Man’s Best Friend | adult swim smalls
Dog videos just dont get any cuter than this

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Charles C.Fuentes : Wow, this Adventure Time live-action remake is going to be Rated R

Tim Smith : When you pick and eat the wrong mushrooms as you lie on the grass in the park.

GiantArapaima74 : Ahh finally an adult swim video that makes sense

Fleur Puttock : Jake really let himself go after Adventure Time ended.

Mah Account : The song is "Call Now" by custodian, in case anybody was wondering

Banjo-Kazooie Fan31 : ladies and gentlemen that's what happened to Finn and Jake when they used drugs. don't use drugs.

BOOTYBALLS THEGOD : I’d rather watch this over anime.

Pastel bagel : *_What a cute puppy_*

pretencious effect 2 : Wtf did I gust watch🙃

wormspeaker : I've been meaning to ask, Adult Swim, are you OK? Like you know we can talk if you're having a tough time. Sometimes just talking about it can help.

KeoneArt : **Insert Jake The Dog Joke** But seriously this is so stupid and creative 😂

Rick Stevens : When your childhood drawings come to life

nachosNapples : umm. well alright, he had a good time

nicholas lurwick : Now this is what I’m proud to call adult swim.

Suckassloser : Picking up girls at the park is easy, so long as you have an amorphous dancing dog with a massive dong

Van Gruuv : he R O U N D

『HėxR』 ・アニメツ・ : he's absolutely beautiful lol

Kyra Tolan : jake from adventure time in real life

Senk Yoghurt : i'd like to give a quick shoutout to christina applegate!

Manuel Lopez : I love the background music. : )

Kaden Cox : *PETA wants to know your location*

Cesar Lopez : It's so f***ing weird

NÜЯSH : Finn and his *BIG ROUND DOG*

jonathan retro gaming & more : WTF, did I just see🙊

Steven Casteel : Love The Office style look at the camera at :48. And dang that girl is super cute.

Amanze Ihedioha : That dog is shredded😳

Similar al Sol : Me recordó a Jake el perro de hora de aventura xD

ur mum gay hahaha : This is weird and funny

Yareyous : I really liked this small! The music was great too, that helped a lot.

Mika Hood : Ketchup is the best chew toy

Chris Clinton : That dog is made of rubber! Like Hand Banana!

Some Random Name : Dear Adult Swim, please make sure Finn keeps his hat in this live action reboot before the series comes out. Thanks.

Putrid Abomination : Adventure Time looks very different than what I remember

Roxxo : Tom Goulet is just incredible

Seth and Sage : Don’t do drugs kids Jokes aside this was really cool

WaVe : ADULT SWIM "for all your high needs"

Meme Man : 0:35 LMFAO That dance 😂

2GMichael : I love these weird animation videos you guys put out.

Monolith G Tattooing : This is a Gem

nola nola : finn and jake 2019

Sidney Blackwood III : Okay, this one was actually good

Callan Tointon : If dogs were hairless we would have -5 global warming

kamikaze12 : wow... I rly like this

Mika Hood : If jake in real life XD

BaronVonTacocat : hwat? so, kinda gay hentai jake? ...okay, it's ur network

Cyrus H : I think that Adult Swim is my hero.

Adam Scottorn : I see any thing is getting live animated even adventure time

Tr. Da. : Adventure Time irl 🤣

Bad Girl's Ball - Christina Jacquelyn Calph : I love this so much!! Sooooo Stupid funny!