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SovietWomble : Everyone's interpreting this as being about puberty, coming of age, etc. I'm only seeing a Chaos god and it's demon-spawn on a typical Tuesday.

donald pickle : who else came here from PewDiePie?

Roberto Cuautle : Y'all remember stumbling upon this video when you were younger?

risu bowl : i hate how this happens when I'm always at the pool

Miister00 : Who else comes back for memories?

Vinicius Duarte : I think it is about the loss of innocence. She sees sexuality as something gross, alien-like, and tries to run away from it. But she feels it in her pants after the boy tried to kiss her.

FancyHat : Its called hentai, and it's art ...

Arpeggius : POOL'S CLOSED!

A : I remember first seeing this when I was 12 and it has been in the back of my mind ever since. I think this is where my obsession for horror / gore started lol

Lucas Grundy : Okay so I first watched this video when I was seven, and it horrified me, of course. I found it again at the age of about 9 and showed my friends, I hadn't watched it since. Then I didn't watch it until I stumbled apon it at the age of 13. My love for surrealism had evolved and i began to find this video fascinating. The song had matched my taste in music too. I showed my friend this video to see how he would react just to find out that I had showed him it when I was 9. I am now 14 and I have to say that this is a true masterpiece of animation, and I can talk about it for hours.

Cyranek : yeah, this is pretty typical

Nekrospherian King : That eldritch monster was like "oh hello mortal, I'm kinda busy can you-*girls eyes burn out*- oh damn. I keep forgetting about that."

Alper : when you cant remember this song's name = awkward pool anime music

AMAYO G : This video is scary but if you imagine all there faces as shrek it's not so bad

BenjiXAddictX4Ever : What the frick is this video?

zутχ : Two words: Devilman Crybaby

Lynn : Wow, this creation that probably took a lot of dedicated effort is a bit out of the ordinary. The concept of creativity is foreign to me. The person who made this must have been... *_ON DRUGS!_*

Haha Kemp : I watched this when I was like 8 and I finally found it again

Mom ! : *OKAY.*

Apenas um Cara qualquer. : Bizarro pra caralho isso matou minha infância

You sick fuck fidelity bravery integrity : Well that’s enough internet for today

Sergueii : La meuf timide est habitée par un élément, contenu depuis bien trop longtemps. Cet élément, ils semble que ce soit ses pulsions sexuelles, sa libido quoi. Elle se braque, refuse tout élément extérieur pouvant agir sur son être (bière, sexe, amusement,...), et quand elle fuit, elle saute dans la piscine. Or, dans cette piscine, une fois quelques mètres sous l'eau, elle semble enfin heureuse, en paix avec elle même. On pourrait penser qu'elle va enfin remonter à la surface, et s'offrir au mec qui voulait d'elle. Mais ce relâchement est à double tranchant; il a permis à ses pulsions de s'échapper d'un seul coup. Tout ce qu'elle retenait depuis trop longtemps explose d'un seul coup. Sa retenue, notamment sexuelle, a crée un véritable monstre psychique. Il faut dire qu'il est inhumain de résister à des pulsions... naturelles. Bref, tout cela se libère, et vient attaquer en premier, le couple en pleine action. Logique. Cette chose maintenant libérée veut détruire toute la beauté, tout l'amour, le sexe, les plaisirs, maintenant qu'elle a été rejetée de son hôte. Ainsi, le couple devient monstre, et la bête (retenue métaphorisée par un genre de vers de terre), s'attaque au mec qui voulait d'elle. Elle détruit tout. Et alors qu'il va la tuer, elle plonge de nouveau, et maintenant qu'elle en est libérée, elle a accès à des dimensions parallèles, elle n'a plus de limites. Et cet autre dimension dans laquelle elle parvient à entrer est dévastée... La bête vue précédemment à pris le monopole et a "bouffé" toute la beauté du monde qui existait. Toute la joie, l'amusement,... et il ne reste qu'un désert invivable. La meuf est donc tuée de l'intérieur dans cette autre dimension, nourrissant ainsi la bête immonde qui détruit les belles choses grâce à des portails tels que la piscine ici (quand la meuf touche le fond de la piscine, il semble être un portail) Morale de l'histoire. Lâchez-vous, vivez au jour le jour et ne retenez pas inutilement vos pulsions.

Gunche : I never noticed this at the time when I initially watched this, but this is totally H.P Lovecraft stuff right here.

FaZe Peng : Fun for the family

Ha Truong : 2:29 yep she wants the D

SweetLobster : Oh, that's why they won't let us kiss in school

memesonthetube MOTT : The song is rlly good, but the video is like wtf

Airmanon : Okay, I know I could be wrong, but I think I want to try and interpret this myself, based on things in the comments and what I saw in the video. I think there's both a literal and a metaphorical part to it, particularly that not everything seen was really happening. I'll be referring to the characters by these names for simplicity's sake from this point forward: Main Girl - Alice Guy with the beer - Bob Other Girl - Caroline Other Guy - Daniel So while most of the group is fine with sexuality, Alice is noticeably not ready for it yet. The parts shown are real up to when Alice enters the pool, where things get muddled. There was an Eldritch Horror that sought to influence the world. However, its problem is that it needs a host. While the stars were right that night, there was one thing missing in order for it to take its host body. The thing missing was the presence of repressed sexual energy. Caroline and Daniel didn't repress theirs which is why nothing happened at first. When Alice entered, the Eldritch Horror sensed it and tried to use her to escape. However, she got out of the water too quickly for it to work fully. The Eldritch Horror decided to try and trick Alice into coming back. From this, it goes metaphorical as Alice's mind was suffering delusions sent by the Eldritch Horror that made it seem like her friends were attacked. In reality, Bob, Caroline, and Daniel were caught up in drunken and sexual shenanigans and tried to get Alice to join them, unaware of what she was going through. On the literal side, the hallucinations did cause Alice to enter the pool again, and with her friends out of the pool, the Eldritch Horror revealed the portal. When Alice entered, she passes out at the sight of the Horror, but she's not dead yet. The Horror decided to keep Alice and her mind alive because of the sheer amount of energy she held within. Afterwards, Alice would return and see her friends. They would notice a change in demeanor, but be clueless as to what really happened to her. And she has to question if she's still her or not as part of maturing.

Komodo dragon995 : now that’s quality I came here from poodiepie

Sketchy Coco : After I saw this clip on one of Pewd's video , I immediately click on the link in the desc This , this one exact video , is the one I watched back when I was 6 (or 7) years old Back then , I do not know anything about this video and just watched the entire thing , and after watching it , I just left the video and acted like I saw nothing. But a few months ago , I just remembered a part of it for no reason. Man , my childhood is corrupted- Why I didn't think of how weird this is back then .-.

Oternos : I hate when I'm fingering my GF and she becomes a monster then my arm becomes mutant

Strawberry pop : Is this about lust being dangerous?

Kevinobsessed : Awesome music but oh man... Didn't remember the animation

ThatOneGuy : Intriguing, but highly disturbing.

Sam Smith : The person who made this must have been... ON DRUGS"

nargual : Am I the only one that finds this animation beautiful? Weird... But beautiful!

Jezebel Sly : Same comment. I still listen to this and think of my daughters and my morning routine. I used to get after her for using my makeup. I would give anything for that again. In 2018. Still remember.

Shory Aayush99 : To much internet for today , fam

Semen : "Wierd swimming pool music video anime"

A M : this made me have nightmares when i was younger

Rupserdub : How it feels to chew 5 gum stimulate your........

Kittyponny sans wife and gf : i have no words for the song and how well it fits in this video its depressing and confusing and giving me vibes from my childhood

Nspnspker : So after coming back to this video for the past 8 years I've witnessed an evolution of the comment section: First there were only fans and people that appreciated the art. Then a lot of kids(?) started to complain about the weirdness, the video got actual hate at that time. Somewhere around this time people started to joke about the "weird part of youtube", a joke that seems to survive to this day looking at the comments. Afterwards people started to try and interpret what it was all about. The most widespread theory seemed to be about coming of age and puberty. However, we didn't have to wait long before the Lovecraft fans claimed this to be part of the Cthulhu universe. Slowly, people started to make jokes about anime and hentai. Which eventually resulted in the dry humor that is now very commonplace here. Finally, after years, we seem to be in a (I'd like to imagine >first<) nostalgic period talking about how we discovered this years ago. And apparently there has been an influx of Pewdiepie fans here. Today, we see a total mishmash of all of these trends in the comments. Please remind me of things I've forgotten. It'll be interesting to see the further evolution of this video. Let's hope this will never be taken down. Here's to another 8 years, wankers.

alex alex : wtf is that thing in the end of the vid im curious

Esteban Guzman : it's funny how a 3:35 music video can have so much meaning and interpretations, while the puberty interpretation it's a solid one, as a cosmic horror fan, i see only raw cosmic horror, with a character meeting her demise as she sees things she cannot understand or deal with, driving her insane and ultimately killing her

Antithesis : FOUNDATION REPORT ON SCP**** EVENT [REDACTED] The four victims of this event were in their teens. Two males, two females. As of yet, the second female is unaccounted for. The other three were neutralized and brought back to Facility ### in vacuum sealed hazmat crates. SUBJECT FILE: SUVJECT 01:#### #####, age ##. Male, brown hair. STATUS: INFECTED/DECEASED, NEUTRALIZED. INFECTION CAUSE: CONTAMINATION VIA BREACH He seems to have found the breach and was subsequently invaded at an unspecified time before Event [EXPUNGED]. He brought the other three to the breach location at #### PM, and infected the next subject approximately an hour and a half later. SUBJECT 02: ##### ######, age ##. Female, red hair. STATUS: INFECTED/DECEASED, NEUTRALIZED. INFECTION CAUSE: INTRUSION VIA VAGINAL ORIFICE BY SUBJECT 01. After infection, both 01 and 02 revealed infection and moved to infect 03 and 04. 02's body seems to have opened like a mouth and [REDACTED], infecting 03. SUBJECT 03: ### #####, age ##. Male, dark hair. STATUS: INFECTED/ALIVE, NEUTRALIZED. INFECTION CAUSE: [REDACTED] After 01 and 02 revealed infection, 03 was unsuccessful in escaping and was partially assimilated by 02. When Agents arrived for extermination, he was still partially alive and vocal. SUBJECT 04: ##### ####, age ##. Female, dark hair. STATUS: UNKNOWN. INFECTION CAUSE: N/A Subject 04 seems to have entered the breach shortly after infection of 03 and has not returned. Presumed dead. ***END OF REPORT***

Jose Carlos Dos Santos : Lovecraft is pride

Luiz Velez : We learned a lesson today that don't do nasty stuff at young age my brothers and sisters

Word/Sentence Of The Day : Don't you just hate it when cthulu is in your pool?

Sunshine : 1 thing: what the hell did i just watched?!