Warship Destroyer Intercepts Fishing Boat - HMAS Hobart
Australian Navy has some fun with local fishermen getting too close to their destroyer

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VICTORIA AUSTRALIA. Running out to sea on a public (unrestricted) course we've traversed 100's of times before we suddenly get intercepted by WARSHIP HOBART that is passing by and told to leave the area. This is a common daily route for all recreational and local commercial vessels. When we pulled up we were still approx 2km from the ship. We love our Navy and was Awesome experience to see that ship up close. We are in peace time here, she's all right mate. Straya.


Trigger Me6 : "Hey faggots, go fish somewhere else." *5 inch cannon opens up*

zondaintheair : A very successful Navy Exercise. They were out looking for TWATS and founds a boat full of them.

cupslinga : Fly a Chinese flag next time 😆

CB775NT : Bad Boys, Bad Boys.. We are about to light you up with our main gun over!..

Christian : "leave the area" you're in the middle of the ocean, whats the "area" hahahah

Cliff Lee : You guys should have asked for a tour and help fishing.

svxnger : Sadly good seamanship isnt included with the purchase of a boat

firestar1461 : With the bf1 repairing tool, you can destroy it

Nexus Diesel : " I cought a REALLY BIG FISH!!... HOLY IT HAS GUNS"

rein1705 : No respect for your Navy eh? No one asked what heading they should egress on? great radio conduct. The US Coast Guard would have boarded you for sure.

The Grinch : Just imagine.. You were most likely in the cross hairs of more then one piece of machinery capable of ending everyone on that fishing trips lives. And the people that had their fingers on the triggers/launch panels/big red buttons, looking through high powered scopes, seeing every bead of sweat on all of your faces, they held the power to end all of your stories right there with one touch of a button.. Crazy hey..

Doubting Thomas : A small outboard motorboat charging toward a destroyer? That’s never ended badly before.

John Mansell : Probably thought you were Somali Pirates.

nyiesah : These guys need to do a maritime day course and brush up on their give way rules and their radio etiquette

Brettbaena : I wouldn’t be in a laughing state if I heard a navy destroy trying to make contact .. Especially when the destroyer turns and is heading your direction ! The name ( Navy Destroyer ) has its name for a reason don’t take it as a joke !

O'Connor James : You may have been inside a NOPSEMA area which commenced on the 1st of January 2012 it is a petroleum safety zones as provided for in Chapter 6, Part 6.6 of the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 (OPGGS Act). An area where you require written permission to be in. Get an uptodate chart.

Vara : "Requesting magnetic heading for fastest way to exit restricted area" would have been more professional.

cat : "we're stealing oil" *LOL*

damonstr : Hobart class is a bad-ass ship that's going to give fits to anyone that tries to fight them.

bamadeadhead : Lol WTF man! alcohol and boats DO NOT mix. Think that ship had you outmatched JUST A LITTLE bit...

jeff James : Bad boys, bad boys ....prepare to become a speed bump. Over.

Verstate Gaming : Shoots a torpedo or a tomahawk missile towards them. The camera blacks out.

Syrtech : Russian navy would’ve blown you up instantly because they wouldve assumed you were somalis lol

Ruddiger Burns : I wonder if they knew a gunner on that ship was begging for some action...... I bet when they heard it was just home grown fisherman his hand sadly fell off the bolt carrier no charging today dammit!

Daniel Gremillion : This is like.... US F-16 intercepts Nanodrone...

R U 1 2 : What a bunch of yahoos, no concept of maritime law and yet there they are out on the ocean...Yahoos.

SexyThanos : The scary part that they probably didn't even notice is that they probably had snipers and other people already aiming them down

nocalsteve : I was really hoping to hear someone say, “Can you just stop being an arsehole for a minute, mate?”

XXXConnorIzCulXXX : Destroyer: Can you please leave the area? Vsauce in the Ship: Sure... Or Can I?

Charles Little : Boys don't f*** around that ship could have shot you well beyond when they actually saw you with their eyes

Matthew Ash : If it was American they would be barraged by artillery

Biobot One : You jackasses! You are operating in a restricted area, exit the area immediately! WTF don’t you boneheads understand, and the next time your Navy hails you on your radio, ANSWER!

Gerald Grandfield : Wow that was painfull. Learn how to talk on the radio for real. Darwinism at its finest.

sarah michel : Good looking destroyer .....alright Australia!!!

FelixOrion : Bad Boys Bad Boys Watcha gonna do?

I am the King of the Poo People : Warship Hobart! Warship Hobart! YOU have just cut across my Crab pod lines and Cost me money. PREPARE TO BE BOARDED AND FINED!!! 😂😂😂😂


Andy V : you guys really need to learn how to properly operate the radio

TristanTaka : Boat full of Aussie tools, jesus

Javier Lopez : We call it police brutality 😖💪

Sam Rader : Imagine after the third time they just hear "Prepare to fire"

Chris Trevino : Lmfao try this move with the US Navy and you will be instant History!

Jesse Patch : of course yous had to get hmas hobart the most advanced ship in the Australian navy lol

Shawn Jun : *Gets blasted into smithereens*

Phillip Mulligan : If they really didn't like you and wanted you to stop they could have fired a gun shot across your bow.

Dino Nucci : ... That moment when you become the shrimp on the barbie of a warship ...

Zulkonit : "this is the hmas hobart to bad boys"

Petru Lisievici : Drunk Idiots on fishing boats!

steam steam : HMS Crikey doesn't take kindly to your rampant boatistry.