"Brady" - Mangoworms

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Sanjib Phukan : Good job. Save the dog life

Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS : These dog owners make me so mad. They don’t even get your sarcasm towards them as your condemnation, they sit there and laugh. Are they that clueless and stupid?

black widow : These things are giving me the itches

Kady_ Lady : At least there easy to get out

Kinky Llama : It's so satisfying to watch those little shits get squeezed out of there. This is why blowtorches were invented people!


made in china : Q MERDA É ESSA????

Angela Shevlin : Why don’t they take more care of the animals 🤪

Cassy cage : Tryphobia

Savage Kai : I can't do this because I will throw up

Jonathan Oger : Je soufre pour le chien😞😢😱

Der Kommentierer : Bitte zieh Handschuhe an :D ihhh

Diana Valentina Muñiz : Like si veniste por los polinesios

ALEXY MARTINEZ : Like si ye gusta ver como sacan a los gusanos

Cloudvision : I'm Not Sure of The Exact Number, But I Counted Over 80 in That One Area.

Patrick Jonassaint : Bruh that fake ass laugh at the end

Depression is problematic : I feel so uncomfortable

Taiten 1300 : 🤢

Starco and Jetra : Omg.. really poor dog

kalashtrash moreno : Je me suis gratter 1000000 fois pendant la vidéo

cachico clement : This guy isn't scared of illness or anything, he isn't even wearing gloves... I'm sure he washed his hands before but still...

Bev Jones : I’ve watched all of your videos but this one was the very first one I saw. From that moment I was hooked. You are doing an amazing job, Micha, very well done to you and your staff/colleagues, keep up the good work x x

まるちゃん! : オーマイガー 見たこと後悔した

Smeef224 : Holy hell, wear some damn gloves man!

こんぽタージュ : 犬は、苦手だけど…でもこれはひどい可哀想どうしてこんなになるまで放置してたんだ

Jordan Briggs : im gagging...

Aaron JC : Is he really serious on having the worms for breakfast, lunch, and dinner??

부활절토깽이 : 보개미형꺼 보고 왔다 좋아요 눌러

CoolCookie CookieRookie : Poor dog AND WEAR GLOVES

ぺーちゃん : のー

LïghTz #PrøTëam : Sactisfatory! :/

Rutwik Kale : Satisfying affff

3INDIAN HACKERS 3INDIAN HACKERS : 3:39 the dog filling good 👍😇😇😇

Alpha Lyrics : I only clicked on this video because my name was in the title. I regret my decision

PrankByte : Let those little devils stiffer and die

Blody Samantha : Poor dog :(

kalashtrash moreno : Beurkkk

Tezioters : 1:47 best part

The Cuban .45 : tell your assistant I'm in love with her.

P.J. : This guy sounds german just listen to his accent sounds pretty cool oddly calming

Suha Suspendisse Darius : *wheres my blowtorch*

viva - drawz : *What are gloves*

Red KILLER : kk

Gabby'gamingchannel Ggc : These people who take the worms out are👼🏻👼🏼👼🏽👼🏾👼🏿(Angels) because they are always there and never say No to anything which is the spirit to being a vet

Makena Gottron : How could you do that without any gloves?

pinoco : こんなになるまで放っとく飼い主まじで意味わかんない 犬が可哀想。ペット飼う資格ないよ😡

Katamona Avatar Musik : OMG

Hélio dos Passos : Existe luvas

AnimeGirl_ 45 : I watch these videos for entertainment - _ -

afiq aiman : About 47