Calling 2 Aussies at the same time prank call

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gabrocki : This is the best thing I've seen all week

Z Alverez : They are taking turns arguing. It's like some sort of RPG

Antonio Johnson : Jim: Is this Jim? Andrew: No, i'm not Jim. Jim: I'M JIM! Andrew: Nope, never heard of ya mate. Sorry.

mcc4m1sh : I love it how they each give the other a reasonable gap to fill with insults. It's like a spoken insult rap battle. Or maybe it could be described as an Aussie debate. Either way, so much preferable to the American's yelling over the top of each other.

windows95ism : There is an ENTIRE CONTINENT of people who talk like this.

Nathaniel : I love how not one of them just put the phone down 😂😂

Meetch : Aussies, their insults sound too funny to be taken seriously.

Layla Bishop : Love how in the whole conversation, being called an "Imbecile" was the most offensive to one of them xD out of all the other insults xD

0reaver01 : that was hilarious next do it with 2 British guys

Rai Enen : It's currently 1:58 am, cold Scottish night. I look outside and hear some drunken students stagger back to their flats from a night out. I know that daylight is coming soon and that this essay has got to be done. My energy is drained. I glance at the bin in my room to see it full of energy drink cans. The daunting clock ticking sound reminds me that the pressure is on.. I am defeated. I pick up my phone to check if I have any new notifications.. Only a "good night text from my mum". Upon realising that I don't have a social life and that the only females I have on my phone are my sister and mum I question myself as to why I'm such a loner. I don't come to a genuine conclusion. After giving up on this dreaded essay about capitalising assets, net present values and mortgages I question why I ever took a course in accounting. I decide to go on YouTube and find this video. The video puts a smile on my face. Now back to this fucking essay. 2017: One year on and I am up at 05:18 writing another essay😩. I might reply to myself in 2018.. I might not. Goodbye folks. 2018 (19 July): Oops, forgot to keep you guys updated. I passed uni this summer! Looking for a grad job now!! Time to enter the real world. Any life advice anyone might like to give??? Have a good 2018 and hopefully See you folks in 2019! Stay tuned

Robert Larsson : - Is this Jim? - Nah, i'm not Jim. - I'M JIM!

William Pereira Gomes : don all aussies know each other?

neebus : Aussie Romance.

Lupix : I wonder what political debates are like in Australia...

Katie E : Beautiful Australian Romance ❤️😂

Rian Weston-Dodds : So aggressive even with the innocent talk in the beginning

StaurosNika : Someone should call these wombats and tell them they're famous.

Hitsuga Aorusaki : Can someone translate this into American? I don't speak Kangaroo.

J Groenveld : I must say - Aussies have perfected the art of swearing. I must learn from them.

z3roSun : Damo & Darren

MyDixieNurmous : I'm not Jim , no I'm Jim ! , sorry never heard of ya mate . lmfao

Oscar : Still a better lover story than Twilight

Posh C*** : howtobasic talking to maxmoefoe

Alric Ed. Loguefaut : Australian language Beautiful

yortko1 : I'm Australian and normally don't like foreigners making fun of Aussies but this is ingeniously hilarious.

Phil Mitchell : hahahaha aussies, when it comes to insulting people they come only second to the english.

Killgore9998 : Its like listening to two chat bots set to australian accent talking to each other.

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen : u wot m8

nightchemist : wake up ta yaself clown

Comedy Vids Universe : Shit escalated so quickly 💀💀💀💀LMFAOOOO

Chrisco : There is a reason why "straya are the kings of banter.


Oskar Figueroa : you re an idiot... lol

yuch1102 : and this my friends is how past World Wars get started behind the scenes

Rome Cuee : this is actually the best thing ever

SkellingTon : TOP BANTS

Jonathan Deller : This is such a cruel prank! Can't believe how rude they are though.

eo : It.... was just a misunderstanding. Do Aussies really escalate meaningless petty shit this much?

Turtle Boy : This is why we keep bogans around.

Elizabeth : lmao - so simple, so brilliant

Robert Brunello : This is bloody BRILLIANT!!!

Nathan ator : aside from the amazing accents and insults the ozzies have, gotta love patrick star breaking into laughter at the end there

Roots Rock : wake up to yourself clown 😂

MGTOWSIUS : This is why I don't take threats of violence seriously.

Sherjeel Chaudhry : Lmfao <3 :-)

Jack Taylor : Political Discourse in 2016

ZogJhones : So basically it's just two homies having a regular Australian conversation?

Caleb Cazmakillassassin : Oh my god this made my day

Kira k : I did this same technique with calling two retailers of Dick smith and kmart, was hilarious thought their lines were having issues

experiment54 : haha hilarious! do more!!