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Tristan Alvin : Hey Guys :) I've been experimenting with new sounds lately and just came up with this super chill track. Check it out and lemme know if you like it or not. I hope you Enjoy this

Mage Trapzz : Did I just have a stroke

Jordy Blackbourn : Man like this comment if you watching this while being high as a kite

Captain Steveo : This is someone's real life dream...

Rene M : Am I the only one who thought that I was very smart when you were thinking wtf did i just write Whaaaat Wazuuuup byebyebye shiiit

Wosrethot : People and animals are prisoners controlled by goverment, presidents are just puppets controlled by the ones really in the power, the ones with the money, their job is to give the people something to rely and believe, to keep them entertained, and when a new president is elected nothing really changes, it just gives the illusion of change. The girl in the middle drops the apple, this is the seed of hope, seed of belief. It scares the ones in control. Now the yellow character, the hope and belief arrives. Moving tv is the goverment taking and it’s people right from the moment of birth, they capture our mind and make us their machines, goverments cause wars and kill religions, they destroy cities and make people depressed. The seed of hope and belief is making it’s way to your heart, it get’s trough. The faith in humanity is restored, but is also destroyed in an instance. This video shows how it’s just takes a tiny bit of hope and faith to make a great difference in the world.

Ashley : This made me cry like twice, it's depressing, but lord, it should win an award for how fucking beautifully it's made. Seriously, so much talent.

mattman0613 : I had to take my headphones off to breathe

fart biscuit : This video makes me want to go to Mcdonalds and order a quarter pounder with no cheese. I do not eat cheese on my burgers. I do eat cheese on nachos sometimes though. I like lunchables nachos. Let me tell you the story of how lunchables came to be... Lunchables were invented in 1987 by a man named Fred Lunchables. Fred was a peculiar fellow. One day he thought 'I'm going to invent lunchables.' So that's how lunchables came into existence. So if you would like to know more about life, please fart on a biscuit. Goodbye.

Naomi Elfalan : Okay I had to rewatch the part with the boobs and tripping because I kept wondering if I was just imagining it or not and now that I'm typing this I'm not sure if it actually happened and now i need to go back and check btw I'm so high

Tony Lee : You guys gotta watch the film Coraline while high. Deadset one of the most amazing but scary experiences I've ever gone through.

DylanXDyoung : It has a meaning, it's just hard to find because it's so deeply hidden

Nyling : I’m so high I can’t ev pay attention to the video 😂😂

Rosy Lomeli : 2018 anybody?

Ryan Reilley : its 3am and i forgot to bring water im baked and mouth so dry like if you experience the same

Dylan : I think this video just told me how to stop WW3

A P E : politics and religion go by the same system, spread their influence and control.

Dominic Escalante : How to get bad trip 101

Jabax : It shows the stock market crashing in the eyes 2:58

Tobias Burden : This made me question my entire existence

lollydaretard81 : Used to watch this whilw high and i swear it was different everytime...

NickWorldwide : I'm so baked I can't process this

Jae T : Did anyone get the message?

Johnny Daniels : I just pooped my pants

波状guccidelles : watch this while listening to lil peep beamer boy your welcome :)

Major Minor : Am I coming down or climaxing

Exotic Stormx : 4:48 - 4:50 😍👀💦 I'm joking.

Virtualmarrow 50 : Life bush did 911 Obama is sad because he has mess that bush made but bush blamed it on osamos binlotwn to make musolims look bad so people think there bad then start killing them so more people turn chistun so Jesus will take them but the hole time Jesus was Controling them word 3 Jesus came took all the good people bye killing them kills and then wakes up and no one can die and meter hits eath

Naomi Elfalan : Wait did the part with the boobs happen because i keep convincing myself that it didn't happen and i was just making it up in my head  but i really don't remember

Tal Edo : Super twisted and depressing..

Lauri 01 : Life is just a video game. The earth is controlled by something bigger. I can feel it. We're being controlled but yet we love and live...

Yuuki Sora : God is real, he Is a program in a game created by higher beaings to control lower beings us. we are nothing. our lives are predetermined. until the Creator decides they've had enough. and he comes like the Bible says he does and he kills us all. then he goes to another earth and watch cus he's a program and when " our worlds" collide the creators machine has a bug and it needs servicing. I've read this all before, books like Worm the web comic and this video shows we are slowly waking up. the creators made us in their image, they made us so close to them that we are becoming gods. as they are gods so are we upon this earth that we bend and shape to or wills, burning, and killing it as though we created it. does an ant burn a, humans do, sleeping gods. the time is coming be prepared. the the resistance

Danny Shot It : I 100% percent understand it, but idk what words to use to describe it, Jesus is God and Satan

K1Lla012 : “Wow!” -Owen Wilson

Champagne Chupapi : Someone call 911 please

ItsYaBoiLeroy ! : it felt like it took me hours to finish this

Dead_deb_raven : How high are you? 5"9'

HeyMissCarter : What the freaking heck is with 4:50 or am I on somethin

Hayley Fulghum : this made me wanna get right with god

Swazified : Watched this on LSD pretty sure it’s about Yeshua coming back & proving that good (Love) will always prevail in the end. Which makes sense because of the heart on his chest & he’s the only one left in the end.

WBG River : My eyes are made of concrete

winter snowdaze : I am not high I just looked up videos to. and this showed up ... What the hell did I just watch😕😕😕😕

Diss. x : Theyy won

ExVapid : It was really scary but cool af

Marcial Cornier : *stoned friend turns and looks at me* "Jesus did 9/11"

Julia ZeDi : ”this is a warning that without Obama we will be destroyed by robots”

Jamie Sheridan : What is lifeee

Michael Rodriguez : I’m high right now and even tho I understood none of it, it still made sense. Also, my phone is in the shape of those curved UHD tv’s or a vr display, five feet away, I hear robot echoes, and my fingers are not making as much sound as I thought they should

Noah O'Donnell : Oh my bucking god I love this

Snatcher Claus : Da fuq