Dog's plan

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Cyranek : gabe lives on

El dragon : Or I’m leaving you alone right now😂

NOBLE 1 : R.I.P Gabe keep borking in heaven 😞😇

renaldo forde : God backwards is dog...

Oof : *R.I.P Gabe* _May his borking live forever_

Doctor Mlem : The feels.

Phoenix Achillobator 87 : The perfect song doesn’t exi-

Shaaky 115 : The ppl who disliked are dog hatters and cat lovers.

kiyah/ lol : Awwww that dog is sooo cute :33 I want a dog like that :3

Ninja : Dogs are god best freind god had

Hexagonian : *i bork back sometimes i don't*

液哀下Feel the breeze : Doctor: you have 58 seconds to live Me: **watches this**

Cookie&Fluff drawingz : This is better than nightcore..

Ale Esquivel : 0:17 😂🤣

Gato Fofo : dog is actually god backwards *M I N D B L O W N*

2x.Glitch : 1900: I bet there will be flying cars in the future!! 2018 Dog's Plan

KikiThatGamer SuCkS : This is so cute!!!!❤ Like if you think to! (If u wanna like)

Team Venom X : Might go down as *D.O.G.*

Nite Ryder : All dese guys... rapid liquid.... shibenation all pioneered a new dialect.... Doggonese

DTK Rory madden : *she said so you love me, I tell her only partly, I only love my *bepis* and *borking* I’m sorry

Natalie Alfera : Keep uploading. This is some quality content

jakesgamerchannel and vlogs : R.I.P Gabe the dog Spell dog backwards he's with god

Reon Baruah : Ooooooo it got real from 0:18

Ethan Miros : RIP gabe

Turtle Lover : Poor gabe died :( but yay more so cute

purple_panda slays : Gods plan Dogs plan Even tho dog is god spelled backwards, lol!!! 😂

kittyCool Cat : You didn't do the 'she say do u love me' part. DAT would have been funny lmao😂😂😂

Shreyashi Datta : Gabe makes me cry everytime... So Adorable... So Beautiful........

BraceFaceAngel : This made my dogs start barking😂😂

Stalka : That's a low budget but this is the best music video I've seen in my life

TheGamesGamer YT : The thumbnails's a reference to Skyrims dark brotherhood letter "We know".

Warrior Cats RBLX : The dislikers are *TIGERSTAR!* (Ima cat lover but this is beautiful!) *BORK*

Yummy yummy Entertainment : Sleep tight Gabe the dog rip 😱😨😢😭

There's no reason Natu / TheFlyingEpicDuck : Is it bad I watch this daily now

SolarPlayz : *your boi Gabe back with another godroll song*

Michelle Lumpkins : Gabe starts with a G so instead a Drake how about Grake

HydroHarp : Gabe’s plan

Nite Ryder : Dogs plan Is to eat bepis and be *H A P P*

Lil_Potato 1 : *DO NOT TRUST CATS!!!!* 👍👍👍👍

SirPixx : *We spent everything on prongles and bepis*

- Jonna Sad - : This makes me wanna meet this dog 😂 🖐

Expensive Ghost : A dog's life in a nutshell.

Criss Colmenares : God backwards is always DOG

Jude P : You changed the words lol

Al Horn : *... A R T 🧐*


Minecraftpro 101 : Rip Gabe the dog:(

Fortnite Cube : God's plan to Dog's plan

Snowy Dogs : Plz do a video of minecraft borking doggos

Cebastian Wells : Gabe’s plan