Irish people during the Royal Wedding

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II QuietRiot II : Michael should be president, King, Emperor of the world.

joseph stallings : Lizards from space that eat babies.

Mouad Granderson : Tha lizard in bred people!

Peter Scott : No one is higher than me, KATHLEEN especially when I'm on crack Haha 😂

Randy Raccoon : Calm down Connor

celtic samari : up the ra hahahhahahahaaahahahahah

Sithis Rulez : The ending killed me omg xD

Hebrew Anon : Tbh this is everyone in Britain.


Ruth Feeney : The ending was perfect

Sean mcleese : Most people could not care less about the queen 😂

Garry Smith : Why wasn't he invited......

NortheRnWateRz : "Send their lizard people from beyond the moon, Kathleen!" lmao.

Michael Dudley : Hilarious. When I lived in Ireland I got over hearing the 800 years of oppression rant (from people who obviously never lived under British rule) after telling you about their holiday in England while wearing an EPL shirt watching the EPL., oblivious to the irony. As I come from neither country yet have an Irish surname I could always calm it down and enjoy a pint of the black stuff. Otherwise great country, people etc. even saw U2 at Croke Park. Thanks for the video.

Macky Mcmahon : Hahha fkn legend 👏👏👏👏

Alex Looney Snaps : Believe it or not, meghan markles great great great great grandmother is from ballinasloe in galway!

Jamie Bales : Oooo my tea!

Aconfusednoodle : AHH UP THE RA

Simon Sackett : That preacher tho...

Paul Moore : Genius

Jack Hoey : Up the RA

Jonathan E : "8,000 years Kathleen!" Stevo just keeps getting better

Jaden Greenwood : Up the ra. Tiocfaidh ár lá

thecotto bro : Up the ra

Siddy Fisher : Yep, this is pretty much me yesterday too

irishbeermarine : Goddamn Irish dirt farmers! Two famines and the problem still exists!! The goddamn brits should put a bit more effort in it next time!

Wickedwill : Up the ra

Mr. V : Hooked on this chan 👍

Ted Nugent : David Duke is on the T.V. in Ireland???

Scottish Commie bastard : The Royal family is German lol having changed their name to Windsor in 1917 after being at war with their relatives.

bex terry : They're lizard people Kathleen, from beyond the moon! 🤣😂😂

aliendisco 3779 : I love it. I didn't think Micheal would bring up the lizard thing. I fuckin love it.

William Parker : "no ones higher then me... when I'm on crack."

urmomgaylol : The IRA didn't die for this

DigitalNomad : Lizard people! From beyond the moon, Kathleen!

James Bradford : A coworker asked me today (in California) if I watched the royal wedding. I told him I'd rather get an arm ripped off. WTF.

jmurockstar : Busted out laughing at "Up The RA" there at the end.

Benjy Zafod : UP THE RA T>A>L


Jim Crow : David Duke!

Herowig : Best irish comedian

Aidan Magill : Would everybody please like and subscribe so this man can eventually get a decent-sized telly.

princessDaisy 134 : Cool first to coment

Sunflashify : "Ahhh, up the RA!" hahahaha

Drunken Canuck : "I'm not watching those inbreds, and they're lizards as well" 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Kingsley Freeman : Irish men are the Jamaicans of Europe 😂😂

effoffu : am lovin this guy

Vampire Emo Boy : I hear that wearing those glasses make you gay

NGMonocrom : Michael must be high on crack to be cheering for the Brits.

TheGodEmperorofMankind : "8000 years" lol