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Versaucey : "Can you say hi?" **Grunt** Close enough.

Alaina da Costa : No twerking on camera lmao

della : She shook her head "no"! Turning out to be your toughest crowd :P

that girl in okc : 😂love the subtitles. Nala can high five!👍😄❤

AngeLife : Best. Spontaneous. Head shake. Ever. High Five! 🙏🏽

Patricia Masters : A very famous old time comedian, W.C. Fields, used to say "Never work with animals or children" - because they steal the scene every time. You are brave (and very funny). Keep on.

Sean : That baby was kind of a jerk when she said your videos weren't funny. Don't listen to her.

The Bridge : She shook her head no! Insert -> "Hello darkness my old friend" haha!


Ashley Kent : Nala's first high 5!!!!!!!!✋✋

Vikingbaby ヴァイキングベビー : Can imagine her watching this as an adult 😂😂

Erroll Bundel : Baby, now it's yout turn! Do a video “how to handle a dad“

flikkeringLightz : Wow, she has grown soooo much! Already twerking even! Lots of kisses from Finland.

Ashbee Gaming : 0:03 Cutest grunt ever!

Crystal McKinney : No twerking! I died! ;p

Roger Roberts : Serious note: It is really important to talk to a baby. I hate seeing parents talking on their phones and ignoring their kid(s).

Tania Bams : Years later they look at this video and the kid says “Dad, why?”

KittyKat : A high 5 and a twerk! Wow. You go girl.

Emman khalil : 0:40 *that head shake tho* *This baby a savage* lmao

1HOURLOOP : Lol no twerking you're too young fort that

Patricia Masters : Hey - first hi-five back from the youngest! Write down the date.

PARTH GUPTA : So Jon Snow is a dad now ?

Eric Coria : I love how after she said no she just stares at dad to see his reaction after saying no. #Dadshavefeelingstoo

Original Kenyan : Recent subbie from Nairobi, Kenya. Your content is gold. 👌


Suyash Jain : You know nothing, Jon Snow

Heste Vader : I'm dying of cuteness overload! :D

gail cooper : Awwww, I’ve been waiting for her ✋ high five! So adorable! Well done!

Voletta : No no NO twerking😂😂😂

SlamBoi : She finally high fived you! :)

Kalyan Robotics : No matter what Nala's funny for us audience at least.....😅

Jedi Flash : Need to prove your coolness to nala

Noah Zimmermann : Oh my gosh YES😎💞 the first high five 💪👏👐

Rijksoverheid : This video ruined my no nut november

Kath R : Dude your girls all have comedic timing you can only dream of!

Nintaibo 64 : This dad has a huge thicc d*ng - can tell he’s a balls deep - Sunday morning - kinda - dad 🍆💦

BlaZe CS:GO : *Previously on The 100*

The one Man band : I was expecting you to make some sort of baby translation device. But great attempt at intellectual conversation with an alien species.

Zane Truesdale : That look of disappointment in the camera after she shook her head omg 😂😂😂

Bhushan Garje : Whoelse wasn't listening to him?

Shruti Rao : Okay *THIS* *WAS* *IMPORTANT*

Dare Devil : Hahahahaha YOU ARE A LEGEND BRUV!! Thanks for sharing

le huynh : Just need to raise your voice

Pranay Tony : High five!👍

A A : 😍😍😍 No twerking 😄😄😄

Rahul John : Baby whisperer

# 1971 : no twerking lol

BigDrewskii : You have gotten me through so much, Thank you! #newdad #mrmom #stayathomedad

Square taco Timez : That was soo cute

Lilli an : Im 21 and if i was her I would want us to continue making these videos even after 20 :)