I got a Tesla for Christmas! (Unboxing)

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Nejat Ahmed : He made me smile :)

Gary Steven : The world is now missing someone very special

Brenda Venegas : Great and cool video dude awsome

人生SX : Bro this little man is so funny 😂, that's why he has so many subscribers

Blader Plays : Merry Christmas

Nadia Sotelo : No one can replace you Verne🤕😷😵😭☹️😢

Xshadowblunt105 esketit : wat a savage btw rip you'll always be in our minds

Code Gaming : Life is hard being tiny.

Beasted : Amen

Verne Troyer : Third!

Jorge Palomino Mendoza : Rip😢😭😭😭😭😦😦😳😳😯😔😔

The BlueFire : RIP You was really nice

crazy gaming : So is that car specifically for dwarfs or little kids because it seems a little bit too cool for a kid

Carmen White : Rip mate

Keeping up with the Kpop : Rest in peace Verne Troyer You will always make me laugh ❤

Ashley Santana : You are so funny 😂

Bad_boys Bad_boys12334 : Rip my friend we never forget you

Faze Kay : I wish he could read our comments 😧

Carlos Lopez : Como acabe aquí? :v

Matthew Kraig : R.I.P Verne... may you have an unlimited amount of Tesla’s where ever you are now... ;(

Onetiny monkey : He so little just like me RIP😭😢😣

çokgizli Birad : İs He dead ? Please no no no 😢

Ashley Santana : Never bully it not nice rip every one loved you

gun men : 😇😢😢 rip

Los Friends : RIP

Camden M. : Awwww little adorable baby man

Logan 2123 : RIP bro

TheGamingWolfAli Puppeteer : Rip my good friend

Tyheem Thompson : RIP BROTHER

Craig B : RIP mate 😢

Nadia Sotelo : So sorry for your Short life Ripe

Noah Brænden : rip

fukherrytupdapussy13445 anime hunter : rip u were a legend in Austin powers

Alex Cruz : Rip

Bruce Wayne : Your a legend Verne!

Papa Pixel : RIP man you lived a great life we’ll all miss you

Panic!at the twenty øne Paul Wesleys : You will allways be in our hearts man. Suicide is never the answer Like if u agree

JIMMY KING : Poor guy,😍😔

Aarav Sidar : Rip

Abuand : Rest in peace my guy.

Shaik Nowshad Ali : Check your height

de3Ny : Rip

Being Cartoon : Amen 💥💥💥

pauljs75 : I wonder if he's going to be rollin' in this at conventions and stuff?

Al Abdullah : Can someone tell me the date of rip

çokgizli Birad : 😭 yazık yaa ;(

Martha Ramirez : 🤑🤑🤑🤑

Viljami Toivonen : You are nice man

Country Road : Omg i would make that thing fast as hell for you and better traction so the wheels dont spin