Dog's plan

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Doctor Mlem : The feels.

El dragon : Or I’m leaving you alone right now😂

NOBLE 1 : R.I.P Gabe keep borking in heaven 😞😇

renaldo forde : God backwards is dog...

fangirl : Way better than the official 💕

Cyranek : gabe lives on

Dat Boi : Dogs are god best freind god had

Kiyah B : Awwww that dog is sooo cute :33 I want a dog like that :3

Shaaky 115 : The ppl who disliked are dog hatters and cat lovers.

Duper SG : She say do you love me I tell her only parsley i only love my bork and my bepis I'm sorry bepis dub I even got it tattooed on me 69 I bring the bepis to the party ay you know me turn the Pepsi to the bepis dog

Hexagonian : *i bork back sometimes i don't*

Phoenix Achillobator 87 : The perfect song doesn’t exi-

Ale Esquivel : 0:17 😂🤣

Team Venom X : Might go down as *D.O.G.*

jakesgamerchannel and vlogs : R.I.P Gabe the dog Spell dog backwards he's with god

Stalka : That's a low budget but this is the best music video I've seen in my life

Jasmin S : Keep doing this!! *Btw that dog is so dank*

Oof : *R.I.P Gabe* _May his borking live forever_

BraceFaceAngel : This made my dogs start barking😂😂

Ethan Miros : RIP gabe

Cebastian Wells : Gabe’s plan

Gamer pug : Poor gabe died :( but yay more so cute

#Cøøkie&Fłuff AJ : This is better than nightcore..

Gato Fofo : dog is actually god backwards *M I N D B L O W N*

AzziPi : Gabe Is Not Dead, He Lives In Us Heart.

Natalie Alfera : Keep uploading. This is some quality content

Oof : This is so sad can we bork

With_ Ash : Doctor: you have 58 seconds to live Me: **watches this**

sarahspears513 : This should come to iTunes immediately

moonlight Amberly : I wonder if the odd ones out saw this XD (also R.I.P Gabe)

SirPixx : *We spent everything on prongles and bepis*

UltimateGaming 9000 : What's the diferrence between god's plan and dog's plan? Nothing.

Oof : Owners say they love me, I tell them only "ARF ARF!" I only love my memes and my Borking, I'm sorry

kittyCool Cat : You didn't do the 'she say do u love me' part. DAT would have been funny lmao😂😂😂

Elizabeth Carreno : DOGS PLAN is better then gods plan

2x.Glitch : 1900: I bet there will be flying cars in the future!! 2018 Dog's Plan

Reon Baruah : Ooooooo it got real from 0:18

DRK Rory Madden : *she said so you love me, I tell her only partly, I only love my *bepis* and *borking* I’m sorry

Carrie Fulkerson : Sleep tight Gabe the dog rip 😱😨😢😭

Caed and BenStudios : Finally a rap song that's actually good and i Caed don't like rap noice😎

MissNoNameシ : Girl got slapped by a cat😂😂

charlie turnbull : Rest in peace gabe. I loved you like my own dog. Rest in peace gabe

TheGamesGamer YT : The thumbnails's a reference to Skyrims dark brotherhood letter "We know".

Underfell Samantha : Gabe and Piano Cat will share their meme talents to the angels

SolarPlayz : *your boi Gabe back with another godroll song*

purple_panda slays : Gods plan Dogs plan Even tho dog is god spelled backwards, lol!!! 😂

Doge the racer : Its god but in reverse thus dog's plan was born

Kinnies8 : Day boii had to much chimkem nuggers.

10mil subs no content : She said rub your tummy I tell her only partly I only love my treats and my leash I’m sorry.

Shawnie Playz : She said do you love me I tell her only partly I only love my bed and my loud borks I'm sorry