Warship Destroyer Intercepts Fishing Boat - HMAS Hobart

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Syrtech : Russian navy would’ve blown you up instantly because they wouldve assumed you were somalis lol

John Mansell : Probably thought you were Somali Pirates.

Parusol : I thought Aussie hails would go “oi, this is the Royal Australian Navy, git off me fishin grounds ya bogan cunts, tha tuna’s mine ya hear”. Glad ya’ll made it out okay haha

America : Probably the most exciting thing to happen to the Australian navy in over 70 years

Christian : "leave the area" you're in the middle of the ocean, whats the "area" hahahah

Trigger Me6 : "Hey faggots, go fish somewhere else." *5 inch cannon opens up*

One Bad Hombre : You guys act like you are 12 year olds. The driver of the boat is too scared to talk on his own radio?? LOL.

cat : "we're stealing oil" *LOL*

jeff schnablegger : Warship Hobart! Warship Hobart! YOU have just cut across my Crab pod lines and Cost me money. PREPARE TO BE BOARDED AND FINED!!! 😂😂😂😂

Australian Opal Australian Opal : Fellas these are the same blokes that will rush to your aid at 37 kts in 10 metre seas 24/7. You get the same treatment as per the rules here or in the Gulf. You should feel honored to have had this once in a lifetime experience. PS, a bit of study re use of radio wouldnt go astray. A skipper in charge of a boat with passengers including Children, should know a bit more about how to operate a boat.

Anthony Bland : Within 5km of ANY operating Australian Navy vessel is considered a Restricted Maritime Zone. In other words, if you see a Navy Vessel traveling through an area, THEY have RIGHT OF WAY and you must stay a minimum of 5km from them. If you move within that range, you will be of interest to them.

fred asd : these people should not be allowed on a boat. cant even communicate on the radio and its causing problems.

Ben Sennitt : "Badboys to warship Hobart, should I have this much shit in my shorts? Over."

Zach Prim : "Turn to channel 6-9." My immature self bursts out laughing.

mrnickbig1 : What a bunch of F'ing imbeciles! They can't read charts, can't operate a radio properly, don't know boating regulations, and have no common sense whatsoever!

wcresponder : Lets see a boat of bearded guys in a small boat not answering the radio and heading on collision course with a warship... why could they possibly want to come near you. Then you show ignorance ......Funny to watch you crap yourselves if they fired a burst from the old sea whiz above the chopper deck.

Jordan M : I don't think he was impressed with the radio protocol used by you fellas with a warship. Probably why he busted your balls a bit...

King Konug : You're not *outstanding* at communicating.

golden pineapple juice : U shuda told em that its ur mark and what their doin is bad etiquette and find thier own spot hahaa

Shelfington The 3rd : The boat driver is an idiot if you thinks it's funny to put everyone's lives on the boat in danger.

SoonToBlow : All they had to do was communicate with them and ask which way they are allowed to go.

CB775NT : Bad Boys, Bad Boys.. We are about to light you up with our main gun over!..

PinkOld : This was really interesting, but speaking as an ex-squid (USN) who also served on a guided missile destroyer (as the Hobart appears to be), you have to understand that these guys can't take any chances that you aren't terrorists. Just remember what happened to the USS Cole to get the idea why this is such an important issue.

DEVMAR 3815 : America 🇺🇸 and Australia 🇦🇺 Allies forever 💪🏻💪🏻

Cammo 1308 : Fun day at the office and good for a laugh but if you used the radio properly you would have received the navies message earlier and not pissed them off.

NoJusticeNoPeace : "Oi fishin' vessel, issizza warship Bruce, state yer intentions-like." "Warship Bruce, issizza fishin' vessel Bruce, we're arvin' a burl at fishin'." "Fair dinkum, mate, ya arvn't gots any poofters wiv ya, arve yer?" "No poofters, mate!" "Ace! Good on yer. On yer bike, then, fishin' vessel Bruce." "Too right, warship Bruce."

Dylan Clarke : People saying they don't get how it's restricted, its only restricted while the ship is passing by, there's a certain area around the ship in which you are not allowed

svxnger : Sadly good seamanship isnt included with the purchase of a boat

nyiesah : These guys need to do a maritime day course and brush up on their give way rules and their radio etiquette

C.J. G : Amatures, learn to use a radio. Fundamentals mate. Could save your life or prevent you from being shot.

Kameraden : Sorry but these waters are restricted to the Chinese Merchant Fleet, As a HMAS Ship paid for by the Australian Government who is Under China's pocket, you're ordered to turn around and leave the fish alone. These fish are protected, and property of the Chinese People.

Mosor Vlad : What great time to crack jokes ...hahahaha let's make funny time with a warship in restricted waters. HAHAHAHAH so funny ! Idiots!

Michael Shaw : Really .... Taking on Australia's Most Powerful Warship ...... The Ships Radar alone, could have melted all of you at that range !!!!!!

Sam Rader : Imagine after the third time they just hear "Prepare to fire"

Comrade Oblivious : Until you realize there’s a sub training in the area and you don’t have enough of a sonar signature to show on his passive and he does a test of the ballast blow form beneath you and breaks the hull like an egg.

Colby Lewis : It's because of the USS Cole where a small boat with explosives rammed a U.S Navy destroyer.

rein1705 : No respect for your Navy eh? No one asked what heading they should egress on? great radio conduct. The US Coast Guard would have boarded you for sure.

Zack Riley : Seems like someone needs to read up on The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 and the Australian Notices to Mariners. Also, not international waters. Look up Australian EEZ. Hand your license in.

Brettbaena : I wouldn’t be in a laughing state if I heard a navy destroy trying to make contact .. Especially when the destroyer turns and is heading your direction ! The name ( Navy Destroyer ) has its name for a reason don’t take it as a joke !

Scott Murray : I think a dingo ate your common sense

Ruddiger Burns : I wonder if they knew a gunner on that ship was begging for some action...... I bet when they heard it was just home grown fisherman his hand sadly fell off the bolt carrier no charging today dammit!

Chris Trevino : Lmfao try this move with the US Navy and you will be instant History!

Erick G : what a bunch of dimwits!

James Ferrari : You are most definitely not in international waters unless you somehow teleported 200nm to sea. The area was most likely an exercise area, probably the SEAXA which is why it was restricged and that was definitely too close to a warship without identifying yourself.

SilverStone : Idiots, stop with the arrogant crap and talk to the warship, perhaps say something like "Roger that we were unaware of the exclusion zone, do you have a heading for us to exit by?"

Vara : "Requesting magnetic heading for fastest way to exit restricted area" would have been more professional.

Harrison Fouts : I misread it thought it said warship destroyed fishing boat

rcrogers6 : Let's see, radio procedure worthy of a child. Failure to state your intentions. Do you know what that means? There could have been a notice declaring an exclusion zone for bombing or gunnery practice. The comments on the boat confirm the ignorance and idiotic attitude of the crew. Oh well, let's just keep going without telling them what we are doing. Were you to get in a distress situation, it would be amusing to hear that radio traffic. No worries mate, the Bass Strait is known for balmy, calm weather.

Golden Ages : What's the name of your boat? The Vladimir Putin? Hahahahaha 😆

SatGuy : Playing chicken with the navy, not a good future in that.