DJI - Meet the RoboMaster S1
DJI just released the toy I wish I had as a child

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The RoboMaster S1 is DJI’s advanced new educational robot that opens the door to limitless learning and entertainment. Develop programming skills, get familiar with AI technology, and enjoy thrilling FPV driving with games and competition. From young learners to tech enthusiasts, get ready to discover endless possibilities with the RoboMaster S1. Subscribe: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Website:


Kohn Kyriakou : (Kid) " It's my turn dad!" (Dad) " Go to your room"

Yanchen Shi : Trump: ban it for National Security reasons

Geo's Corner : I ask my dad that I want to have a Robomaster. My dad told me to ask my mom to request for two. 😁

W ZY : Trump: that’s cool! US Officials: wait DJI is a Chinese company. Trump: ah shit here we go again Next day, DJI Banned in the US: national security threat.

Gas Nova : Trump:umm……catch the DJI CEO‘s daughter

DrFlox : Ok you convinced me. Now I wanna have kids.

Spencer Martin : Canada please don’t kidnap the founder’s daughter this time...

Martin Lu : “I am going to buy it for my kids.” “Wake up Martin,you don’t have a girlfriend.”

BlooD V2 : For 1 Stand ($999) you get 2 RoboMaster($998) with an extra $1 for a cup of coffee at McDonald! That's a good deal !

HUAWEI : *_Gopro Has Left The Chat For The 4th Time._*

Bashir Sfar : At 1:02 I was impressed because the math was done correctly; HOWEVER, the physics is incorrect. When solving for the force, he was solving for the frictional force which is backwards to the force that will actually propel the object. He should have solved for the force by doing F(net) = ma F-F(friction)= ma F-F(friction) a = --------------------- m So the end point is that the final/maximin velocity that will be achieved is a formula that's too complicated for me to type on mobile. Not to mention that's only if the object revives a constant force the whole time. I just had to be that nerd to point that out 👍

Chris S. : OMG!! It costs less than The Mac stand from Apple!!

Alsaud Manalao : This Thing is for genius only But whenever I get this'll thing *getbrokebecauseofmud*

Bluce Joker : DJI, be careful. Trump is watching u!

666demonknight666 : This is one genuine Chinese tech company that can be very proud on its achievements. No copycat no fakes. I will buy this for sure. Well done DJi

J J : Obviously I don't need this, but you're damn right I'm going to buy it

lixzx007 : US:this is the most advance robots you can buy on the market! DJI : hold my drone.

21stCenturyNigeria : $1000 monitor stand apple users: gimme gimme !!!! $500 programmable shooting robot with computer vision ai apple users: :o

지붕위에dog : kid: please~~ buy it for me asap dad: No~~ after i buy mavic 3

Laurent Delvigne : I think this will be "hacked" as a super advanced dolly for their cameras/DSLR :-) Congrats DJI !

MrDragonfyr : I love DJI My wallet doesn't love DJI

David Lau : Trump: it is stolen from US

Boyka駿 : Did anyone find it? The size of this thing is doubled, which is a great weapon of war.

The Way Of The Geek : Oh, well. Who doesn't have the money to buy this? Please don't make me feel lonely... :(

李三月 : Trump: Is this a Chinese product? It can attack the shoes of the American people! I want to ban it!

Gavin Zeng : Buy two before it became a national security threat!

saft nagoya : Dji: meet robomaster! My neighbours: *wtf is shooting my house!?*

FPV FREAKY : I can see pets having a bad time with these cool toy robots with guns. 🙀🔫


studio infinitys : Omg ! Maths + physics+ coding how can 😑😴☹️

Leon Song : careful, USA will say you are national security problem

HGST : ok DJI, now put a gel blaster on a flying drone then we talk

Russian Bear : $ 500? I think it's a good price

813Productions : DJI: Advanced Warfare kids edition

Lordown anglo : Everytime I'm like trying to save money, dji drops a new reveal video dafaq

User MrTonmai : Could you build R6S Twitch's drone in the future :)

天山兔兔 : Trump: Is it Chinese? White House official: Yes. Trump: Is it nice and cool? White House official: Yes. Trump: Do we have something like this made in the PROUD USA? White House official: ....... Trump: they sold toy chariots to Iran. White House official: Yes. Trump:Let's ban it. it's time to catch CEO of DJI.

A Fun Guy Named Kawhi : Apple: we just made a grand stand. DJI: hold a pair of my Robomaster.

Thamindu kavinda : This is the most amazing piece of Tec in year 2019

Alistair Razi : From now on every single innovation will come from China.

Dee Mah : Son: Dad, please buy me one of this. Dad: Ask your mom buy two.

Joel Robert Justiawan : DJI now joins the educational robotic industry! Might add Osmo to it.

ShotBySkoot Production : What hell is this, you guy are making toys now fix your app, customers service, and drone camera before you guys try to come out with this

Virender Singh : This is the best robot I have ever seen. It is limitless with programming your OWN MOVES.

Laurent Delvigne : Look out Lego (and others), DJI is coming ! :-)

Rahul Pandey : Cool but i would still prefer the BEYBLADES 😂🤘

Anthony Tan : Trump: this is a spy machine

E#iK_PoD_KoKCoM : My wallet: **chuckles** i'm in danger

D4ny : Just to make sure, ive check the the date if it was ulpoaded april 1st. But no 🙂