Kyle Bent - Gucci Gang (Remix)

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Kyle Bent : New fans, comment "Gucci Gang" 🔥 and where you from...

Cruxal : Such a good idea, and some fire ass bars. To the top you go.

arbiter5100 : Damn this dude was legit spitting. This was way better than Pump's Gucci Gang.

S Mac : When every other person rides this beat better than lil pump lol

john Smith : Unironically better than the original

homerboy12345 : This actually go hard

ethan : lmao dude said "ur not allowed in here"

lol xD : “If Gucci Gang was a good song” is a better title.

Prodbymo : This bruh got bars no lie saw this on suggested. and I listened to your old stuff! You underrated.. but smart idea for this video! Hope you see success

fl o : 4.4k views as I comment

Tristan : Isn't it a shame real talent usually gets ignored nowadays

mike davidson : Hell Yea! This is how it's done! Clean edits, nothing broke in the store and song hits hard! 👏

SeanDinanTV : Here b4 this goes viral I want a collab with Kyle🔥🔥🔥 this too lit

James Baunach : This went hard. 6.4K now, 1 million countdown is on.

Sevay : 0:59 Security: I got you on camera now Don’t worry we got you too LMAO😂😂😂

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry : Today: "Im calling the cops" Tomorrow : (Gucci sales start booming)"Im calling Kyle Bent"

Shawn Tross : This is the video that Gucci gang should of had.

Lauren Biggerstaff : this is better than the original 🗣🗣🗣🗣🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

eronick : Here before this goes viral

g0t0d1e : actually better than the original. video a masterpiece

Luke P. : He's better than most actual contracted rappers

TOGOOD4U M8 : Who else came here cause of snapchat?

lightflix : This is better than the original.

MYTHIC : Who else saw this on Snapchat

Jonathan : Damn haha 12k views??? Here before viral

Julian Gonzalez : This is good way better than original

Trevor Gorji : Accidentally watched this on 1.2x but it was too fye

Addzj224 : Put this on Spotify👀


AkinloluDavid Diji : Complex need to put this up highly creative

Adi : This is raw af

GiustoProductions : Your new verses were straight fire. All you have to do now is write a decent hook and the whole song could be too. 😂

BASS TESTER 2004 : +1 before 10.000 views

The Modern Investor : That was the hoodest ish ive ever seen in my LIFE, you know all those white people clutched their pearls when they stormed in

Gr3y : This is *THE* Gucci Gang Remix

Fuck Yo Feelings : Kyle repping Boston the right wayyy🤙🏽👿🤧

The real mvp : This is nothin, yall remember when Famous dex and rich the kid filmed a whole video in the goyard store

KDEV : Kyle you crazy for this one 🔊🔊🔊

cruel : this really goes off

Jashneer Thind : This deserves way more views


Sienna Hyena : Ya'll need to chill. You for sure prolly made half the shoppers in this mall uncomfortable jumpin in they way and up in the store and shit. I hope you at least told em you was about to film.

Sarit Parida : This is the new type of upcoming music videos we want to see.

Lavar Ball : Kyles been slept on for so long he better blow up bc of this

Eli-akad : Thats funny as hell, they shouldve went back through the store

alexshinelikeme : I Been following kyle bent for a while Now, this dude’s gonna be big.

inspirepaul : This goes harder than a stone with legs 🔥

Andy Locher : better than the real one...

VeixxBeats : *_Holy shitt🔥🔥_*

[ALEX] : wow this is actually good