"Brady" - Mangoworms

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Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS : These dog owners make me so mad. They don’t even get your sarcasm towards them as your condemnation, they sit there and laugh. Are they that clueless and stupid?

Kermit y e e t : It's so satisfying to watch those little shits get squeezed out of there. This is why blowtorches were invented people!

Sarah Crumpler : They should not be able to keep that poor dog. if that was my baby I would help.

Linda Gomez : Brady's owner is too lazy to remove the worms. Useless man.

Smeef224 : Holy hell, wear some damn gloves man!


Kirstine Utzon : "I don't like it!" No, but you have a responsibility for your dog. Why the hell do you think that it is OK to let a German vet and two lovely Gambian ladies deal with your neglect while you sit on a chair watching? I just don't get it and I hope that this issue will be brought to the table the next time there's a summit regarding aid for third world countries. Human rights has to be met, but so does animals rights.

black widow : These things are giving me the itches

Angela Shevlin : Why don’t they take more care of the animals 🤪

Bev Jones : I’ve watched all of your videos but this one was the very first one I saw. From that moment I was hooked. You are doing an amazing job, Micha, very well done to you and your staff/colleagues, keep up the good work x x

Cassy cage : Tryphobia

Red Camama : Guys he can't wear gloves that often nor will he because he said it himself that if you want him to wear gloves donate money so he can actually *BUY* some. He doesn't wear gloves so he can feel the really small maggots and eggs and it's not like the maggots have some sort of infectious deadly disease. I would do it bare handed if I didn't have the necessary resources which in his case is a definite. They can't waste gloves too often and her wearing gloves means she's not used to it yet but there aren't a lot for him to use each and everytime.

pinoco : こんなになるまで放っとく飼い主まじで意味わかんない 犬が可哀想。ペット飼う資格ないよ😡

Girls 4 life : I wanna do this when I’m older but IM GONNA WEAR GLoVES 🧤

cachico clement : This guy isn't scared of illness or anything, he isn't even wearing gloves... I'm sure he washed his hands before but still...

Tezioters : 1:47 best part

Der Kommentierer : Bitte zieh Handschuhe an :D ihhh

Patrick Jonassaint : Bruh that fake ass laugh at the end

Kawaii Cookie163 : Poor dog AND WEAR GLOVES

こあ : こりゃいったいどーゆーこっちゃあ…

Jessy Goofball : How can these people be so neglectful?

まるちゃん! : オーマイガー 見たこと後悔した

Arvind Singh : U should wear a gloves...

Savage Kai : I can't do this because I will throw up

Cloudvision : I'm Not Sure of The Exact Number, But I Counted Over 80 in That One Area.

Tom Muir : They all speak English until it's time to take out the worms, I've noticed...


Oh no : I feel so uncomfortable

Zatharos : Is it bad I laughed at the "hole-y" joke?

Jaylene Valles : Did he poke that dogs eye

living as Samyra-Ann : TRYPOPHOBIA

Makcim Ogorodovyy : Почему я это смотрю, если должен работать

Girl Bloxxer : those mangoworms are drinking blong in doggg

peal_360 : Why am i watching this?

LïghTz #PrøTëam : Sactisfatory! :/

Lps ShadowFox : GLOVES PEOPLE! GLOVES! \(*0*)/

Residente : Como quisiera que aigan eso doctore en mi pais 😍

Mariah Hopson : Ok I totally understand that this man was saving a dogs life but I would were gloves maggots are disgusting!! I'm glad the pup is okay though😀 No hate plz

lighthunder : Don't know why but watching squeezing that worms is kind of mesmerizing

Raouya : Omg i can't see that

Neko Neko : Beurk 😥🐕

Josh Da god : How many!!!!!!

Seth Holland : To many worms

Bea Haasnoot : The owners could have done this there selves at home.....lazy basterds.....

LH nOoB : Existe luvas

Dorothy Hsu : Poor little dog😭

Russian Unicorn : Nope I’m out

Cari Hunt : 😲 😲 😲 😨 😨 😨

Asia Moore : Omg poor dog 😥

Wander Navarro : Owners negligence. Damn it. Poor dog.