When you get too serious playing basketball.

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Chrisnxtdoor : I knew that court looked familiar😂 he had to be doing a collab with RDC

Antonio : *I WARNED YOU*

EpicJacoby : "You gotta see a doctor man" 🤣🤣

Luke's Dead Trim Man : NAH man I wasn't this color 😭😭😭😭😂😭😂😂

Luke's Dead Trim Man : Brrruuh 😂😂😂😂 when the girl started bugging out 💀 " cross me, cross me, do it again" 😭😭😭

Bengwangryl Crankydoodleflop : Michael Jackson could have used this

Anthony Clegg : RdcWorld1 oh sheet notice that rim from anywhere On God

ItsGabriel : 0:19 Dis man got his GAME FACE on 😂

Image Kid : Nah man i wasn't this colour bro 😭😂😂😂

Jamaree Townsend : Damn Caleb u didn't have to do that😭

Jose Gun : Man out here crossing people so hard their molecular structure is changing, in more than one way.


The Infamous G : I guess he's "cross" gender

Alex's VIDS!!!!!!! : Lol the Skyrim music

Jordan Jones : *NAH! THAT'S NOT ME!* xD

DBA Gaming : Some skyrim music let's go

Call Me Zaya : This man got crossed to the X-chromosome.

Sasuke Uchiha : When you get crossed so hard you change genders

Dat : dat feature tho

DaSeaBanana : To be fair, he did warn him.

Evann_ : 1:02 what song/instrumental is that

Theta : Every basketball anime ever.

Jake Washington : From Desmond to a chick to Leland. lol I almost died!

Inspired Island : BRUH yall needa collab on Hoodbender 3

Topo1240 : His vids are a depression relieve, for real. Don't watch his vids at Work cause your going to get in trouble with your boss from laughing so hard!!!

Karel Rindo : Top 10 anime crossover

Lil' Dabber : I loved the integration of the battle music from skyrim when he crossed him

JUST ME B.W.O : I thought he would use ultra instinct

「Act Ecchi Nii-San」 : Why I don’t play Basketball anymore...

Dark Speed Timbs : My dude said "do what you gotta do" you deserved that shift😭😭😭

JUST ME B.W.O : No more prison ball for desmond

Goku Black : When your ultra instinct turns your bro into a softy.

Aku : Akashi?

Uber Super Everything : He is the ballerborn!

태선우 : This is the colab I️ needed.

teru puki : Can anybody tell me the name of the music that starts playing at 1:00 pls?

DatSav_Kendall : Guess you could call his ankles CROSSGENDER! I’m sorry.

Waffleo 0o : This man get more views in a minute then i could get in a month 😂

emilio : On a scale of caramel to dark chocolate he turned him to coal.

CLUE : *you cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby*

SMD_sVpreme _? : Nba 2k18 servers

Unknown Alirav : Rdc world helllllll ye.

Thee Greg : Crossed more color into him

Carlton Williams : I was the 100k sub

Shareef #19 A : What is the top that dillon is wearing. Some heat deya

Sebastian Diego : Lmao the Skyrim music on the background

Lady Brøwn : 😂😂😂😂I’m dead

Jamaree Townsend : No views gang

Kodak Blue : Feminism in a NUTSHELL

Smoke Purrp : Lol wtf