DyE - Fantasy - Official Video

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Cyranek : yeah, this is pretty typical

lambymakesnogoodcontent the first : Don't sneak into pools at night kids.

231 Y.G. : *Wtf....(´・_・`)*

zутχ : Two words: Devilman Crybaby

Aaron Baird : dont you just *hate* when this happens?

foxy kawaii : WHY?

BrawnyLion : Anyone else came back here and found your comment from 5 years ago?

Li Tobler : For those of you who did not understand the meaning - the video narrates about the emergence of sexuality in adolescents. Someone is very afraid of sex, considers it to be something ugly and terrible and tries to avoid it in any way, despite the fact that the age-related changes in his body are already beginning to occur. Some on the contrary - mature early and for them sex is normal and appealing. But even in the first case, if those people successfully avoided one or two collisions with manifestations of sexuality, they will eventually realize and see what the adult life is - something big, completely incomprehensible and frightening. And after all this, their view of the world will never be the same again.

Rogelio Arturo Pérez Huesca : I see this video 4 years ago and currently remember again it because the animation style is similar to devilman crybaby

Lilly Pineapple : I found this 7 years ago when i was 5 with my cousin we looked up kids music and this came up...i had nightmares for months

Francisco Silva Pão : Nossa '-' carai burracha o oroal utrapassou os limites

Mando' ade : Friend show me that ages ago, i wanna watch it again but don't know neither the song title or artist... nevermind just type "hentai pool clip" in youtube and there we are first link... Life 's so simple

Martin Jovanovic : Lma0oO 122 k coments...i feel yall

Wierd ass duck For vidz : Oh wow -me 2018

WillCook : This scarred me in year 7

Mariana Lages : Você Sabia

Luke Bell : 0-100 real quick

THE CRAZY CHANNEL : Has anyone really wondered wtf this is

juryaplee1 1 : Thus gave me a trauma when i was a kid

あすじーに : なっつかしぃぃぃぃ!!!! 久しぶりに見に来たけど、まだあったんだww

Vinicius Duarte : I think it is about the loss of innocence. She sees sexuality as something gross, alien-like, and tries to run away from it. But she feels it in her pants after the boy tried to kiss her.

One of those things : I'm on that side of YouTube again 😏

Mr.niceguy : i'm still waiting for that one guy who comments the whole lyrics..where is he/she if you need em... tsk tsk

Aesthetic Strawberry Squid : Wait, so if this is a metaphor for sex and loss of innocence, does that mean that the guy joined the other girl and guy for a threesome? Or am I just completely missing the point?

Manoto17 : So dead space origins.

Que Dableyou : such a fucking good video

Chibi Bun : The art style isreminding me of junji ito

Mackenzie Hurst : What music style is this I like it

g56rbWwTPpDpm4F6 : Loved it back around 2011 and still love it today. Too bad so many can't see past the "shock factor".

stn : what anime is this?

MATTIA BRICOT : My life is potato.

jeffyJ.1234Gaming 8bitminigame : Thats the reason why im afraid of water and swimming.

George Philippakos : I give this a #relatable

fn movil : Wtf i see this when i was a kid

lunatrics : yeah kids. look at what your swimteacher reaaally looks like.

Pedro winchester : O Voçê Sabia Falou que Era Recente e o Video foi Postado Ha 6 Anos kkkkkk

Necros Animator : sequel of The Thing?

PMX369lolz : that's cool, i was not a big fan of sleep anyway

eman ekaf : So this is where sranger things came from.

Justin Schohl : I...eee...oye...Ima gonna lay down.

John Harrison : For people who didn't experience the 2011-15 comment section of this video. The pool is a portal to another world and the monsters came from there. It's also a metaphor for losing one's innocence

Matt Rodriguez : Love this video

robindd476 : I came from pewdiepie

Braveberri : i remember watching this when i was 8 and it's still my favorite tbh :)

Olivier Carriere : Yeah thats a great song!pewdiepie said this

thecommanderjb : YES,YES,YES,....... wait wut no no nONONONONO

Alex the guy in corner : Shit I'm getting relaxed while watching this

Anonymoose : **in fetal position rocking back and forth**

G R A C E : I watched this when I was 8 and just came back to it and I remembered the end so well so that when it got to the end I got a blast of nostalgia but then I was like. Why the fuck did I watch this when I was 8?! Also, I’ve been searching for this vid for about 5 years now

cristian alvarez : Sardonicast!