George Carlin - Fuck the children!

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Ryan King : "Some nut will go apeshit in a church" How ironic, some guy just killed 27 people in a church in Texas today

Steven Hair : Wow, he sure predicted the guns in church....

True Blue : Shining Time Station reference FTW!!!

darkprince56 : Wow, he called it on someone going nuts and shooting up a church...

Helium Road : Carlin was the best ranter bar none. God we need him back.

wwfwrestlingfan4ever : 2015: a dude went nuts in a church

Rainbowglimpse : Marry me Carlin. I don't care that you're dead.

John W : In my time (1960s) nobody would say " I love my children" as if they have to prove something to some one. Loving your children was a given.

NewDawnFadesX : George Carlin always cheers me up.

Alexei Ziom : He was right parents are making kids to soft grew up in the 80s did alot of crazy shit all day outside playing and hanging out with friends

Tyler Durden : Miss you carlin

Ruxify : Yes. Just yes.

James Lane : He's right about staring in the clouds that's where I come up with good ideas

Brandon Jeffers : Imagine if Carlin was alive today... Imagine THAT routine lol

Khadija Al-h : That goes for dog owners too. I hate it when a dog owner says, "My dog is very smart!" And I respond, "All dogs are smart, not just yours".

bro Leo : 476 pedophiles disappointed.

R Jonas : I was going on 3 years old when this was recorded some 25 years ago now... this material is only is validated with the passage of time.

christi crenshaw : What he said's is true whether you liked it or not.

Dan Aldrich : God, I hate my kids. lmfao

Alycia : God do i wish this guy was still alive, because he's probably turning over in his grave to tell a joke about the shit going on now haha

Headshot Industries : I just amagine this as a adult thomas the tank engine episode

StarDust [SS!Megalo] : "And remember, this is Mr.Conductor talking." THAT REFERENCE THOUGH.

Devonte Wise : 4:35 Charleston Shooting prediction

Rorschach 12 : Everybody loves their children ..... Yeah, my parents didn't get that memo.

Chad Clanton : Only George could have a segment titled 'Fuck the Children' and still have a 25-1 ratio of likes to dislikes. The man is a legend.

Tre Warren : Hit the church shooting on the money

John Wilson : Carlin was the truth!!!

bi0lizard1 : RIP Mr Carlin! Miss you man!

Mutleymondo : When I first read the title I thought "I didn't realise George Carlin had been a catholic priest". Lol

Fergy Ferg : George Carlin for president 2020

DAYSINTHEBIGAPPLE : 4:30 well, it did happen... George foresaw the future way in advance.. smart guy

Knowledgeable Priest : School is a Cult of Morons.

Adrian Hansraj : I think the churches took his advise a bit too literal

Mr. X : If only he was alive today...

Blazin zz : yes!!!!! George Carlin is the man. True genius

Joseph Haire : wow he predicted Dylan roof

are Johnson : I have always loved the things Carlin had to say.

Márk Mikolay : the narration was in german that was masterful

John Churchill : He is a truly free thinker and deserves his recognition. Killing off the "weak" members of society is still fascism though.

SaddleTankEngine65 : LOL! XD

Zepto-Wavv : I watched this bit back when I was 10 or 11, it made me change the way I see things.

Bob Smiles : Everyone dies But not everyone lives... R.I.P - George Carlin

Hyperguy 38 : Long live George Carlin RIP 1 of my all time favorite comedian they'll never be another one like him!

GoldenSonic : great for thomas ytps eh?

glasses, no : The classics!

Erato IsYourMuse : As a mother of 4 children, I concur with George Carlin.

DEMIAN KNIGHT : Carlin called it with the church shooting.

Prathik Manikonda : Still can't believe this guy was Thomas the tank engine 😂

Locust2011 : It happened - it really happened!

AtibaVV : Shit Carlin was right