DyE - Fantasy - Official Video

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lambymakesnogoodcontent the first : Don't sneak into pools at night kids.

You sick fuck fidelity bravery integrity : Well that’s enough internet for today

thecultguy : Is the pool a passageway to the Valley of the Kings? Any other Lastman fans here?

revseth : I like to think that during the climax of the video, the janitor is back at the pool spraying down the monsters with a common everyday item that kills them, shouting " This is why the pool is CLOSED 9pm-7am! We had an assembly explaining that!"

Korphan : Looked for this video, remembering it after 5 years, couldn't remember the title of the song though so i just wrote : "fucked up anime music video" and it was the first result

moist : Really hate when this happens

jad assaf : I searched "alien rape pool" to find this . Edit: by the way I was looking for this song... I wasnt tryna find som weird porno

Filipe Fernandez : Since 2011 and I still can't figure it out the meaning of this video

Abdul : Am I watching Devilman?

Vinicius Duarte : I think it is about the loss of innocence. She sees sexuality as something gross, alien-like, and tries to run away from it. But she feels it in her pants after the boy tried to kiss her.

Elixern Dragon : When you sneak out and go into a pool and your friends turn into nightmare porn monsters and then go into a pool to another world and your eyeballs explode... Happens to me 28 times :P

FancyHat : Its called hentai, and it's art ...

General Sci : I swear this was one of the inspirations for Stranger Things.

Jose T : How it fells to chew five gum

Francisco Silva Pão : Nossa '-' carai burracha o oroal utrapassou os limites

Deivih : This video make me nightmares 5 years ago, when in 2:30 min i close the video, but im here again to end this.

B0NN!E : I remember watching this a VERY long time ago and idk why, but I got reminded of Pewdiepie reacting to this so I searched this up, still cant understand what the fuck is the meaning of this video

mrbaylove7 : This does a good job of representing how a sexual awakening feels if you experienced it as a teen

Kevinobsessed : Awesome music but oh man... Didn't remember the animation

Mariana Lages : Você Sabia

NΛME : The video predicted both Season 1 and 2 of Stranger Things, just take a closer look

八雲こいし : 小さい頃に1回だけ見たトラウマ動画だ‼︎


나리 : this video haunts me till this day

Cyranek : yeah, this is pretty typical

TSPGamer : who else come here from pwediepie??

Definitely Not Wicked Reaper : What if the creature at the end is one of lovecrafts monsters afterall just looking at one is enough to drive u mad hell it even looks like one

Nekrospherian King : That eldritch monster was like "oh hello mortal, I'm kinda busy can you-*girls eyes burn out*- oh damn. I keep forgetting about that."

silverstring : i dont like to say it but this video was all of our childhoods

foxy kawaii : WHY?

Salma Fargeon : I'm the one who love this video??

risu bowl : i hate how this happens when I'm always at the pool

Karl... : Je suis fière de mon pays putain ;_;

Thiccboi Is thicc : Kind of reminds me of Devilman Crybaby

AwesomeSzym : Hmm great quality of animation buy... what there just happens i'm Imagining animator that is drawing this frame by frame and thinking "hmm... just normal fabular animated teledisc"

jimmy death dude : Uuuummm Yea Tentacle porn

JosephStalin : Jesus call racoon city pd

Anthony Taylor : This is scary as HELL

The SkullDuggery : This shit scared the shit outta me when I was younger

Gustavo Games : Wow

Bruno Henrique : ESE video e estranho pra carai

Martian 100% real no fake : Wut da phuck

Harley Quinn : Ohh Sexy

thecommanderjb : YES,YES,YES,....... wait wut no no nONONONONO

Netesantos Santos : Que bizarro mano😐

Luan Henrique Passoni : After watching Devilman Crybaby this video started to make more sense to me

Skinny fat Kid : Fun for the family

AIDAN X : This is rated X

Pedro winchester : O Voçê Sabia Falou que Era Recente e o Video foi Postado Ha 6 Anos kkkkkk

COMIC BOOK HERO : I remember pewdiepie watch this