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Tristan Alvin : Hey Guys :) I've been experimenting with new sounds lately and just came up with this super chill track. Check it out and lemme know if you like it or not. I hope you Enjoy this

Mage Trapzz : Did I just have a stroke

EndingGamertag : what the fck just happened

sarcasm : dont you just love reading these comments and just know you high and they high too

Lupii Munozz : This is the scariest shit when high😂😂💀

Lili : Everyone's in the comments high assell

DylanXDyoung : It has a meaning, it's just hard to find because it's so deeply hidden

DeAja : i’m watching this while high and i can definitely say this is illuminati confirmed, hella symbolism going on in this video. stay woke for the culture.

Bodacious Tug : This is how our universe is created, and how we believe it came to be. Drugs are like matrix. When you're high you see how the world really is. this video is what the high people see as normal story on how it all came to be, but sober people don't understand it. Governments ban drugs because they want us to not know the truth on how the world is. They are evil puppets used by an unholy puppet master. Like if you understand the truth

Zach H : I have no earthly idea what is happening but when I’m sober I’ll watch it and understand everything Edit: so I’m not high anymore and this still makes no fucking sense

Emily Crespo : It’s 2018 and I’m tripping on acid my turtle keeps moving he stopped his name is pig and I sat for like an hour in my bathroom. I saw things on the wall with eyes. Canes is good I smell chicken like he’s moving again

Julia ZeDi : ”this is a warning that without Obama we will be destroyed by robots”

Zach Q : Dude have you ever thought about your dreams sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming but also living someone else’s life just looking through there perspective

LoveCanConquerAnything : Have you ever been able to understand something and just not know how to explain what you understand, because I understand this, just can't explain how. This is beautiful I'm high lol

Jackson Blissett : Bruh this is creepy af when you’re high

Ashley : This made me cry like twice, it's depressing, but lord, it should win an award for how fucking beautifully it's made. Seriously, so much talent.

Matthew Seven : I need to stop freaking the fark out

Muhammad Ali : I thought my heart was about to explode. I had to get up and start pacing back and forth, while doing breathing exercises. Lol

Hazz : Watching this while sober seems sooo stupid but while watching while you're high af it shows a message...weird

Josh Ojeda : I'm tripping so hard on acid rn like if ur tripping with me

A P E : politics and religion go by the same system, spread their influence and control.

lokmane_ DZ : This is literally day of judgment

Brennan Ditter : Goioooodmanmn. This vid is LowKey creepyy tbh . !

lyricman nixon : im stoned but why did you bring jesus in to this ?

Noah O'Donnell : Oh my bucking god I love this

Captain Steveo : This is someone's real life dream...

Citlali Rosales : I’m high rn and this shit is scary and my heart is in my head rn wtf and it’s night time and I’m questioning life at the same time

Duhastmeine Nämenichtlernen : Take the images metaphorically, the first few scenes are obviously 9/11, this whole video was based on the idea that the age of the apocalypse is coming, you see jesus’ 2’nd coming and not to mention the hindu god of destruction.

Andrea Paola : i forgot i saw this when i was high and i woke up the next day thinking about obama and jesus. I thought i went crazy lmao

chuck samuel : O my gooooooooood it actually worrrrrrrksss😱

NickWorldwide : I'm so baked I can't process this

Mr steal yo Girl : When you watch this sober it’s weird af

Aaliyah Mark : Man I watched this while high and it felt like the longest video in the world. I didn’t even know what was happening that shit is trippyyy

Nathan Clayton : Just leavin my mark while super baked man yeaaaaa. Lol i sound so white. I really got a test tomorrow that if i don't pass i don't graduate. But instead of studying i decided to get high..... GREAT priorities😁😂🤔😫😢😭😴

Vanessa Rubio : This video made realize, that god is the real devil,& the devil was trying to protect us from him this whole time!...... Don’t judge me I’m high lol

Exotic Stormx : 4:48 - 4:50 😍👀💦 I'm joking.

lokmane_ DZ : When your high its sooo intrestin but then when ur not it just looks like a bunch of bs

Solar Lucky : I understand Religon is to blame for everything when Jesus woke up humanity was gone it was too late...

Dragoon Gamer : it worked to boost my high im iboost=500x

Brittnee Beadles : I always , always watch this when I trip on acid so I decided to watch it high & im scared af for some reason😂

Jordy Blackbourn : Man like this comment if you watching this while being high as a kite

Babe Yareni : Who be watchin cuz we on some high shit rn 😂

Mason Ashton. : Did I just see George Washington become Obama or is that just me rn

Emma Newhouse : Im too high for this

ace gammared : Woah bro. This low key has a deep meaning to it bro. Like it’s telling a story about something under all that Trippyness.

ItsYaBoiLeroy ! : it felt like it took me hours to finish this


Generalness : For any curious people, this video is about the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. The 'Main Character' that is seen floating with a canoe represents Jesus. At the beginning you see him with his eyes closed, feet on fire. This scene along with the scenes showing bad stuff happening, represent the sins of all of man. He looks in pain because he is actually in pain, he is being judged by God (Hence the fire at the feet) and taking our sins away, cleansing us (Hence the pain). At the end of the video, we see (What looks like) Jesus leaving behind the corrupt world (Even the church which represents corrupted religion)

I am your Mother do as I say : You should not put your brain through this much 😂

PickleJalapeno : Literally the first part is what I think when I’m high