Wedding in the Sky - Spacenet Slackline Wedding 400 Feet in the Air! With Red Hot Chili Peppers song

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裸奔的武大郎 : recommended by 信誓蛋蛋

Jesse Conlan : What an amazing video! Kim did an epic job editing this! I really wish I could have been there! This seems like the most fun and amazing wedding and party all around! Great music too. Definitely captures the wedding beautifully.

Paul H. : Why has this so few views 😱 The video is amazing!

darwin yu : recommended by 信誓蛋蛋

Bobby Khan : Wow wow wow very very sweet and beautiful

jp mcgarrell : That song was one of the special songs at my wife and mines wedding. Thank you for sharing yours. ❤️

Juan B : hermoso!!.. mi banda favorita es red hot chili peppers y mi sueño es conocer el gran cañón. Pero debo admitir que ustedes tuvieron una idea genial al elegir ese combo perfecto para su boda!!.. Muy original!!!.. saludos desde Argentina.

万象森罗 : 信誓旦旦

jichen wen : 信誓旦旦来的在哪😂😂

BiXis : maaan i cant even go to other poeple weddings anymore cause i will find it boring *sight* :D

Rhianna Peterson : I Love her dress!!! 😍😍 Any chance you know the designer of the dress your wife wore? Or if it was her ancestors?

ChiNiese : Absolutely beautiful and incredible wedding!!!

Антон Иванов : This is awesome) Congrats from Russia!

Wong Elaine : I come from xinshidandan Omg this wedding is so amazing and special! This video deserves more views!!!

Luke Zhu : Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZEXING WU : wow, wonderful, i am a fan of 信誓蛋蛋. highline walking is so amazing, i love those videos!

逸宏 : recommended by xINSHIDANDAN~ is amazing, I love those videos!

Chang Ruki : By信誓蛋蛋

Karen Dugan : Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are amazing.

Bright Chu : fantastic. best wishes

monkeydude3987 : Super cool final cut with video and music, I'm scared to death of heights like this but can appreciate all the love and passion that went into this wedding.  May you have many years together!! :-)

超激情先生Yo!! : 哇!

letmefeelthevibes : Beautiful! And this dress..! <3 <3 <3

Bobby Khan : Congratulations

devin brown : Congrats! Looked like an amazing wedding!!

Markus Kiuru : Nice One :) You got the nicest wedding in the desert. Gongrats again :)