Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake

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ASTROWORLD OUT NOW SICKO MODE OUT NOW Directors: Dave Meyers and Travis Scott Producers: Nathan Scherrer for Freenjoy, inc, Sam Lecca Travis Scott online: Epic / Cactus Jack (c) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.


Sinisa Svj : This song makes me want to decline The Terms and Conditions

unknown soldier : YouTube: How many yes comments y'all want? Commenters: Yes

TastyClaw 430665 : 99.9% of rappers: rides some type of expensive car Travis Scott: rides horse

Justin Y. : When they play this on the superbowl instead of sweet victory

YDC Nebula : YouTube: how many unoriginal comments you want Sicko Mode: ♾️

chinnyyy : I showed this to my car Now its a Lambo

Paragonix 360 : Music Producer: Yes Travis Scott: Yes

Pura Vida : They accidentally played this at my graduation

Bry : Editor : What type of effects do you want? Drake : Put a shawty twerking on my eyelid.

Playdoh Carti : listened to this with earbuds, Now they’re Airpods.

CowboyV 99 : I showed this to my guitar It’s now geetar

ZX- killer456327- XZ : This makes me go to McDonald’s and ask where Burger King is

Vlad Pintea : I got the horses in the back..... Wait, wrong song

KR Verse : Prod: What Effects Do You Want? Travis: Have You Seen The Windows XP Virus? Prod: Say No More

Mbiko60 : Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Travis scott: YES

Deathy_Deat : I showed this to my cat now it’s Black Panther

Polo : i played this to my shower it did nothing its just a shower

Lucajj : a musica tava boa ate a parte do drake the song was doing great ;until drakes part

Kadz : Alexa, play Sweet Victory from Spongebob

mannequinofchaos : Travis: how many drugs did you just take? Editor: yes

Sync_ Vybs : I showed this to Minecraft Now it’s peaceful mode

Rob Sauce : Screwed up Records in the back..... H-Town reppin

Skill F : Director: So, which special effect you want?? Travis: Yes!!!

Rajin : Editor: Say no more Travis: I didn't say anything

Zaidoon Tareef : I tried to listen to this with airpods but they didn't fit in my ears. Turns out it was just two shower heads

RealJoshTv : I sent this to my dad on his way to the gas station He never came back

GoldenCraken 18 : Producer: How much effects do you want? Travis: You know when you take a bite into a pizza with 20 toppings? Producer: Say no more

Majlo08 : "And now a true musical genius who needs no introduction!" *Travis Scott starts rapping* "It looks like they went full Sicko Mode on us." -Squidward

Bigboi 57 : I liked it as a meme but now I hate this song because of the super bowl. They *SOILED* it

Ender MODZ - nightcore & more : I showed this to my brain Now it has the n word pass

Ruperto Lopez : Saludos desde México 🇲🇽 me encanta la música de Drake.(espero no ser el único latino que la oye)...

c4 c4 : Fortnite:Apex is to Thanos:Avengers Both went sickomode on the other

Trent Misquitta : Producer: Colour? Travis: Yes

Yvng Niqqa : Editor : How many effects do you want us to use ? Travis : *Yes*

Bruce O'Neal : Joyner Lucas should do a remix to this

Mohan Wagle : Producer: : How many beat u want? Travis Scott: : Yes

Ziyad Ali : I can't hear you, I have my airpods in

Muhammad-Salman Abubakar : I was having milk while watching this. Now I'm drinking tea. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

HaM : Director: how many girls Travis: yes Thx for the likes

Felix Vogler : Nobody: Crew : How many Travis Scott : Yes jokes do you want under Sicko Mode Travis Scott:Yes

Kenny McCall : Showed this to my dog now he's scooby doo wtf

Александр Данилов : This is definitely good mumble rap.Nothing special if album is one of the best in 2018

King Killer2o479 : This song makes me want to pour the milk before the cereal

Almighty Bram : *Quick gotta use all the effects before the trial runs out!*

[TBS] TuskT : Producer: How many flows do you want? Travis Scott: yes

pOtAtO jUiCe : 4:05 thanks drake.. you got us.

King Killer2o479 : This song makes want to pour the milk before the cereal

LightsCamerasAshley : I made a vlog of the Houston astrworld festival to this song, and also uploaded front row footage of a concert he did in Houston during February. 💛🔥

Jesh YA BOY : *When you get the free trial of photoshop and use all the effects*