An LAPD Officer On A Friday Night On Skid Row | On the Streets Ep. 8
An LAPD Officer On A Friday Night On Skid Row On the Streets Ep 8

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LAPD Officer Deon Joseph takes Lisa Biagiottti on his nightly patrol of skid row, which he has walked for the last 18 years. Violent crime has escalated citywide, but on Joseph's beat, he says robberies are up 71%, aggravated assaults by 73% and rapes by 91%. Joseph canvasses Spring to San Pedro, from 3rd to 7th streets. Along the way, he discusses addiction, mental illness and the disastrous effects of a synthetic drug called Spice. He instructs a woman on how to stay safe on the streets, and he remembers the people who have died on his watch. ON THE STREETS is an ongoing video series on homelessness in Southern California In this video series, Lisa Biagiotti sets out to put faces to the statistics. But 'the homeless' are united only in that they have no place to live. She meets people on the streets, learns about their experiences and explores the issues they face. Biagiotti is collaborating with Times reporters and our data team to plot where to take her camera next. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS AND NEWS Watch/Read: LET'S CONNECT: Google+ ► Facebook ► Twitter ► L.A. Times ►


NoNo : I met him today and he gave the most motivational talk to our class today. Props to him✨👏👏

William Saling : Amazing Human Being. Officer Deon Joseph is a true hero. Honor him.

DAVID HUNTER : Thank you for your service. 18 years? You have paid your dues 100 times over. God bless.

Shawn Webb : he needs to be the face of law enforcment... where is the media for this awsome police 👮 man.. gold standard

Ellis Bühler : "you can be a police officer without being a jerk"

Claire Zacharias : THAT IS WHAT A POLICE OFFICER IS SUPPOSED TO DO. this should be the job training vid 😂

Kevin hatchett : the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

doright man : SKID ROW the pride and joy of liberal ran L.A

Arance .O : This officer is very street-wise; I can tell from his vernacular. I respect that. lol

Nekminute : That's a great cop right there

Joseph Martinez : what a great cop. i'm glad i saw this i hope he's doing well.

Victor Da Silva : Coming to your city, courtesy of the Democratic Party

Ryan Taylor : Living in a Conservative State and City, such things are not tolerated... THANK GOD!

Shelley Garman : Maybe he should run for mayor of la I think he would make a good mayor seeing what's on the street!😋😘

Tertiary Adjunct : 2 blocks away, the hipsters are dining on $22 herb crusted chicken cobb with artisanal garlic croutons.

Zoe Chapin : What a beautiful Angel. Mayor Garcetti you better give this officer a medal for what he is doing. He is doing God’s work. Skid Row is such a sad and desperate place. Bless him and all that he does.

Rod Harris-Wright : I've walked skid row at night all alone. Crazy place

Theresa McAfee : The unintended consequences of Liberalism!!

Al Stewart : Don’t cut off Nancy’s dope runners by closing the border.

Douglas Dietz : He is what an officer should be! Good Man!

J.R. Vasquez : Officer Deon Joseph, FULL on respect to you sir and all officers like you.

Quagigitymire : Great to see an officer not carrying out his duty with the "it's us versus them" mentality that's blossomed along with the militarization of today's officers.

Audrey : I worked as an advocate at LAPD central and I always loved walking into officer Deon. What a great dude!

kay834 : American hero in this video. millions of cops like him unnoticed.

M.P. Oliver : Exact same scenario in San Francisco from 2006 to 2019

Jeffrey Everette : This is what policing should look like. Need more cops like him.

John Smith : Democratic super majority. This is what a Dem run society looks like,

missee doodle : Officer Deon Joseph? Huge props to you for being a man of love, compassion and understanding. Just imagine all the lives you've touched and changed over your years of service - and yours is a tough crowd, to say the very least. I couldn't do every day what you would be so hard for me. Thank you for your service. ☮🌻

fuzzk6 : I can hear this man talk for hours...

daniel corrales : ‘Criminals are emboldened because the relaxing of the laws’ ...libs running Cali in the ground.

gloria delgadillo : This is not only a good cop he is a good Man, he has my respect!

Alexander Adnan. B. : Respect to you sir. Definitely we are in need of more police officers like you...God Bless.

Scott Ballard : what a seemingly awesome police officer! Dollars on a donut he's a man of God.

594marco : He deserves a raise in pay. 👍


aaron rhodes : He should be the standard of character for all cops... believes in helping, not prosecuting!! Good officer keep up the honest work!!

That Guy : Good shit I would put my life on the line for this man anyday

C in AZ bwGHOWFBM Since 1993 : This cop has a heart of gold.

Joe Russo : Wow what an amazing human being that man is.. if we only had more people like him in the world

Joey Persinger : Dude seems like a real one. We need more of you man.

Gary Churchill : The outbreak of Thphoid is now prevalent (2019). This will unfortunately solve the problem. Nature has a very good way of alleviating problems.

JMC RSA : His not a good Cop, his a great man, thats the foundation

Flowmasta Flam : "Don't show my face because I'm an ex celebrity" gosh darn

Don Piper : That was hands down such an incredible video and very well done by the LA Times this police officer is truly making a difference in these people's lives in one way or another God bless him.

Vassal Colony : Toxic. Femininity. And Leftist policies. Breaking the backs of the people who can least afford it. While the elite who push these policies. Live in gated houses.

ogmius2001 : Can we clone that officer and put a million of them on the streets? what an inspiring guy. THANK YOU for your service officer Joseph

Pearnut : The lady is so scared lmao

Sam Hyde : Nice job, California. Keep voting for Democrats and socialism. I'm sure that will fix things right up.

7A : SKID ROW!! he's ON THE SKIDS!!!! that sxxxhole state wouldn't spend 1 bloody nickel on me. to hell with la/ca. to hell with them. curse them.