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Versaucey : "Can you say hi?" **Grunt** Close enough.

Devashish Mayank : Instructions unclear...ended up with the baby teaching me how to talk

Emman khalil : 0:40 *that head shake tho* *This baby a savage* lmao

Tania Bams : Years later they look at this video and the kid says “Dad, why?”

Crystal McKinney : No twerking! I died! ;p

Lawrence 02 : I have no idee why yt recoment me this

LE HAUT LAMA DISSIDENT AU REGARD TENEBREUX : Instruction unclear, baby stuck in ceiling fan

Zane Truesdale : That look of disappointment in the camera after she shook her head omg 😂😂😂

Temp_M3rks : You think it’s funny with dad making these videos *Baby shakes it’s head*

Alaina da Costa : No twerking on camera lmao

PARTH GUPTA : So Jon Snow is a dad now ?

Average Steve : This baby has a bright future

Eric Coria : I love how after she said no she just stares at dad to see his reaction after saying no. #Dadshavefeelingstoo

Arlife GM : 0:28 Did she just twerk? *NO TWERKING ON THIS RELIGIOUS VIDEO*

Freamsy : Are you pablo escobar?

shashi soni : This man is JON SNOW of Game of thrones. Baby's mom is Danerys Targaryen

sweetpea : This is gold! Love your baby, both y'all are so cute 💖

Melvin T : That baby is so charming. Such a precious gift.😭😭❤

that girl in okc : 😂love the subtitles. Nala can high five!👍😄❤

I am sum ting wong : Pls make an instructional video on how to make a baby stay longer in their form.

DVLOGS : What a short and sweet video... i am not a parent.. but still hillarious.. its funny.. why most us make funny noises while talking to a bby.. when its not evrn necessary

Maui Caui : No more MTV for baby!

beni776 : Hey, you got yourself a new subscriber. Great video!

della : She shook her head "no"! Turning out to be your toughest crowd :P

Daisy Miss-Misty : Omggggg.. I’m laughing at “Did you have a good sleep “.. I literally say that to my 6mo young EVERY single time. Followed with, “How was your little sleep” for about 3mins.

I, Your Father : Instructions unclear, I now have a random baby in front of me.

fartt. : It's Ygritte's baby they never told us about...

kimchi • : shortest yet best video on this app

Hit and Miss : What the thumbnail really says How to get your child off your wife

Adam Abraham : Man Jon Snow really knows how to communicate with babies 👶

Prince Hans : I won't comment

Anton Markov : I don’t ever get to the talking part because I have this strange kicking reflex when I see a baby or bald person

ASAP Filmz : 0:53 best part 😂😂

Maui Caui : You need to start a conversation with a fact about pepa pig or baby shark.

SPF infinity SPF infinity : That’s so cool when they grown and look at what they were doing it’s going to be so funny 🤪😂🤣😂

this_man_has_no_ name : That No twerking part got me 😂

AngeLife : Best. Spontaneous. Head shake. Ever. High Five! 🙏🏽

i like turtles : Is this a joke or what

chaxxx00 4 : Look like rusev lol

BBLettuce : thank you for sharing this informative video

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : I was expecting he will play JB-baby song.

Sean : That baby was kind of a jerk when she said your videos weren't funny. Don't listen to her.

خلص مشي الحال 10 : I try to talk to you but you didn't respond

sanatan satya : You look like Jon snow.

A A : Wait which ones the baby?

Lilli an : Im 21 and if i was her I would want us to continue making these videos even after 20 :)

Patricia Masters : A very famous old time comedian, W.C. Fields, used to say "Never work with animals or children" - because they steal the scene every time. You are brave (and very funny). Keep on.

Dare Devil : Hahahahaha YOU ARE A LEGEND BRUV!! Thanks for sharing

gru dock : Tried to make a Memes.

1000 subs with no friends challenge : Next video: *how to talk too a Australien*