This Is How Space Will Save The World
This Is How Space Will Save The World

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Outer space is enormous and humans have known this for some time now, but we've only just started to understand how vast the region above us truly is. Even if we were to master the ability to travel at the speed of light, it would still take us thousands of years before we've traveled the entire known universe; the important word there is known. We don't fully understand how big the universe is, if there are other universes, and whether intelligent life lives among the stars as we do. Although these are some awesome questions that should be answered, this video won't be doing that. Instead, we'll discuss how we can leverage the universe to save our planet, species, and life as we know it. Please note that all music within this video is provided by EpidemicSound. The artist of each song has been mentioned within the credits. Like & subscribe if you enjoyed the video. Follow me on Instagram & Twitter using the links below #space #savetheworld #planet