Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake

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Kaidoz : *Director: What effects do you want?* *Travis: Yes.*

Larissa-Sam : Are you watching? Saturday BEFORE 5:00 p.m. Yes eat Do not ignore MY MOTHER SPOKED THAT IF I HIT 3K SHE WILL GIVE ME A CAMERA HELP !?

L. P. : So this is what people with airpods are listening to

ItsMysticVision : This Song was so powerful it made thanos snap twice

Tierney Hinrichs : I showed this to my skittles now it’s 6ix9ine

BrothaNate : beat switched faster than my friends switching on me

Melvin Mametja : Travis Scott -"SICKO MODE" lyrics (feat. Drake) [Part I] [Drake:] Astro, yeah Sun is down, freezin' cold That's how we already know winter's here My dawg would probably do it for a Louis belt That's just all he know, he don't know nothin' else I tried to show 'em, yeah I tried to show 'em, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Goin' on you with the pick and roll Young La Flame, he in sicko mode [Part II] [Travis Scott and The Notorious B.I.G.:] Woo, made this here with all the ice on in the booth At the gate outside, when they pull up, they get me loose Yeah, Jump Out boys, that's Nike boys, hoppin' out coupes This shit way too big when we pull up give me the loot (gimme the loot!) Was off the Remy, had a Papoose Had to hit my old town to duck the news Two four hour lockdown, we made no moves Now it's 4 AM and I'm back up poppin' with the crew I just landed in, Chase B mix this pop like Jamba Juice Different colored chains, think my jeweler really sellin' fruits And they chokin', man, know the crackers wish it was a noose [Big Hawk and Swae Lee:] Some—some—some, someone said To win the retreat, we all in too deep P-p-playin' for keeps, don't play us for weak (someone said) To win the retreat, we all in too deep P-p-playin' for keeps, don't play us for weak [Travis Scott, Swae Lee and Uncle Luke:] Yeah, this shit way too formal, y'all know I don’t follow suit Stacey Dash, most of these girls ain't got a clue All of these hoes I made off records I produced I might take all my exes and put 'em all in a group Hit my esés, I need the bootch 'Bout to turn this function to Bonnaroo Told her "hop in, you comin' too" In the 305, bitches treat me like I'm Uncle Luke (Don't stop, pop that pussy!) Had to slop the top off, it's just a roof, uh She said "where we goin'?" I said "the moon" We ain't even make it to the room She thought it was the ocean, it's just the pool Now I got her open, it's just the Goose Who put this shit together? I'm the glue (someone said) Shorty FaceTimed me out the blue [Big Hawk and Swae Lee:] Someone said Playin' for keeps Someone said, motherfucker - someone said Don't play us for weak [Part III] [Travis Scott and Drake:] Yah! Astro, yeah, yeah Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up Ayy, ayy [Drake and Travis Scott:] She's in love with who I am Back in high school, I used to bus it to the dance (yeah) Now I hit the FBO with duffels in my hands I did half a Xan, thirteen hours 'til I land Had me out like a light, ayy, yeah Like a light, ayy, yeah [Drake, Travis Scott and Sheck Wes:] Like a light, ayy Slept through the flight, ayy Knocked for the night, ayy, 767, man This shit got double bedroom, man I still got scores to settle, man I crept down the block (down the block) Made a right (yeah, right) Cut the lights, (yeah, what) paid the price (yeah) Niggas think it's sweet, (nah, never) it's on sight (yeah, what?) Nothin' nice, (yeah) baguettes in my ice (aww, man) Jesus Christ, (yeah) checks over stripes (yeah) That's what I like, (yeah) that's what we like (yeah) Lost my respect, you not a threat When I shoot my shot, that shit wetty like I'm Sheck (bitch!) See the shots that I took, (ayy) wet like I'm Book (ayy) Wet like I'm Lizzie I be spinnin' Valley, circle blocks 'til I'm dizzy (yeah, what?) Like where is he? (yeah, what?) No one seen him (yeah, yeah) I'm tryna clean 'em (yeah) [Drake and Travis Scott:] She's in love with who I am Back in high school, I used to bus it to the dance Now I hit the FBO with duffels in my hands (woo!) I did half a Xan, thirteen hours 'til I land Had me out like a light (like a light) Like a light (like a light) Like a light (like a light) Like a light [Travis Scott:] Yeah, passed the dawgs a celly Sendin' texts, ain't sendin' kites, yeah He said "keep that on lock" I say "you know this shit, it's stife", yeah It's absolute, yeah (yeah) I'm back, reboot (it's lit!) LaFerrari to Jamba Juice, yeah (skrrt, skrrt) We back on the road, they jumpin' off, no parachute, yeah Shawty in the back She said she workin' on her glutes, yeah (oh my God) Ain't by the book, yeah, this how it look, yeah 'Bout a check, yeah, (check) just check the foots, yeah Pass this to my daughter, I'ma show her what it took (yeah) Baby mama cover Forbes, got these other bitches shook Yeah

Luna Hoxha : If u make a song with drake it's not ur song anymore *that's how mafia works*

WILL SMITH : *I showed this to my egg* *now kylie is mad at me*

Emil Jova : Showed this to Kylie Now issa egg

Synicall : The video editors are next level

Papa Tango : Who's here after listening to mo bamba?

Decisive Strike : Editor:What effect do you want? Travis:bmaoauaoaavskdidbev Editor:Say no more

LordSneaKy : Showed this to Youtube Rewind It became Pewdiepie Rewind

J9 Productions : Don’t let this distract you from the fact that an egg has more likes than this

Jxke : how high was the director?

Clutch FX : do U wAnT SiCkO mOd3 or M0 BamBA

omairgaming : 70% I showed this to my 10% oh yeah yeah 20% Doctor: Travis Scott:

stef's crazy world : Showed this to an egg... Now it has 50 mil likes

Static Hurdle : 2:57 that should be a fortnite dance

nightnim : This makes my homework wanna eat my dog

Ghost Coffee : Sicko Mode or Mo Bamba? Like for Sicko Mode Comment for Mo Bamba

HappyGraw ! : *Producer: How many beats you want?* *Travis: Yes.*

ryan z : i showed this to the dark now he's like a light.

DarkZector : *Director: What effects ya need?* *Travis: ...... * *Director: Okay*

LaWater : Travis Scott music videos are always so fucking crazy and random😂😂 I love it

SuperSoldierRom : I showed this to my mom... Now she's in *MAMA MODE*

Elliot 1171 : Oh yeah yeah

Mia Lee : Anyone else listened to this song before it was a meme?😂

Luka Sekulic : God:Hello Travis, what effects do u want Travis: Yes God:Thats beyond my power

ZenToxic : *"mO BAmbA oR sICKo moDe?"*

iixZoMaxKilL z : oh yeah yeah

fischyjo : This beat changes so many times

Shaun D Dickerson : I showed this too my dog know he’s a hamster

Olzhas Tortpayev : Surprised no SICKO MODE or MO BAMBA jokes here

Browncheeze : D I C K O M O D E

Just a dude who likes Dbz : This made me wanna use Comic Sans instead of Arial

Just a dude who likes Dbz : *when you buy a Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe AE and Photoshop bundle*

Padofut : 200.000.000 views 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔝🔝🔥🔥

Memis supremist : the first time i saw Travis i thought it was the thick neck guy.

Kadz : *_Editor:_* So how do you want it to look? *_Travis:_* I agree

Festis OnFire : Young LaFlame is in Oh yeah yeah mode

Arav Awasthi : We ain't listening to this trash we listening to oh yeah yeah

Coztera : 1:16 when you kiII someone in Fortnite

Yohan K : So Travis...... Uhh I think you like effects....a little...

TG Randy : This makes me wanna give homework to my teacher...

Victrrr Ez : So this is what people with air pods listen to while I’m over here with my wired listening to mo bamba

Fabián Llancapan : Dale like si lo estás viendo 2019

Minecraft Heaven : *dO yOu wAnNa lIsTeN tO mO bAmBa oR sIcKo mOdE?*

《joske》 : i showed this to my dog and now he has lui v belt