck then we will see that attitude change real fast.

chateucaddy : The very end last statement (It's NOT A Lot Of Money)? There talking about the cost of these unnecessary wasteful gov. Programs... But it's just as upsetting & angers me when their trying to cut the budget & the reply is always (this or that) cut is small or just a "Drop in the bucket" (WELL JUST LIKE "KIDS WERE TAUGHT" WITH PIGGIE BANKS) It All Adds Up

jred7 : I live in New Mexico. Maybe the onion wasn't too far off.

Lasercod's Tech : "These aren't from taxpayer money, they are grants" and where exactly did the grants come from?

Matthew Johnson : John Stossel for Prez

Nizzle FoShizzle : Taxes should pay for infrastructure, law enforcement, public safety, national defense, land conservation/parks, international diplomacy, and looking after the veterans/elderly. No tax dollar needs to be spent on anything else.

TWDxKILL3R : "It's not really taxpayer money, it's from a federal grant". God help this country but I seriously know we are doomed ......

Larry Witte : She has a nice tooth

Jose Pineda : 5:30 cringe

pinkmillk : I agree with everything except bashing getting rid of the brown tree snakes in Guam. I lived there for three years while serving in the Navy. That's federally funded on base only and it's to protect service members and their families from these very venomous snakes.

Dankley : Good Lord that woman is repulsive at the end

Chris Teal : Some of this isn't waste... Some of it is. government investment in research has been done for ages...hell the "discovery" if the new world was paid for government "waste"

177SCmaro : If it's not a lot of money for bike helmets then why doesn't this lady get her checkbook out and buy everyone there a bike helmet?

Glen Cychosz : Brown tree snakes on Guam are a real problem.

Christian e.g. : democrat politicians like harry reid continue to waste the tax dollars of hardworking americans at the same time that Vladimir Putin is pouring billions and billions and billions and billions and billions of rubles into modernizing and upgrading the Russian Air Force, Navy, and mechanized ground forces in order to mow down NATO along with America's politically-correct transgender military

TheRichie213 : We should just live in a moneyless society. Build your own house garden ect..

Alex_2259 : The research programs can be argued, but a "cowboy poetry festival." Are you kidding?

cyoungrun1 : Mark Twain once said, "Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it." Harry Reid and that city councilwoman at the end is exactly who Twain was talking about.

macc240038 : All over N.Y. you will see signs that cost hundreds of dollars to make that read something like ," this improvement to your park or this road" etc. And under it the name of the governor and the mayor. But the gov. And mayor didn't reach into their pockets to personally fund any improvements. The taxpayers did. If there is a sign, that's what it should read. This improvement funded by the taxpayers of NY. Politicans using taxpayers money to erect signs to take credit and pat themselves on the back disgusts me.

Strahli : They are life devouring monsters. makes me sick.

Larry Sizemore : "It's not a lot of money." It's more than $0.

HeavyC_SCUBA-OX #UnkahuZ : The manufacturer donated the " free" helmets,(and then takes the tax break on the full market price, because they hold the receipts) The grant money (earmarked tax dollars) spent on , filet mignon, hookers, cigarettes, booze and vacation homes.

robert burgess : Fire them all. They forgot that they work FOR us. They're NOT our lords and masters. They (with exception of a very few) need to get a swift kick in the rear, and sent packing.

Scott Fillinger : Wow even when money hits his face he doesn't blink. I don't he blinked the whole episode. I don't have a mustache and I blink. Must be the stache jk

Joe Joe : Don't you just love those socialists

dm8867 : Vote them all out no more life time benefits for politicians

Alex Stormlight : I want my tax money to go into doing everything possible to stop north korea from destroying the world.

mark sicotte : when are they going to drain the swamp?

countryshaner141 : Democrats have been buying votes for decades

Fulano de Tal : "It's not a lot of money?"... They say that until it's their money, then they'll say to leave their money alone. Tell them that the People will vote to lower their salaries and benefits, then they'll cry out, and We'll respond with "It's ok, it won't be a lot of money."

SirLGM : The constituents need to quit accepting the politicians giveaways. Until then, we will continue to have this problem.

Bosingr : 0:19 "America needs the money hole!" Nancy Fichandler there reminds me a lot of Maxine Waters. 1:31 Cowboy Poetry Festival. Okay Harry Reid, you support that?-, then pay for it yourself with your own money exclusively, not ours. Can't those wanting to participate in such a festival or any similar event pay some money to enter which will fund that event? Or just have an informal poetry reading at a designated location, like "Bart's Country Western Bar."

mark graham : Crooks, thieves, and satanist pedophiles run this world. Our gov officials live in fantasy land because they steal from us.

Don Dressel : No wonder the United States has 23 trillion dollars of debt