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Tristan Alvin : Hey Guys :) I've been experimenting with new sounds lately and just came up with this super chill track. Check it out and lemme know if you like it or not. I hope you Enjoy this

Mage Trapzz : Did I just have a stroke

ICEGOD KAZZY : *You ever just looked at the ceiling and thought about how weird it would be if that was the ground?*

sarcasm : dont you just love reading these comments and just know you high and they high too

Zach H : I have no earthly idea what is happening but when I’m sober I’ll watch it and understand everything Edit: so I’m not high anymore and this still makes no fucking sense

Citlali Rosales : I’m high rn and this shit is scary and my heart is in my head rn wtf and it’s night time and I’m questioning life at the same time

Ashley : This made me cry like twice, it's depressing, but lord, it should win an award for how fucking beautifully it's made. Seriously, so much talent.

Ash Kruger : Damn, Grandma’s titties were out and everything

LoveCanConquerAnything : Have you ever been able to understand something and just not know how to explain what you understand, because I understand this, just can't explain how. This is beautiful I'm high lol

Generalness : For any curious people, this video is about the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. The 'Main Character' that is seen floating with a canoe represents Jesus. At the beginning you see him with his eyes closed, feet on fire. This scene along with the scenes showing bad stuff happening, represent the sins of all of man. He looks in pain because he is actually in pain, he is being judged by God (Hence the fire at the feet) and taking our sins away, cleansing us (Hence the pain). At the end of the video, we see (What looks like) Jesus leaving behind the corrupt world (Even the church which represents corrupted religion)

FamousDyland Vlogs : Aye y'all I'm scared asf rn

DylanXDyoung : It has a meaning, it's just hard to find because it's so deeply hidden

Bradz06 : The tv has taken control of our minds and it is now our mouth and representation. The goat represents the devil and the head is moving to hypnotize us, but instead of 666 between his horns he has a bar code which gives the representation that humans are just a number. The first guy was bush who turns into obama because they are the same in policy and intention. They speak about nothing, look like a different person but are exactly the same. There was the part one of the twin towers were on fire than falling as someone jumping off the next cliff simulated someone jumping from the tower. Obama is crying as he is locked away in a prison. One girl has an apple and she is the only one with food while the empty faceless people represent the kids lost to starvation. The girl refuses to eat in potest and stands with the lost children. She gives up the value (being the apple) and a shoe stops the fruit in its own circle to symbolize redistribution to those who go with the establishment ( expensive dress shoe stops the apple) The severed flag represents broken and divided america. Bin Laden is spilling blood represented in next clip. The all seeing eye has taken control and claim over the youth of the country from the moment they are born. And the serpent also represents the devil. From the roots of egypt the god Horus paves the way for the concept and birth of Jesus. Jesus also has the all seeing eye representing the illuminati or elites having control on the narrative of religion. A serpent ( Satanist or the devil going around the unborn baby symbolizing control. There are a lot more but I will leave it at that.

Olivia Larsen : Is everyone else tripping balls too?

lokmane_ DZ : When your high its sooo intrestin but then when ur not it just looks like a bunch of bs

StarlightKY : This video made me forget how to breathe. I felt stuck and trapped. I kept falling and felt like I was buried under sand in the end.

Emma Newhouse : Im too high for this

Colin Morgan : Take the images metaphorically, the first few scenes are obviously 9/11, this whole video was based on the idea that the age of the apocalypse is coming, you see jesus’ 2’nd coming and not to mention the hindu god of destruction.

Amiah Valdez : me and my friends watched this right after we smoked weed i thought i was living in this video

lokmane_ DZ : This is literally day of judgment

Outlaws : Is that George Bush

Mr steal yo Girl : When you watch this sober it’s weird af

Gairick : i understood what happened in video while on high. i hope its right but dunno(i writing this on weed) there was a teacher dancing at school...then there were gods. yes a lot of gods. the one i could reckon are, Jesus Christ (christianity), Ma Kali (hindu), lord Shiva(hindu), Lord Buddha (buddhism). ma kali was dancing over a ice berg that was lord shiva. but maybe he was portrayed as bad guy or something IDK WHY. crhist was like on a snake boat flying something while his heart was burning maybe. then we crossed the ice berg it worked and everyone won. buddha was dancing... sorry if i get anything wrong, i dont mean to mock you behalf of your religion. we call this a joint efae fae f fe

Vanessa Rubio : This video made realize, that god is the real devil,& the devil was trying to protect us from him this whole time!...... Don’t judge me I’m high lol

Jordy Blackbourn : Man like this comment if you watching this while being high as a kite

Boy With a Pipe : This can't possibly be the original date this video was put on youtube. I remember specifically my sister showing me this in 2013 just a week before I got high for the first time. Then I got high and understood what it meant, I remember the SAME title tho wtf. Mandela effect

dsean jarrett : Finished this and don’t remember what I just watched...Do know that this was some of the scariest shit I’ve seen...

White Girls are my Kryptonite ✔️ : I close my eyes for 2 minutess and I open them and I’m in the skies of Pluto-38 surrounded by glowing turtles and muffin shaped mini orca. I will be saved by strawberries created through means of photosynthesis. Strawberries. So many strawberries.

Private Domino : Who else watching this rn You won't get it unless your high

EndingGamertag : what the fck just happened

The Trapper : What if all religions are connected together and they form as one at the end of times to praise a single god.

xBlueOceanWavex : The goat at the beginning was cute. The rest just scared me.

Juan Antonio Cruz : HOPE EVERYONE CAN SEE THIS!!!!!! ( please if your going to say negative things Im really hoping you take this serious bc its very long to explain and a lot of people may have many thought and questions tho but I’m being fr with this tho) I’m going to explain what’s this about and why’s it’s TRUE. So has anyone heard of the “jehová witness” and why this relates to this video... well to begin with, I my self “used to be one” and so what was taught to us is that, as life goes on life will continue, but in the Bible says *at the end of time, there will be people in love with (basically anything that has to do with worldly so call, normal, common things that people in which we see nowadays)— government meeting with new government to seek peace— which we see Donald trump doing — men sleeping with men/ women sleeping with women will be common—which we see nowadays— weather changes that will happen all over the world more common— we see that nowadays— people that will trade love for money will be money lovers— wee see that really common—now this part is hard to explain bc after wee see all this happening now, *tribulation* will start, hunger, people eating their children, sky’s full of meat eating birds will eat people body’s that will be laying outside— government going against false religion meaning the jehová witnesses will be the last ones to be not called a false religion, so the whole world which is Satan’s world the ruler of our world that’s why it’s is how it is right now, will go against the jehová witnesses, and that’s when Jesus will destroy Satan’s world and all its government and false religion. And the new world will be created by, jehová God. And forever will live the jehová witnesses. Idk bout you or whoever is reading this but better act sooner or later... I’m starting to get second thoughts in going back in the religion.. I don’t want to die in this world I’d rather live for a god that created us with love and that will let us live forever. The Prophecies are REAL, how is the Bible, an ancient book tells us what’s gonna happen if we don’t follow the right path. We’ve got to start waking up an spread the word.

Junior Nieto : 1:52 Bush did 9/11 😞💔

Ryan Reilley : its 3am and i forgot to bring water im baked and mouth so dry like if you experience the same

no one 15 : Chicken strips are good for the bones

Bailey Embrick : Ok so an Egyptian boat featuring the head of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death, flows down the river styx into hades, the Greek underworld ruled by hades, Greek god of the dead. Carrying Jesus h Christ of nazareth son of virgin Mary and Joseph the lord gods physical embodiment. Into the pits of some sort of limbo, presumably after Christ was crucified, there he saw other gods such as the Hindu god of destruction Shiva. After taking a ride through this Jesus came out of Satan and was in paradise. The video is iconic. The lord died for our sins thus he experienced death and the underworld and the weight of our sins. That was Anubis, hades, and shiva his way of understanding our sins. Death eternity destruction. I’m high af.

Matthew Seven : I need to stop freaking the fark out

Buski : I'm high af and these comments funny💀

ItsYaBoiLeroy ! : it felt like it took me hours to finish this

Emily Matarazzo : why does this video make me feel so clean and fresh ~relaxed~ damn i was high af when i commented this i don’t even remember

Matthew Moersdorf : It actually worked thx so much this is amazing😂

MajorYapper7 : I’m high asf rn and I’m understanding this as Busch 9/11 since the old guy is being controlled by an evil force declaring to takedown the twin towers so they can go to war with Iraq for oil,

Aniyah Richardson : I watched this the other day while i was high, till this day i still feel high lol💀

Marcial Cornier : *stoned friend turns and looks at me* "Jesus did 9/11"

Ayumi Ito : I got it till the 9/11 part but the rest wtf

a white man once said : I’m gonna have nightmares

Carol Baker : What tf did i just watch. This not good for my high ass😂😂

jackbarron2000 : Ahhh wtf anyone else got a burning in their stomach

Cris Hernandez : In the beginning it shows a goat locked in a box surrounded by a barbed wire prison with what you can see in the background looks like others also in boxes almost like a goat prison. In the bible, Jesus stated he would separate His sheep to the right and the stubborn goats to the left to be damned for eternity come judgement day. This is a very important symbol for the rest of the video and notice the barcode on the goat's forehead symbolizing the goat is a prisoner of his own economy. The next part of the video shows evil hands holding former president Goerge W. Bush's puppet strings. Notice the ring on the left hand and the symbol it is. Midway in, the puppet strings disappear, this means that while the devil's hands play a part in one's behaviors and decisions, it is still a matter of freedom of choice. As soon as the puppet strings disappear the president becomes lost and confused and almost seems like he has no idea where he is or where what he had gotten himself into. He then transforms into Obama who comes on with a smile and wink he is displayed in a diploma and is portraying that he is basically everything society was asking for after the Bush presidency. The little blonde girl holding the apple portrays the last bit of hope left for humanity lies in the children, notice how the children in the shadows behind her are already covered in barbed wire showing they have already been lost to the wickedness and corruption. When the little girl sighs and drops the apple, that shows when humanity will truly hit "rock bottom". That's when the apple breaks open and the lotus flower appears. The reason why Obama starts sweating when he sees the flower is because the lotus flower represents the coming of the messiah. You will see this flower again at the end of the video as Jesus treads water on the Egyptian kayak he leaves behind lotus flowers in his path. When Obama sees the lotus flower he knows what it means, the camera then pans out to show the reality of our world today and the total destruction and devastation that corruption and greed has caused, notice the "twin towers" that come down. The person connected by the brain represents us today, if you focus on his eyes it shows he's just watching a bunch of headlines "markets plunge". It's all showing that the chaos being created is over an illusion and the economy and money control everyone. The tv screen keeps yelling in his brain and he's so succumbed to it shows the fetus trapped in it's clutch to show that we are enslaving all of the future generations to this mass slavery to money and debt which will only get worse. It shows Jesus throughout the video and this I completely think is open to interpretation, the way I see it is that everyone is waiting for some special character to come save them but is it possible this being is already among us and that's why Jesus's eyes are shown closed? It may symbolize that humanity is blind to him as his eyes stay shut throughout the video until the end when his eyes finally open. Notice how his third eye was open the entire video though. There is a lot of war symbolism. The Osama and his army building up, notice their black wings of death. Also the snippet with the african tribal looking people, the smaller "child" holding the gun is symbolic of the children being given guns to fight the wars raging throughout the continent.The girl waving her white surrender flag to stop wars and fight for peace is unfortunately greeted to a grimly fate as death taps on her back and surprises her. She lets her shoulders down in realization she has lost. The next part shows a cool "dimension" snip which shows that when Jesus finally gets to our dimension he will "blow" the truth out onto us.It shows him rising above humanity and that's when the guy unplugs from the tv screen and finally "wakes up" to what is going on around him. That's when Jesus finally reaches the end of the tunnel and you can see the lotus flowers he leaves behind possibly for those to follow him. Notice the pyramid on his forehead and the pyramids in front of him as he floats toward the sun, they get shot down by comets. I think the pyramids have something to do with the next return or the next coming possibly otherwise I have no idea what the connection may be.