An LAPD Officer On A Friday Night On Skid Row | On the Streets Ep. 8
An LAPD Officer On A Friday Night On Skid Row On the Streets Ep 8

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LAPD Officer Deon Joseph takes Lisa Biagiottti on his nightly patrol of skid row, which he has walked for the last 18 years. Violent crime has escalated citywide, but on Joseph's beat, he says robberies are up 71%, aggravated assaults by 73% and rapes by 91%. Joseph canvasses Spring to San Pedro, from 3rd to 7th streets. Along the way, he discusses addiction, mental illness and the disastrous effects of a synthetic drug called Spice. He instructs a woman on how to stay safe on the streets, and he remembers the people who have died on his watch. ON THE STREETS is an ongoing video series on homelessness in Southern California In this video series, Lisa Biagiotti sets out to put faces to the statistics. But 'the homeless' are united only in that they have no place to live. She meets people on the streets, learns about their experiences and explores the issues they face. Biagiotti is collaborating with Times reporters and our data team to plot where to take her camera next. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS AND NEWS Watch/Read: LET'S CONNECT: Google+ ► Facebook ► Twitter ► L.A. Times ►


Mike Reiley : California politicians want two Types of people, very poor or very rich. They are running the middle class out of California.

Shelley Garman : Maybe he should run for mayor of la I think he would make a good mayor seeing what's on the street!😋😘

asd mayn : That police officer is truly a good person, thank you for your service!

Craig Keller : This Officer is an American Hero! Love him.

Ellis Bühler : "you can be a police officer without being a jerk"

John Smith : Democratic super majority. This is what a Dem run society looks like,

Stephen Velez : Serve and protect. I didn't think any cops knew that anymore.

Colleen Posadas : You are allowing them to camp on city streets. It is Mayors, city counsels, police leaderships and prosecutors faults.

BIG DENNIS : I meet this guy he's a stand up guy. This is what a good cop is like.

Nekminute : That's a great cop right there

Scott Joseph : LA TIMES supports the policies that causes this nightmare.

Robert Langowski : WAKE UP CALIFORNIA or ALL of are cities will be this!!! Most already are.

High Pressure : Send all the manufacturing jobs to china and flood the country with criminals and cheap drugs from mexico ..what could go wrong...

Sea Mac : The residents of "Sidewalk Communities" in states like CA. now have more rights than the property owner or someone who pays taxes. This is a Democratic Party success story.

Tertiary Adjunct : 2 blocks away, the hipsters are dining on $22 herb crusted chicken cobb with artisanal garlic croutons.

Theresa McAfee : The unintended consequences of Liberalism!!

Ed Towel : Government causes a problem and then says, "We have the solution to what we initially caused. What would you do without us?"

doright man : SKID ROW the pride and joy of liberal ran L.A

I H : How sad all this is to see. What a tough job these police men have. A good guy.

DAVID HUNTER : Thank you for your service. 18 years? You have paid your dues 100 times over. God bless.

notf noio : this is what San Francisco looks like too, thanks to mayors like Newsom.

Robert Brooks : NOW, this is a policeman. This guy has CLASS, and is a good idea of the perfect policeman, and we would be proud if he was part our community, in fact this officer should be teaching courses to other policeman, and he needs a promotion.

Ryan Taylor : Living in a Conservative State and City, such things are not tolerated... THANK GOD!

ブレードランナー : He who controls the spice controls the universe

William Saling : Amazing Human Being. Officer Deon Joseph is a true hero. Honor him.

MrMorotesun : God bless you Officer. You are a reason to keep believing in the police. I grew up in a area of North East Los Angeles and cops were never nice to us.

Des dren Trooper : Eighteen & life to go....'Skid row'.Good sort o cop....More power to him.

frank : Here's what policies from the left bring you. 🤡🌏

7A : SKID ROW!! he's ON THE SKIDS!!!! that sxxxhole state wouldn't spend 1 bloody nickel on me. to hell with la/ca. to hell with them. curse them.

timmensch : I live in Culver city and they keep the homeless out and l.a. can but they wont

Frazer Guest : An absolute role model to cops the world over. His family, his kids and his colleagues must be proud of him. May God bless him.

Goddard Bolt : Lived on the Skid in L.A. for 14 months back in '05 - '06, Got my shit together and now living good here in North Carolina

Nate Adams no nm jjhb : Nice work California.... Looks like those Progressive laws are really working out for the people/tax payers...

NoNo : I met him today and he gave the most motivational talk to our class today. Props to him✨👏👏

ProfabDesigns Inc. : Amen my brother. He clearly knows the Lord’s will for his life. Wish ALL law enforcement had his passions. Be blessed.

CxMxOxNxExY Legend : "Ma' can have this crack and pipe back. It's not illegal" 🙄


Irmalinda Desiderio : God bless this man and may the good Lord keep him safe. 🙏🙏🙏 I feel that every crooked politician who has allowed this to happen, should be forced to live in these communities for a minimum of 30 days. From my mouth to God's ears! 😉

kay834 : American hero in this video. millions of cops like him unnoticed.

Jim Thomas : Glad to see all of these social services have a positive effect.

Gavinardo : I really respect Officer Joseph’s nuanced approach to this issue in LA. He seems like a good natured person who wants to correct this problem in a lawful but constructive way. I wis more officers had his perspective too.

ravi8490 : This guy is a great cop and doing great service to help people in the worst situations. Kudos, more like him please

Flowmasta Flam : "Don't show my face because I'm an ex celebrity" gosh darn

fuzzk6 : I can hear this man talk for hours...

Kevin S. : Imagine, day in and day out this officer deals with these peoples life styles. Very humble and nice. We need more if him out there.

Metsy Man : Truly heartbreaking seeing all those poor souls struggling in such a condensed urban microcosm, however very uplifting to see how special that officer is. Such a kind man who is genuinely sincere in his profession and truly cares about helping people regardless of their situation! He should moonlight as a CJ professor teaching a class on “Ethics in Law Enforcement”!! God bless him...

Olivia Davis-Barker : I know that officer! He is one in a million! Great guy. Always willing to stop and talk. It’s not just for show.

pykkervots : Awww...Nancy must be so proud. How often does she go down there?

Michelle Suzzane : This police officer has such a beautiful heart.