An LAPD Officer On A Friday Night On Skid Row | On the Streets Ep. 8
An LAPD Officer On A Friday Night On Skid Row On the Streets Ep 8

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LAPD Officer Deon Joseph takes Lisa Biagiottti on his nightly patrol of skid row, which he has walked for the last 18 years. Violent crime has escalated citywide, but on Joseph's beat, he says robberies are up 71%, aggravated assaults by 73% and rapes by 91%. Joseph canvasses Spring to San Pedro, from 3rd to 7th streets. Along the way, he discusses addiction, mental illness and the disastrous effects of a synthetic drug called Spice. He instructs a woman on how to stay safe on the streets, and he remembers the people who have died on his watch. ON THE STREETS is an ongoing video series on homelessness in Southern California In this video series, Lisa Biagiotti sets out to put faces to the statistics. But 'the homeless' are united only in that they have no place to live. She meets people on the streets, learns about their experiences and explores the issues they face. Biagiotti is collaborating with Times reporters and our data team to plot where to take her camera next. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS AND NEWS Watch/Read: LET'S CONNECT: Google+ ► Facebook ► Twitter ► L.A. Times ►