"Brady" - Mangoworms

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Sanjib Phukan : Good job. Save the dog life

Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS : These dog owners make me so mad. They don’t even get your sarcasm towards them as your condemnation, they sit there and laugh. Are they that clueless and stupid?

black widow : These things are giving me the itches

Kady_ Lady : At least there easy to get out

Kinky Llama : It's so satisfying to watch those little shits get squeezed out of there. This is why blowtorches were invented people!


made in china : Q MERDA É ESSA????

Arvind Singh : U should wear a gloves...

Angela Shevlin : Why don’t they take more care of the animals 🤪

Cassy cage : Tryphobia

cachico clement : This guy isn't scared of illness or anything, he isn't even wearing gloves... I'm sure he washed his hands before but still...

Jonathan Oger : Je soufre pour le chien😞😢😱

Der Kommentierer : Bitte zieh Handschuhe an :D ihhh

Savage Kai : I can't do this because I will throw up

Bev Jones : I’ve watched all of your videos but this one was the very first one I saw. From that moment I was hooked. You are doing an amazing job, Micha, very well done to you and your staff/colleagues, keep up the good work x x

Patrick Jonassaint : Bruh that fake ass laugh at the end

ALEXY MARTINEZ : Like si ye gusta ver como sacan a los gusanos

Linda Gomez : Brady's owner is too lazy to remove the worms. Useless man.

Starco and Jetra : Omg.. really poor dog

Diana Valentina Muñiz : Like si veniste por los polinesios

Cloudvision : I'm Not Sure of The Exact Number, But I Counted Over 80 in That One Area.

Kirstine Utzon : "I don't like it!" No, but you have a responsibility for your dog. Why the hell do you think that it is OK to let a German vet and two lovely Gambian ladies deal with your neglect while you sit on a chair watching? I just don't get it and I hope that this issue will be brought to the table the next time there's a summit regarding aid for third world countries. Human rights has to be met, but so does animals rights.

Bang Bang you're dead. : I feel so uncomfortable

Suicidal Shrek : I only clicked on this video because my name was in the title. I regret my decision

pinoco : こんなになるまで放っとく飼い主まじで意味わかんない 犬が可哀想。ペット飼う資格ないよ😡

Sarah Crumpler : They should not be able to keep that poor dog. if that was my baby I would help.

まるちゃん! : オーマイガー 見たこと後悔した

Red Camama : Guys he can't wear gloves that often nor will he because he said it himself that if you want him to wear gloves donate money so he can actually *BUY* some. He doesn't wear gloves so he can feel the really small maggots and eggs and it's not like the maggots have some sort of infectious deadly disease. I would do it bare handed if I didn't have the necessary resources which in his case is a definite. They can't waste gloves too often and her wearing gloves means she's not used to it yet but there aren't a lot for him to use each and everytime.

The Cuban .45 : tell your assistant I'm in love with her.

Taiten 1300 : 🤢

kalashtrash moreno : Je me suis gratter 1000000 fois pendant la vidéo

Jessy Goofball : How can these people be so neglectful?

Jordan Briggs : im gagging...

Kawaii Cookie163 : Poor dog AND WEAR GLOVES

Aaron JC : Is he really serious on having the worms for breakfast, lunch, and dinner??

부활절토깽이 : 보개미형꺼 보고 왔다 좋아요 눌러

LïghTz #PrøTëam : Sactisfatory! :/

Rutwik Kale : Satisfying affff

Gabby'gamingchannel Ggc : These people who take the worms out are👼🏻👼🏼👼🏽👼🏾👼🏿(Angels) because they are always there and never say No to anything which is the spirit to being a vet

こあ : こりゃいったいどーゆーこっちゃあ…

3INDIAN HACKERS 3INDIAN HACKERS : 3:39 the dog filling good 👍😇😇😇

Bloody Samantha : Poor dog :(

kalashtrash moreno : Beurkkk

Raouya : Omg i can't see that

Tezioters : 1:47 best part

P.J. : This guy sounds german just listen to his accent sounds pretty cool oddly calming

Suha Suspendisse Darius : *wheres my blowtorch*

AnimeGirl_ 45 : I watch these videos for entertainment - _ -

vina - drawz : *What are gloves*

Lourdes Marisol Flores Michaga : Amigo pobre perro