Salvador Santana & Carlos Santana Performing The National Anthem At Game 4 of the 2014 World Series

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Maribel Cervantes : Beautiful! Doesn’t this make you want to tear or cry?! It touches your soul. I’m Mexican from Birth but Became a USA Citizen right after high school. Man I love this country and this Anthem. It gives me chills it’s so beautiful. I’m a proud Mexican American. That it saddens me that till this day African Americans and Hispanics are still being part of Racism. I have a dream .. that one day it’ll all be over that everyone In this diverse country will be treated equally !! We are all one diverse country and that is why we are powerful and so beautiful!! God bless America and everyone who is diverse. It’s such a privilege to hear the anthem by a fellow Mexican American ! viva Santana !!!

Brother EDEN Douglas : Very cool indeed !!

André Luiz Queiroz Silva : Brasil Rio de Janeiro Carlos Santana e Salvador Santana. Da pra perceber o respeito tocando ao fundo da alma e coração.

icee4567 : he adds the smoothest notes

Brandon Slack : must admit it that's a small flag

nsc217 : This is good and Carlos tweaked the melody which was nice. KWS has best version so far

Joe Mata : Awesome father&son jamming!!!

xkalivasx : Nice one!

Cesar Torres : The more big of México

Diana Holliday Holliday : i had my hand over my heart and silently sang along with such pride my heart explodes with love in hearing this!!! <3

Esteban Carrillo : viva mejico

iekoom : Dang - that is good!

T. Levi H. : Carlos looks proud of his son at the end. Awesome.

gerardo segu : Lo peor que puede hacer un latino, cantar ese himno nacional bañado en sangre de inocentes y portar ese uniforme militar de asesinos!

Jorge Saavedra : hummmmmmmmm sin comenarios

betosantana Canela12345 : genial!

BluesLicks101 : The Yamaha SG gave Carlos his BEST voice ever. Wish he'd dump that damned PRS, sounds like its covered in dust.