X-43A Hypersonic Scramjet Flight 2 Highlights Mach 7 2004 NASA Langley-Dryden Hyper-X Program

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Jeff Quitney : For those who are interested, here is a video of the X-43A Mach 10 record flight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bS4drItm1U

foxtrot789 : Love how NASA has a soccer game on one of the monitors (starting at 2:15)

januainferni : Wow! if this is "unclassified" i wonder what's really classified!.

interman 77 : I might just have to watch it again to make sure it's nominal.

Caleb Fyvie : Jebediah Kerman is stepping up his game.

Andy Broberg : attitude is nominal

John514 : Tracking camera is like "screw that!"

Fred Sandford : my 2007 chevrolet silverado 4.8L goes at least mach 5 so a plane should do better than that I would think, my truck is so fast because it has racing stripes, those make it faster,,, also my truck's attitude is nominal so it's got that going for it as well

gallp 13 : KSP's developers should add Scramjets

Grip Limit : I expect better video evidence with my tax dollars

Nathan Reynolds : It is really a sad thing. This is great and all but NASA just doesn't know how to deal with the public. All we can get from them is a FLIR view? Put a freaking camera on everything you do NASA and point it forward. You might get more funding.

Ruben T : do it now and strap a gopro on it

sully0001 : For those of you who do not see the need for these tests, this is how we create new engines, not just for Military use, but eventually for commercial and private use. Everything you take for granted today was created by NASA and the Military and then for the the public sector, NASA and the Military is the test bed for new technology. When you end funding for either one, or for both, you slow down the process of it getting to the consumers hands

Mac Sterling : Yeah it can go mach 10, but the pilot still has to take his shoes off before he is allowed past the TSA check in.

Eric Rimano : I like NASA's old" B-52 with the original fin.. original engines as well :)

Peter Kosowsky : This country really was great before 2008.

Highway Star : If I had Bill Gates or Warren Buffets money I would be pouring it into NASA!

israels slow genocide of Gaza : Great another free weapons system for israel

John Allen : totally cool. go USA.

TheIlumin Ati : amazing how flexible the ancient B-52s wings are from no load to level flight even

Polarcupcheck : So, it is basically a comet.

Ursus Arctos Hu : This is the kind of stuff they're doing in Area 51

Steve O : Wow that was amazing, I wonder what they have cooking next.

tony rogers : actually it reached to mach - 9.8

ElectricMoon : The comment section is being flooded with 6 year olds.

Joe Duke : Makes me wonder what counter mass ballast they used and how they re-centered it after launch?

Plumpy : 2:15 LOL... A soccer game :-D HAHA

Robert Miller : I lived at Edwards when I was too young to appreciate it. My father an Air Force officer and Mechanical engineer worked on the X-15 program until 1966. I remember some, but not as much as I'd like.

MarlonMax : B52 is Amazing .

TrainTrackTrav : I remember seeing this on TV in 04. My grandfather and I were fascinated by it, and would make sure we saw any report on it we could. After the hype, I used to watch NASA TV (Back when it was worth watching) and see the replays of it. Great memories, thanks for posting!

SLYSPYHIWAY90 : The best and the brightest minds

John Coffee : We mere mortals who are paying for these toys will not be invited to play at our expence

peter schiller : Man, 7000 miles is Mach 10, not Mach 7. X-43A flew Mach 10.

Oscar Nitz : You can see the acceleration in it. As the camera tracks the plane the angle its at hardly changes. Then as soon as the X-43A drops and starts its main the camera angle quickly changes then loses track of it. Man, that is one quick bird.

MRPROH : Imagine if it was carrying a thermal nuclear war head...

DoLoMyte000 : so what would this thing look like at max speed flying over me?

Tim Post : Cool, speeds exceeding Mach 3 and beyond.

Khang Nguy : I don't know when they did this test, but it looks like we already had flat screen TV technology back then.

sniper fuazo : why ae they still using old coomputer that is like toaster? r

James Gormley : Lol it was way too fast for the camera once it started using its fuel to go faster

Christopher Knee : Rats. I wanted to see some on-board video or something actually cool. All I got was dorks saying "nominal" all the time! Video is nominal = uneventful, boring, waste-of-time.

Fred Taylor : Satelite killer, USA USA!

Tom K : Looks more like a rocket than a jet to me...

Amit N : keep it up nasa nd Jeff...👍👌 7 mach is max speed or is there any other test at greater speed than this speed??

scorched core : id like to see the self sustaining scram

off off : 😱

johnny llooddte : I don't know why they don't have better tracking videos.. They know the range distance.. They could easily put a dozen chase planes down range

Jim Vet : There is no doubt about it being wasted money, i  agree with that.  Living just a few miles from one of the air base's in CA. plus a Marine base on both sides of us. not often but when it had, one of those Mac Daddy Jets  maybe two or three at a time during the early night hours would take off pass over our home; You get up step out side & you see Nothing.............  but if by chance  you catch sight of a the night light system better yet in good moon light, it's mind boggling to see them; more so it is a little irritating to have that happen.rocks the house.  Now the other, ram jet jack off don't know what one want to call it Fast.....  I seen it two or three times' east to west; right over the air base.  AM some time' working on the roof tiles, CA you know; gotta get out there every now & then & tap some edge tiles back in & shuffle the others back in place.  we shack a lot.  That's when I seen it' The best your eye sight can do to watch the thing, is to look ahead catch sight of it, to fast to follow it with your eyes, it's like jump frog; I got three  jumps with my eye sight & it was out of CA gone; by the way no vapor trail; it was slicing space like a hot knife through butter. zip zip zip gone. No idea what they  were testing, pretty much didn't care, as long as it didn't crash on my house.  There isn't any way to grab a picture of it, even if one could, it be like snapping  a pick of a pecker a couple miles away on a cloudy day with a kids camera. seen it a few times, always the same; I had read where they lost one of there  toys, never found it.

VAI CORINTHIANS TODO PODEROSO TIMAO : MACH 10 11.760 km/h  ... this is the right speed !!!

Balakrishna Sreeramulu : Not much speed