Frank Sinatra, My Way, With Lyrics

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takahata101 : I did it my way

Noah Olsson : Comment section RIP Frank RIP Cell RIP Stan Lee

Kristopher Nicholl : RIP Stan Lee you put the hero in all of us

alex : RIP Frank Sinatra RIP Perfect Cell RIP Stan Lee

andrew simoes : Rip Stan Lee, he did everything his way

Android 19 : a perfect death for a perfect being, a swan song for a show that wasn't always perfect, but was made by people who did not back down from doing it their way.

Bronx12345 JK : I'll play this for Stan Lee

TheBlueComet832 Arthur Anderson : For the 10K people who disliked, you have no taste in music. This is true work.

Shindi267 : This entire comment section just turned into a RIP Cell Memorial

Ivan Echegoyen : Exclesior for the Great Stan Lee!

Bobby Lambert : A perfect death for a perfect villain. RIP Abridged Cell

Volessj 700 : R.I.P Cell, You did it your way Press F to pay respect

Gerd Von Rundstedt : Someone asked me once, where was this song from? And I simply told him TFS T.hats F.rank S.inatra

Peter Parker : If I'm being honest,I'd much rather have the comment section full of comments about DBZA rather than people commenting stuff like "I was born in wrong generation"

superman !! : This is the stan lee's song!!! :"(

Acceptable Name : Farewell Abridged Cell. You truly were... a Perfect Villain.

Purple Pony : I usually listen to this song well im on the toilet after eating 2 chipotle burritos with extra hotsuace and onions... Regrets I had a few

Cynnabuns : I come here once in a while to remember my Grandpa...a man who was like a second father to me. And every time...I have regrets I should have done, but at the same time...I'm so happy that this man got to be in my life for so long even though I wanted so much more...I'm not sure why I'm sharing this with strangers but oh always think things last forever, but they don't <3 I miss you very much.

Fusion : I know people say this a lot without actually meaning it to express love for a song, but I have to say this: I want this song at my funeral. I mean it. I. Want. This. Song. At. My. Funeral. I want this song to signal the end of my life. Why? Because not only is it a good song, it's extremely fitting for how I want to lead my life.

Nicola Mcguinness : Stan Lee marvel comics cameo appearances # we will miss you : Back when popular culture was good. 😀

Killman Slaughtermaster : Good luck finding any comments actually related to Frank Sinatra now. I mean I love DBZA, but seriously.

Sameh Marey : Good old Frankie. Such a timeless spirit, such a beautiful vibe! Frank Sinatra will live on through my own music. He has always and will always inspire my music!

Waffles : Good luck Etika, it was a fun journey

Riley Pasicaran : He went out perfectly RIP to you and that perfect, perfect jawline Cell

Leilani Garcia : This song reminds me of my grandpa I miss him so much😭 even though he's gone I will always remember him in my heart❤❤❤

Brian Rosado : 2016 election day in a nutshell

joseph cruz : Here in The Philippines, if you sing this song in public, you'll end up getting killed. This lovely song has a death curse, no one can explain how it came to be. It just happen everytime.

Lima Jill : This is real music. You youngins better take note: you came here from Dbz. Keep going towards the light. Peace

EvanSouderVEVO : Cell did it better

Goku SSJGod : So long Cell. You had the perfect death

ronald Hamman : here because of Ol Blue Eyes anyone else here because of Ol Blue Eyes.


Soaring Flygon0011 : The man the mouse or the android?

AniGa : Y'know... I like DBZA, but hot damn, this comment section... hurts a bit... xD

Alaskan Psyche : Rest in peace, Cell.

Nathan Lewis : Now plant your feet, grit your teeth, and EAT THAT HORSE!

Psychotica : So who came from DBZ Abridged? Dont be shy, just say it.

metal079 : RIP MR. Perfect Cell

dovahcief : Isn't this just a perfect picture showing how incredible dragon ball z abridged is though? if you look up "my way" the first recommendation is "my way cell" and even if you look up the sinatra song, the cell version is still the second result. And on the sinatra version, there's still nothing but cell comments

Alex Ryno : God damn it Frank, making me cry like this. So beautiful.

Rodrigo Antolinez : You're either perfect or you're not this song

Frank Gibson : Cell in hell: ah thats the perfect song

Arab Priest : So, who like me, liked the song way before Cell sang it?

けにす Mase : What's this damn Curse people talkin bout that's supposed to be in this song?


Alicia salgado : His true story it’s real He did it his way.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Harman Bans : I have no clue what all of these comments are referring to.

Ben Carrington : 1. "I WAS PERFECT!!!" - English Dub Cell 2. "I WANT CORNBREAD!!!" - Mondegreen Cell 3. This Song - Abridged Cell

Stephen Butler : Dbz abridged introducing another generation to this beautiful song. Thank you DBZA. Frank would be proud