I got a Tesla for Christmas! (Unboxing)

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Craig B : RIP mate 😢

Britney Ortega : Like =1 prayer that he rest in peace

Anna.Flora ! : Any one else watching after he died ? RIP I really miss you mate ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Josh Esparza : RIP? It’s my first time watching...

Sidney Wheatley : RIP he was sutch a good person

KIMMY TAN : WHEN HE SAID “We definitely gotta shoot another video with it”😭R.I.P. Verne Troyer. Depression is a very real issue, you never know what battles people are facing on the inside. To everyone who reads this Hi, I hope you have a beautiful and positive day - you are more loved than you think.

Yolani Mendez : Wait how did he die??😔😔😯😢

vegeta blusupreme1 : Rip verne troyer

Wolfie sniper66 : RIP MATE😢,see you in the future

Evan the Boss : Don’t enter it into the off-road small car race

VnTruckClub : Rest In Peace!

legendary gaming : poor guy:(

It's Just Gaby : RIP mate 😭😭

Frederick so cool Washington : Is only my fist time watching the video and he going to be rip.

alex 05 : Warum bist du soso winsik


Henry Wani : Are you waring a nappy

Frederick so cool Washington : It is like a real tesa. But rip mate.

play over TV русский канал : hello кто руский

Obed Olivas : Rip mate😣


el vergalarga tabrelojete : He's death? Oh shit... 😔😔😔😥

momo fortnite hyper : LAISHAVIK

Tala Rabee2 : Where did you get this tesla please please I beg you please tell me I want it just like this tesla with four doors please tell me like there twins so please tell me where did you get it and I subed and liked and turn on notifections I swear

Ik Hou Van Supercars! : rip ripripripripriprirpirprirpirirprirprioirprirprirprirprirpririrprirprirprirpririrprirpripripriprirpirirproirpiriprir[ripriiprriprip

Verne Troyer : Third!

Juciee Gucciee : Not to be rude but why are u so small??

Nizai Ismal : Is he died already

Hector Martinez : 🤧😪🙏😢😥

Fox Plays : Aww 😭😭😭😭 I will miss you

pauljs75 : I wonder if he's going to be rollin' in this at conventions and stuff?

Yolani Mendez : How did he die

Biman H. Saikia : Rest in heaven ...peace..

Wolf Gaming : Rip

ReZ_ModZ YT : The Struggle Is Real

Binary Sunset Chaser : So Long Mini Me. Thanks for making me laugh.

Gua Hui Ling Gua Hui Ling : Wow, nice car

angel zanchez colin : No se supone q los duendes hacen jugetes mas no deben de resivir

Evan the Boss : So nice got that frunk

MILEY DUTTON : Are you married

Savage SavageBeast1738 : Holy sh*t it's huge😂😂😂 That made me laugh a lil 😂😂

Game Tube : How did he die?

Yadira Bernabe : 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️💀👼👼🍟🎯🥋

Evan the Boss : Congrats man

Evan Garcia : R I p

John Smithee : Little Man with a BIG heart...the lights that go out the quickest, are the ones that shine brightest for others in times of darkness. RIP Mini-Me

Susi Lampe : Mach dich groß

Josie L : Youer tiny hahaha

Khanh Linh : RIP

FIZZYS HD : You are the best