Dog's plan

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Insprired by god's plan and a comment on my last vid. At least we got enough prongles and bepis now for the next 100 years. lyrics: I been borkin' calm , don't start no trouble with me Tryna keep it peaceful is a struggle for me You know how I like it when you give me a treat Never trust a cat, they are our Enemies Don’t pull up at 6 AM to cuddle with me Or you'll making me very ANGERY Yes I see the things that they wishin' on me They gon' tell the story, tings were different with me Dog's Plan Dog's Plan I bork back, sometimes I don't I got big in japan, hey you won't I can dance just like Michael you know Even when I'm wearing a raincoat Just get me some good dog food you know Or I'm leaving you alone right now Bork Bork Leave any suggestions in the comments below for new meme songs. Subscribe to deathtrips and follow gabe the dog on facebook to remember him.

Comments from Youtube

Oof : *R.I.P Gabe* _May his borking live forever_

Noob Playz : dog is actually god backwards *M I N D B L O W N*

El dragon : Or I’m leaving you alone right now😂

Alpha Toothless : The perfect song doesn’t exi-

Cyranek : gabe lives on

Crystal Flights : You didn't do the 'she say do u love me' part. DAT would have been funny lmao😂😂😂

kiyah/ lol : Awwww that dog is sooo cute :33 I want a dog like that :3

KikiThatGamer SuCkS : This is so cute!!!!❤ Like if you think to! (If u wanna like)

L3 A : 0:16 i feel strange (ive had only cats in my whole life) (i prefer bepis over conk) (i like shibas)

Doctor Mlem : The feels.

Ale Esquivel : 0:17 😂🤣

DTK Rory madden : *she said so you love me, I tell her only partly, I only love my *bepis* and *borking* I’m sorry

Team Venom X : Might go down as *D.O.G.*

jakesgamerchannel and vlogs : R.I.P Gabe the dog Spell dog backwards he's with god

PugGirl Hills : RIP gabe, you might not be here right now, but you will stay in our hearts forever Thank you RL for bringing back gabe I cried through the whole video

Shaaky 115 : The ppl who disliked are dog hatters and cat lovers.

Ethan Miros : RIP gabe

Flufiiq&Cookii : This is better than nightcore..

purple_panda slays : Gods plan Dogs plan Even tho dog is god spelled backwards, lol!!! 😂

SirPixx : *We spent everything on prongles and bepis*

Mini Sven : He attacc He protecc But most important He can rapp

Golden Potato : R.I.P Gabe the dog may he Bork in heaven

PanosGreekGamer 9000 : What's the diferrence between god's plan and dog's plan? Nothing.

Flower Girl : Gabe makes me cry everytime... So Adorable... So Beautiful........

Breeze Weezy : She say do you love I tell her only partly I only love my ball and my owner I’m sorry

BaconAreFunJustLikeU : You know how I like it when u give me treat Never trust a cat their enemies 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Turtle Lover : Poor gabe died :( but yay more so cute

TheGamesGamer YT : The thumbnails's a reference to Skyrims dark brotherhood letter "We know".

Glitch : 1900: I bet there will be flying cars in the future!! 2018 Dog's Plan

Reon Baruah : Ooooooo it got real from 0:18

Wingman : Who is Memealchoolic! I am! R.I.P. Legend

Cliff Bigham : 🐶🐕 Actually, Gabe, you DID leave forever...

goonzie the goonie : I wonder if the odd ones out saw this XD (also R.I.P Gabe)

BraceFaceAngel : This made my dogs start barking😂😂

Becky Mosher : Gods plan is keeping alive but no R.I.P Puffer


First name Second name : Dog spelled backwards is GOD so basically this had no difference

Dayofthedaleks152 : Why do we need rap when we got Dogbeat

Ava Elizabeth : This is my point in life. I Bork back sometimes I don’t. Yuh.

Nite Ryder : Dogs plan Is to eat bepis and be *H A P P*

nameer hoque : I be drinking and drinking Bepis all day long Gabe’s plan Gabe’s plan…… I WANT HIM BACK

Jordan Gamer : Gabe will keep borking in heaven :C

NOBLE 1 : R.I.P Gabe keep borking in heaven 😞😇

fantasic avuntures : I don't wanna Bork for them to miss me rip Gabe

Michelle Lumpkins : Gabe starts with a G so instead a Drake how about Grake

America Ball : Dog backwards is god.... Illuminati are you here?

Xxpenguin and coconutxX Carreno : DOGS PLAN is better then gods plan

Natalie Alfera : Keep uploading. This is some quality content