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Gus Johnson : wowee bro what a good video. alls i'm sayin is follow me and james allen mccune on twitter dang. lynx in the description.

Cyranek : bro what the hell that james guy is such a jerk

NakeyJakey : pretty much the bad assest video i ever seen on youtube

Smasher : how you feel about this noise

Smiley the Smile : If he's not answering your questions then you should simply ask more of them to break his social barrier with a bigger stream of nonsense.

M. Katze : I'm Gus's paparazzi but he doesn't know it. Wait is that stalking?

24 Frames Of Nick : Is that famous actor James Allen Cummings

Sven Johnson : Special effects 1o/1o

Daniel Thrasher : Dat finger tho

Meme Insider : *L E T T H E R E C O R D S H O W*

DammitSinged : _Did i just watch TMZ?_

Finnegan Doherty : How do you feel about this noise? *REEKEEHKEEHKEEHKEEHKEEHK*

Shea Depmore : You have a future on TMZ, bro.

Ultimate Fan : wow, never knew james allen mccune was such an dingbat and a rapscallain. thanks for opening my eyes gub x

Wholesome Lad : Why do they always come out of a bush?

Confirmed Millenial : these celebrities really have no dignity, i mean running over a guys leg just for asking a few harmless questions smh

Abbreviated Reviews : Salt and battered. Delicious.

Callum W : Bro dude just a quick signature dude just right here on this law suit think of the fans!

-shafa aufa- : You mean the Famous Actor James Allen McCune?

SHathorn_ 22 : Dude you just assault and battered my ears

Justin Y's Stand : Unsolicited Paparazzi should be made illegal.

Brandon Wright : If this had the tmz intro/outro and they uploaded it on their channel no one would even question its legitimacy

MRD Shorts : What the hell, bro?

Ultimate Fan : *B R O*

Frank the dank : To be fair, he IS the industry!

Anedjti : Can I ask you something real quick? Real quick, real quick!

iScream : Yo bro James bro you assaulted my leg bro why doing that bro how does it feel bro you are awesome bro you are a badass... *BRO* !!!!!

Dan Jeffersan : that car needs a *c l e e n*

I'm lost, please help. : *THINK OF THE FANS!*

Jacko77 : Dang, James Allen McCune is a menace to society. I can’t believe such a violent person is allowed to roam free.


Nolls Nook : Dude, Bro, Gus, he just sexually assaulted you bro. That’s some sexual misconduct. #MeToo

Justin : If I didn’t recognize Gus’ voice, I would actually think this was a real TMZ video.

Arbiter : Man I just want to comment on the fact the interior of that car is really nice. More cars need a colorful dash.

The Nikki Diaries : It's so accurate though.

Username Username : Jake Paul style You forgot dab tho

Zaire : yes

satan’s boyfriend : I can’t watch this because I’m in school right now but I bet it’s a work of art

陳Connor : every media interview of a school shooter victim video

Corinthea Hensley : "Bad asstest show"

TΛBBY : I found this on “Software - Topic”

B-Series : Yo honestly bro, James is suuuch a savage. Dude. Like *bro* .

Robert James : The boy who cried assault

Ben L. : Wow Gus! I didn’t know your leg was attached to your hand. Amazing!

oggyreidmore : "Real quick bro, how do you feel about this noise?" **Proceeds to say what the fox says**

OH EXCUSE ME, THAT WAS SO RUDE : ***Laughs for an uncomfortably long time and sips green tea***

Mr. Someone : Paparazzi read backwards means izzarapap which means absolutely nothing....

Hammad Ali : After this video was uploaded TMZ called Gus and offered him a job.

Kokonut Binks : James is a prime example of how the top 1% that all celebrities exist as don't care about us hardworking common laborers

Erhan Ekmen : More like TMZ