Salvador Santana & Carlos Santana Performing The National Anthem At Game 4 of the 2014 World Series

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Brandon Slack : must admit it that's a small flag

André Luiz Queiroz Silva : Brasil Rio de Janeiro Carlos Santana e Salvador Santana. Da pra perceber o respeito tocando ao fundo da alma e coração.

icee4567 : he adds the smoothest notes

nsc217 : This is good and Carlos tweaked the melody which was nice. KWS has best version so far

iekoom : Dang - that is good!

Cesar Torres : The more big of México

Diana Holliday Holliday : i had my hand over my heart and silently sang along with such pride my heart explodes with love in hearing this!!! <3

Esteban Carrillo : viva mejico

Jorge Saavedra : hummmmmmmmm sin comenarios

BluesLicks101 : Beautiful!

T. Levi H. : Carlos looks proud of his son at the end. Awesome.

betosantana Canela12345 : genial!

xkalivasx : Nice one!


Joe Mata : Awesome father&son jamming!!!

Brother EDEN Douglas : Very cool indeed !!