Evolution Of Lin-Manuel Miranda

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DANCE! DANCE! away from me I don't like people : The way you went from what the heck I gotta do right into story of tonight tripped me up it wasn't okay

liana flores : those riffs!! great arrangement of the harmonies as well!

Amy Lovatt : This was beautiful!

JC Corbes : "Well I texted her. You know I was like RAISE A GLASS-"

Debra Battle : I love this. He is my favorite after Stephen Sondheim. Who is one of his mentors.

Kimmy Liedberg : 21 Chump Street is one of the most underrated Lin Manuel Miranda projects. I adore that musical

Michael Kyle Domalaon : Songs: It won't be long now- In the Heights Breathe- In the Heights It's All Happening- Bring It on: The Musical What the Heck I Gotta Do- 21 Chump Street The Story of Tonight- Hamilton Non- Stop- Hamilton “Love is Love is Love” speech- Lin’s 2016 Tony speech How Far I'll Go- Moana Almost Like Praying- Lin Manuel- Miranda (Feat Artists for Puerto Rico)


Ada Nowakowska : Hearing Lin's Tony speech AND Almost Like Praying was waaaay too much for me. I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING

Savey Martinez : The girl with the army jacket seems so comfortable and confident. She’s the one that stood out to me the most. Love her runs and vocal control. ALL OF THEM ARE SO GOOD THO. hopefully Lin sees this!

IPaid TooMuch : Army jacket girl should really make a full cover of ' how far i'll go'

Jazzy S. : The transition from What the Heck I Gotta Do to Story of Tonight had me shook

kaittea : The best of part of this is that Lin is just getting started, there is so much to come from him.

Charles Lee WHEEE : *already listened to it a million times on a school night* ONE LAST TIME

elmo2488 : This is beautiful but one note, please put a flashing lights trigger warning for those who have photosensitive epilepsy. Even as an able bodied person, found the flashing very off putting and distracting.

Megan Ripley : The way you incorprated his Tony speech though. ❤

Unicorns Rock : Ok they actually sound like the Hamilton cast


nickyluvsjesus : I want this to blow up so bad

Moriah Suarez : That third third girl had me on my knees praying she legit has one of the most Angelic voices I have ever heard I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this because the first girl's voice was so nasally and whiny but oh my goodness that third girl with her power and then the two guys that went after her were also so freaking amazingly talented I wouldn't be surprised if I saw them on Broadway someday

Jordan Blanche : I'm gonna need a full cover of "what the heck I gotta do" from that one guy asap

Raven Price : I didn’t know he wrote for Bring it On!!!


Ajay G : Why are my eyes leaking?

Elly Green : I am living for the girl in the army jacket. She is everything

Brooklynn Tyler : Ok but has Lin seen this

Szippy6 : I don't even know what I love the most about this. The harmonies, the transitions, the entire orchestration, the arrangements, how original it is and still how true it is to Lin's incredible resume. Just fantastic! Congratulations! Can't wait for Lin's response!

TheKatherineWheel - : This is so beautiful, he would love it 💖

salchiz : This is beautiful!! Everyone brought their own flavor and the arraignment is breathtaking!

Kawaii Starsome : Deserves way more views, so awesome who doesn’t love Lin?

Ding Donks : To bad there’s nothing from his cursed days of working on the electric company.

wig please : 3:42 SHOOK THAT NOTE

Treasure Green : I came as soon as I heard

Bizzarepuppylover1 CaliGirl : The girl in camo is greeeeaaaatttt

Ana Isabel Arrieta Finkelstein : Lin manuel Miranda is my inspiration in anyway, and you just made a perfect mix of his legacy!!🌶❤️

Daveo Spurple : I'm only 30 seconds in and I already know I'm gonna make up about 1000 views on this video.

livayy 51 : love is love is love is love is love is love is *lin manuel miranda*

Broadway InstrumentalMixxer : The anthem of everyone... How far I'll go.... Thank you so much for making this. I cried at the speech part of LIN <3 LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE

Angella : Lin needs to cast all of you in his next musical. You guys did so amazing. You perfectly captured Lin’s music and the emotion of all of these songs. That added to the fact that you were so obviously happy and full of love, of life, while performing this was amazing.

The Wonderful World Of Amanda : I love the music vid!! Thanks for donating to Puerto Rico, my aunt lives there and had her roof torn off in the hurricane. Thank you very much!


Emily Rose : The girl in the camo jacket gave me chills when she sang how far I’ll go

LynaDaQueen : goosebumps during its almost like praying

Jacqueline Lee : Love ALL!!!!! This younger generation GIVES!!!!! AMEN, BROOKE!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda Lee : I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS THIS IS SO AMAZING your voices are so beautiful

Alex Candlestick : Lol lin was writing moana before Hamilton played on Broadway

InsertSnazzyNameHere : am i the only one who feels there's too much riffing? it's still great, but kinda odd with the riffs where it feels like there just... shouldn't be?

Arielle Soomi Yoo : ...anyone else think a section starting at 3:54 sounded exactly like part of the hamilton in 7 mins video? I still like the vid but that was distracting

grace : imagine thinking i’m not crying in the club

Myla Malinalda : I loved EVERY SECOND of this!!! I always stop whatever I’m doing when this channel drops a new video.