Green screen perfection
Crazy Green Screen Technology Hurricane Flooding Simulation

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Scott Herrboldt : TIL make sure you have a Big Wheel in case of hurricane

Willamasaurus : You need to get out of there girl!!

Robert Holder : The job requirement is being a waterbender

Good Luck : Pixar making news now?


hersheystaste4life : I don't need The Weather Channel when I have Frankie MacDonald from Nova Scotia.

eerereps : VFX by Michael Bay

Dennis X : Next Level Weather Report

Shifter : What do you mean green screen *That was 100% legit....*

Daniel Romero : +1 for unreal engine!

tobach : All you need is a hovervan

ShadowHunter 311 : this is amazing what may be capable of ar vr devices if a greenscreen can do this

DEEZLITAMV 炎 : this is amazing

Daniel Lalor : The holodeck is real!

pp3k07 : Didn't they already do this exact report but it was a man last time?

izul Ahmadd : Gilaaaaaaa keren njirrr... NET. NET. NET. Mana nih NET. Ayo doong buat konsep beritanya yg kek gini biar lebih segarr!!

Baggelis sonic : good enough try, the perspective is obviously not right but the effects are pretty good the water and car look almost real.

shazam : Not realistic enough: no Sharks, Giant Squids, Flying Cows or Pigs.

Tauntsauce : She's a wizard Harry!

Futuro Surf : magic

Let the fandom begin : 👌

Sebastian Chipantiza cobos : Que esta hablanod sobre un tsunami como una noticia jaj me gusta el green screen

Daniel Dawson : If the water gets to nine feet, it's too late to leave....

Rick vB : That is really awsome

Lichtblick : Nicht schlecht ^^

Ron Simons : She should be wearing her boots I think.

Sebastian Chipantiza cobos : Like si austedes tambien les gusta

Gilly : Glass Breaks

HIGH : deepfaked.

Kenny J : Second?

Strategia : Hello from Reddit!

Liana : this is called 3D not green screen

Beaux Riley : First

Masahiro Sakurai : She is a reincarnation of Moses

Gutbuster : 1:16 Tentacles?

Sgt Mash : turd

BossBeardMan : Even the weather report is fake.

Ernst Mayer : Hello Miss Moses....

Bullseye's Comic Books : Send her to the flood zone and put those Moses powers to work!