George Carlin: Fuck the children!

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rustyfishplate : "School uniforms is communism." Have you never been to catholic school, you fucking morons?

Jimmy David : But there really *are* "guns" in church which are dangerous to children... You'll find them inside priest's pants ;-)

Xp0SeDyooo o : I'm 15 and I agree I was spoiled growing up and my parents are overprotective I just wanna live my damn life as he said survival of the fittest if I were the kid to swallow the dam marbles then so be it but don't spoil your kids it ruins there life's 15 years of my life overprotected I can't even go to a friend's house. Why, because my parents don't know their parents they might be dangerous. Its horrible don't ruin their life's by being overprotective and spoil them. He says fuck the children what I think he's really saying is fuck the parents who won't let their children live a normal life.

StarDust [SS!Megalo] : "And remember, this is Mr.Conductor talking." THAT REFERENCE THOUGH.

Curious Mitch : I really agree with what he said about kids being too soft. When you treat a child like a child, they continue to behave like a child and never grow up, or at least don't until reality hits them hard in the face, but when you treat a child like an adult, they learn to behave like an adult. They actually grow up! Don't spoil your children, it hurts them in the long run! Teach them how the real world actually works!

Khadija Al-h : That goes for dog owners too. I hate it when a dog owner says, "My dog is very smart!" And I respond, "All dogs are smart, not just yours".

Samuel Trajano : natural selection really is passive eugenics

ToxicMineralCaden : 4:39 I got dibs!

Brandon Jeffers : Imagine if Carlin was alive today... Imagine THAT routine lol

James Neylan : well i love my children......FUCK You! he delivered that line perfectly

Murasaki Neko : Hahah wow hes got a good point. Im so glad i never want kids. XD

Zam the Catcoon : I have ADD I get way more than three hours of day dreaming

Johana t. : "....because the narration was in german" what a burn

Germán Rivas : This is actually what I thought when Harambe was killed.

guillotine283 : 4:30 Yup, it's happened. Just like that too

Isis Obscurus : "You wanna help your children?" DON'T FUCKING HAVE THEM.

Dario Wirtha : I work in the supermarket and these parents let their snotty kid ride the shopping cart like a skateboard. Fuck the parents.

Kryptic_slimey : *Fuck the children.*

K H : I miss George.

Chuck Foley : Day dreaming is amazing. The good part about it is that you don't need a helmet for it. Unless your one of those nuts the think that the sky is falling

Zenith Tempest : from a biological standpoint, he's actually correct in saying that too many people are being saved. humanity is slowly overpopulating the planet, to the point where we'll soon run out of resources to divide even in first world countries (which would be remedied if natural selection were actually allowed to occur). just some food for thought.

shamus248 : George Carlin predicted Dylann Roof

Dkabakjian18 : Just to save a few thousand lives

Chris Campbell : I was little shit when I was a kid. Now at 45, I'm a bigger, older shit.

Zachery Robinson : 235 people love their children too much

Kiko Ayari : Icon.

Team Muller : Yes I do hate kids very much

That Guitar Guy : Kids suck and I won't have them lmao

nancyxtay : 💯💯💯💯

Chang Moua : the guy that was the narrator for thomas the tank engine, and filmore in cars 1

ZACHARY KOUTSONICOLAS : Today's comedians are just shit nobody will ever come close to george carlin.

Parker Morgan : "Well, I love my children.", FUCK YOOOUUU!!!!!

David Breden : outstanding, and very true

darkprince56 : Wow, he called it on someone going nuts and shooting up a church...

Cewyah : "Guns in church" Dylan Roof XDDDD

Melon Headz : This guy is a g

Drew Freeman : What are we doing to the children again?

Who Cares About User Names? 1 : So true. As a child I often got left alone with nothing but books and my own mind, while other families made their kids take music lessons, then go swimming and then have rugby practice all in the same fucking day. I beat those kids in most tests and am now at the point where I literally never get bored, because I'm comfortable on my own.

ayrshireman94 : Amen George Carlin

Patriot Works : "And remember, this is Mr. Conductor talking, I know what I'm talking about!"

Sunny Kin : He's legend, speaks the truth.

Philip Fry : guns in church.......that prophesy though

doge : The classics!

Prathik Manikonda : Still can't believe this guy was Thomas the tank engine 😂

Edward Elric : That last line had me climaxing

shadowfirekarp : Yesterday's kids are todays millennials. I miss George.

Chilean Guy #6 : "and dildo practice" you knew thing were going downhill even then....

Ketchupdude13 : Wow he was right about the guns in church 😞

green steve : yeah how true

Rauchelle Stone : we need more people like this