Seinfeld but instead of Jerry it's Barry B. Benson

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Trudermark : This editing Is something else.

Great-Bit Arcade : How did you get rid of Jerry?

Bluecore : How does this not have 1 Million views?

2067792332977602 : If I could I would pay millions to have the whole show edited like this.

Disgusted Dedede : Barry B. Beinfeld

Luiz Souza : What's the deal with great editing?

Bluecore : How does this not have 1 Million views?

Nardo Polo : Wow, you can even see Barry's reflection in the picture

Rattrap007 : Anyone notice Barry at the end is shaved? He is pink. Nice touch.

Loopy Longplays : I came expecting a lame bee picture covering Jerry's face, but this is amazing dude great editing job.

krammy9goggler : how does this have so few views? there's no justice in this world

darksupersonic1_ : Seriously how did you edit jerry out while not messing with the background?

Michael Pantzlaff : 1:36 the fact that you got his reflection on the picture in utterly amazing

Jomander : That was amazing

IdeaBox : Change the thumbnail to Kramer next to the bee, I feel like the thumbnail is keeping it from getting views.

[T://Grey_shift.]#.mp3 : Literally the only problem with the video is that Barry needs color correction to fit with the pallet of Seinfeld

ayyy__donkey : Seinfeld is actually really underrated.

Violet thebat : I can't BEE-lieve how legit this looks!!!😂😂😂

Jake DeBruin : It's Jerry b. Benson.

DeltaGem : All this honey is making me thirsty

Happy Birthday : Remember... it's not Jerry if you believe it

Traci Arnold : we need more of this

GoD Razz : How am I just finding this

Harry Ciphers : pretty convincing

Chicken Man : This is insane!!! I mean some of the masking isn't completely perfect but as a whole, this is like some big-budget shit. For real, I'm in shock. Excellent work.

Michael Dutton : But I don’t wanna be a bee

Vastra : This is godlike

Loopy Longplays : 1:14 Berry Bee has Jerry's reflection.. I always knew they were one and the same.

Phil Collins : Why was this recommended to me just now? Why didn't I discover this masterpiece as soon as this was uploaded on YouTube?

Nicholas Evans : thank you lord

RobDoesRips : Jazzy

The Widow's Son : It's a show about buzzing.

The Widow's Son : This could possibly be the pinnacle of human achievement.

Odis Dask : It's fuccing amazing

Arclamp : you should do more

The Cliffton : If you don't get rich off this video I'm honestly gonna be mad

AWSOMUS LATEST : Kramer talking to a bee🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

Ahmd Salih : Amazing work keep it up

d o n c h e e t o : 1:27 T H I C C E R

Brady Slimepoop : This is brilliant. We need more of this.

KamiJoJo : J E R R Y !

Meiji : I love this so much! I need more!

Pianimae21 : You should have, and you did. I approve.

shayne whydoihavetohavealastnamegoogle? : This is incredible

Pussy Demolition Inc. : Barry and Jerry ryme.

The Cliffton : You even got the reflection on the glass frame 1:37

The Cliffton : This is insanely incredible, it's a fucken crime that this doesn't have millions of views

UnderBreak : This is the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen.

The Cliffton : Better than cgi you see in million dollar movies

Lonesome Wandererr : This changes everything...