Monopoly Mobster | Comedy Sketch

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Coffee Slav : The hottie in the pink got me, subbed.

xingcat : She's mesmerizing with that hoop! HA!

MilliesTVTime 2 : Live Action Monopoly, who knew?

Edgy People Theater : I laughed my ass off. Great video. Male stripper. Funny gritty humor. Very nice production values. Great performances.

Into The Ordinary : Here from Reddit! Left a review there for you. Keep up the good work!

Ca Ad : Nice

Tring's Trains Productions : Love it mate haha

Josh : The end with the "What if I roll a double?", was funny because I expected the Get Out Of Jail Free card. Forgot about doubles. And then the immediate reaction, he was shocked and defeated. Loved it.

TheScrogs5000 : one of the best ones yet. Keep them coming :)

Morgan Treadwell : They keep getting better and better, well done guys x

Lucy Pether : love it :D

Ruth Postlethwaite : Looks so good finished!! Well done guys :)

The Existential Crisis : WOW! this is really well done

Kyle James : Lmao love it