Calling 2 Aussies at the same time prank call

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gabrocki : This is the best thing I've seen all week

Z Alverez : They are taking turns arguing. It's like some sort of RPG

mcc4m1sh : I love it how they each give the other a reasonable gap to fill with insults. It's like a spoken insult rap battle. Or maybe it could be described as an Aussie debate. Either way, so much preferable to the American's yelling over the top of each other.

Antonio Johnson : Jim: Is this Jim? Andrew: No, i'm not Jim. Jim: I'M JIM! Andrew: Nope, never heard of ya mate. Sorry.

windows95ism : There is an ENTIRE CONTINENT of people who talk like this.

Nathaniel : I love how not one of them just put the phone down 😂😂

Meetch : Aussies, their insults sound too funny to be taken seriously.

0reaver01 : that was hilarious next do it with 2 British guys

Rai Enen : It's currently 1:58 am, cold Scottish night. I look outside and hear some drunken students stagger back to their flats from a night out. I know that daylight is coming soon and that this essay has got to be done. My energy is drained. I glance at the bin in my room to see it full of energy drink cans. The daunting clock ticking sound reminds me that the pressure is on.. I am defeated. I pick up my phone to check if I have any new notifications.. Only a "good night text from my mum". Upon realising that I don't have a social life and that the only females I have on my phone are my sister and mum I question myself as to why I'm such a loner. I don't come to a genuine conclusion. After giving up on this dreaded essay about capitalising assets, net present values and mortgages I question why I ever took a course in accounting. I decide to go on YouTube and find this video. The video puts a smile on my face. Now back to this fucking essay. 2017: One year on and I am up at 05:18 writing another essay😩. I might reply to myself in 2018.. I might not. Goodbye folks. 2018 (19 July): Oops, forgot to keep you guys updated. I passed uni this summer! Looking for a grad job now!! Time to enter the real world. Any life advice anyone might like to give??? Have a good 2018 and hopefully See you folks in 2019! Stay tuned

Layla Bishop : Love how in the whole conversation, being called an "Imbecile" was the most offensive to one of them xD out of all the other insults xD

William Pereira Gomes : don all aussies know each other?

Robert Larsson : - Is this Jim? - Nah, i'm not Jim. - I'M JIM!

Lupix : I wonder what political debates are like in Australia...

Rian Weston-Dodds : So aggressive even with the innocent talk in the beginning

Katie E : Beautiful Australian Romance ❤️😂

neebus : Aussie Romance.

z3roSun : Damo & Darren

StaurosNika : Someone should call these wombats and tell them they're famous.

J Groenveld : I must say - Aussies have perfected the art of swearing. I must learn from them.

Hitsuga Aorusaki : Can someone translate this into American? I don't speak Kangaroo.

Oscar : Still a better lover story than Twilight

MyDixieNurmous : I'm not Jim , no I'm Jim ! , sorry never heard of ya mate . lmfao

Posh C*** : howtobasic talking to maxmoefoe

yortko1 : I'm Australian and normally don't like foreigners making fun of Aussies but this is ingeniously hilarious.

Killgore9998 : Its like listening to two chat bots set to australian accent talking to each other.

Alric Ed. Loguefaut : Australian language Beautiful

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen : u wot m8

Windows Sucks : Australians are funny, they call each other mate while cursing

Phil Mitchell : hahahaha aussies, when it comes to insulting people they come only second to the english.

Comedy Vids Universe : Shit escalated so quickly 💀💀💀💀LMFAOOOO


Turtle Boy : This is why we keep bogans around.

nightchemist : wake up ta yaself clown

Rome Cuee : this is actually the best thing ever

Elizabeth : lmao - so simple, so brilliant

Fryihl xen : I've seen this raw strength only once before...

Chrisco : There is a reason why "straya are the kings of banter.

SkellingTon : TOP BANTS

chuck mantooth : oil bash ur head in m8 if i find out who it is ill kick ur fooken teeth in HAHAHAHHAA

W C : never heard of ya mate sorry

yuch1102 : and this my friends is how past World Wars get started behind the scenes

Robert Brunello : This is bloody BRILLIANT!!!

Jonathan Deller : This is such a cruel prank! Can't believe how rude they are though.

Roots Rock : wake up to yourself clown 😂

Sheldon Miller : this sounds like Australian clever bot vs Australian clever bot

Sean Dignam : I love how they pause for moment to let the other person retort lmfao

Sherjeel Chaudhry : Lmfao <3 :-)

Cazmakillassassin : Oh my god this made my day

Leeroy Brown : As soon as he said Queensland lol just hang up no point wasting your breath on them animals

StoicListener : Do more calls!