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Tristan Alvin : Hey Guys :) I've been experimenting with new sounds lately and just came up with this super chill track. Check it out and lemme know if you like it or not. I hope you Enjoy this

Mage Trapzz : Did I just have a stroke

Juan Ortiz : The creature hands in the beginning controling the hat marionette style, is referring to what kind of people run the world nasty and horrible people, also the hands could be those of lizards or demons symbolizing that the devil runs the world which the elites are said to worship. Now bush is the puppet, he's tap dancing as if putting on a show, he got skills which most elites do in the way they fool us having us believe they're not doing anything evil. Also the way he acts being paranoid, nervous, like he's on drugs and is not all there. He's under mind control then turns into Obama, although being from different administrations theyre working towards the same agenda. The class is us. Class setting signifying learning and education only feeding us what they want. Remember the tap dancing and how his whole act. It was useless as if what the schools teach children is useless. The other people in the room were all basic and the same all under the same spell. Except the girl one last person with hope, she was either an innocent girl with no sign of evil in her, or she was the teacher pet hoping to be an exception from everyone else. But in the end all hope is lost for her and drops the apple. But the apple opens up and stems come out there's always hope not being expected Obama just froze like wtf. Obviously the twin towers showing this is America stuck in a frozen death land. The flag could be a divided america. Or that no one has pride in this country and respect for it. The destruction of statue of liberty is easy we aren't truly free. The media is a snake feeding us false information and forcing it into our brains. the baby in the egg is simple we're pretty much under their control even before birth go to school and get a job buy stuff and pay taxes. The dude with the the hammer was sinking into the goo like if he worked until he died. The women is filled with sorrow because her child is dead due to man misusing resources for war or campaigning instead of taking care of human life. The person untying the string on the child is referring to child abuse. The little girl is trying to stand against the tanks but the skeleton dude symbolizes death and evil and he's like there's no use in trying, chaos is gonna reign no matter what. Also he's having fun with it as if higher powers use the world as playing grounds they control everything and enjoy creating chaos. Jesus eyes are closed as if meditating in that state nothing can hurt him and as long as he believes and does not give in into any negative thoughts or feelings he will be fine through darkness, famine, and destruction (Psalms 23) the fish literally jumped into his boat so there's no worry just gotta focus on your mission or goals. In the end The is the truth will come to light and set you free. This video can be disected to find many meanings and symbolism.

Buski : I'm high af and these comments funny💀

ohangeesy : who else on an edible rn ?

Private Domino : Who else watching this rn You won't get it unless your high

Ashley : This made me cry like twice, it's depressing, but lord, it should win an award for how fucking beautifully it's made. Seriously, so much talent.

nutter butter : Is .. is everything ok? I'm so scared right now. This dab has me on the third demension

Ricson's : this really doesn't boodst your high, its rather gonna give ya psychotic episodes and psychosis lmao

dalton nonya : Dude the title was not kidding when it said boosts your high

Matea Jozic : merry xmas my high friends

ICEGOD KAZZY : *You ever just looked at the ceiling and thought about how weird it would be if that was the ground?*

Alpha Seeker : For those wondering the video is an art project designed to illustrate the end of the world with the anti Christ coming and causing the end of times

Edan Chavez : The beginning with the presidents deadass freaked me tf out

Matthew M. : I must've watched this video 10 times over the last few months. And every time at the beginning I tell myself to remember those creepy witch/puppeteer hands @ 00:19, and because I was so stoned I forgot every time. There's something or someone controlling our entire world/existence

Heisenberg : Lmao bad idea while on acid ☻

DylanXDyoung : It has a meaning, it's just hard to find because it's so deeply hidden

Audrey Dorn : Is that my heart beating? Is the purge happening?

My penis is unbelievably small, but : Lmao why the grandma titties tho

Logan McClure : I'm high asf rn and I feel like I just watched something scarring

Boy With a Pipe : This can't possibly be the original date this video was put on youtube. I remember specifically my sister showing me this in 2013 just a week before I got high for the first time. Then I got high and understood what it meant, I remember the SAME title tho wtf. Mandela effect

EndingGamertag : what the fck just happened

Miroku Hyun : This video is about the end times (today) & this current ANTICHRIST WORLD ORDER (birthed in britain by NATO)... in the beginning you see bush/obama, the white house & the twin towers falling..... then it moves on to whats happening in the rest of the world, the muslim woman crying, the black child & the violence, communism. Then my fav part where it shows how the youth are being brainwashed with lust (the naked old lady dancing inside someone brain).. anyways it shows all of this things are leading to JUDGEMENT DAY

Trevor Lahey : Is this the second coming of Christ

Julie Psycho : This shits deep bro . It talks about the Judgment day , the war , 911 , How theres someone controlling our entire existence & and Christ had fire in his eyes so its basically the third and last way we're supposed to die and , Idk man this shits just amazing .

WolvenB raps : What tf did i just watch. This not good for my high ass😂😂

Jordy Blackbourn : Man like this comment if you watching this while being high as a kite

Jacob Hansen : Who else is high af right now wondering who else is high af right now? lmaooo

Adrian Rivera : Creepy vibe for me but i liked it, cool asf vid!

TGFBRO2 : Whoever actually made this is a genius

Holland love : I'm confused and I think I'm not sleeping tonight

sarcasm : dont you just love reading these comments and just know you high and they high too

Bubbles : I'm an atheist and I trip balls so I'm kinda in between a rock adnd a hard place here

JD Oreo : this is representing our world from 9/11 bush driven by evil was behind the whole thing. from that point of history of the twin towers, to the second coming of jesus. at the end of time, there will be people in love with (basically anything that has to do with worldly so call, normal, common things that people in which we see nowadays)— government meeting with new government to seek peace— which we see Donald trump doing — men sleeping with men/ women sleeping with women will be common—which we see nowadays— weather changes that will happen all over the world more common— we see that nowadays— people that will trade love for money will be money lovers— wee see that really common—now this part is hard to explain bc after wee see all this happening now, *tribulation will start, hunger, people eating their children, sky’s full of meat eating birds will eat people body’s that will be laying outside— government going against false religion meaning the jehová witnesses will be the last ones to be not called a false religion, so the whole world which is Satan’s world the ruler of our world that’s why it’s is how it is right now, will go against the jehová witnesses, and that’s when Jesus will destroy Satan’s world and all its government and false religion. I am a christian, the devil's had me hooked on drugs for 10 years, I've survived, no Jesus saved me twice from suicide attempts. But I just keep falling back into stuff. But I've finally realized I just need to get alone in a quiet place and talk to jesus everyday, its helped me. And he's told me yes I sin, but I am his child and he loves me and forgives me but I need to stay with him, cause the longer I go without him the more the devil comes influencing my life.

Hbk Jay : I can hear my heart

jackbarron2000 : Ahhh wtf anyone else got a burning in their stomach

ItsYaBoiLeroy ! : it felt like it took me hours to finish this

OG SQUAD : 1:06-1:09 I’m dead 😂😂😂💀

Andrew Dunia : Yeo am I the only one that got hard


Laila Rose : I am trippen hella

Ryan Reilley : its 3am and i forgot to bring water im baked and mouth so dry like if you experience the same

DJ Ezasscul : Have you ever dreamt of someone you never met that was beautiful

Hunter Sills : Well, that’s enough YouTube for tonight.

Millionaire Splendor : 2:28 the Star of David?

no ! : I blanked out for half the video i dont know whats going on

Blackguysintegra Vlogs : Aye y'all I'm scared asf rn

DEANA YAROTSKAYA : woah he wnt rom clinton ot oama

the autistic pier champion of herb and peace : i can watch this so high everyday i like the music

Keia : Bro what time is it?