Frank Sinatra, My Way, With Lyrics

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takahata101 : I did it my way

Bobby Lambert : A perfect death for a perfect villain. RIP Abridged Cell

Alaskan Psyche : Rest in peace, Cell.

Acceptable Name : Farewell Abridged Cell. You truly were... a Perfect Villain.

Goku SSJGod : So long Cell. You had the perfect death

Miauguy : Horse... eaten

Ben Carrington : 1. "I WAS PERFECT!!!" - English Dub Cell 2. "I WANT CORNBREAD!!!" - Mondegreen Cell 3. This Song - Abridged Cell

Guy VG : Cell had a perfect death

dj octavio : who is here after dbza ep 60 part 3


Black Panther : What I love right now is that the population of listeners that grew up with this song won't get the references to a tall, green, child-beating bug man that everyone's crying about. I fucking love DBZ.

The Patrolman : RIP Mr Perfect Cell

CoLLUMINATI : Cell is a great singer 😂

Earthzooka : DRAMATIC FINISH!!!

xyzman123 : Cell did it his way...

jigsaw's game : Well cell is dead now

Brick Master : It amazes me that part 3 of dbza was only uploaded a few hours ago and there are already so many people from that video. Also RIP Perfect Cell you will be missed. Hope to see you again whenever TFS does whatever filler you appear in.

Jack Hamilton : I’m here for two reasons 1. Because of TFS 2. Because I wanted to see how good the original song was

Son Goku : Cell, my son beat you, good job and nice singing

ALgamingexperience : inb4 ‘dbza brought me here’

Knockingscreen15 - Fun Games and More : R.I.P Cell I'll bury you in the hall of perfect.

Ne0n BlaZe : To all of those who liked this song before DBZA: *Welcome to Hell.*

Da King : Anyone here from TFS episode 60

SIR UNKLYDUNK : Rest in peace Cell. Rest in peace.......

Nobody XIII : The perfect death... for the perfect villain... Rest in peace Cell... He died as he lived... With few regrets... Handsomely...But most importantly...Perfectly... May you burn forever you handsome bastard...

Kendrick Do : Wow looking at comments. Abridged dbz perfect cell's death brought us here.

ReyaitheShadowWolf : Rest in non-existent pieces, Cell. You were Perfect, up to your final moments.

Cynthia Calderon : I dedicate this song to my dad who passed away on July 23, 2018. He had just turned 90 on July 11, 2018. He was the BEST dad and always put his family first. They just don't make them like that anymore! There was a radio show in NY called "Saturday with Sinatra" and he would go into his room and sing along for the 3 hours it was on. I remember it like it was yesterday, my dad had a beautiful voice and when I hear Sinatra, especially this song (we played it at the wake) I just cry like a baby. I was the youngest in the family and he always said " you will ALWAYS be my baby, NO matter how old you are." Thank you for being the best dad and for everything you always did for me. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH MY DADDY!! Rest In Peace My Daddy until we see each other again. Keep mom safe with you always. I love you both!!

TheSpriteStory : Goodbye perfect cell

fire wolf19 : who is here after seeing perfect cell's death?

VegetaBrief : R.I.P Cell And most importantly.. I DID IT MY WAYYYYYYYYY!

Oliver Brunton : RIP perfect cell 😭👏

Ryan Choi : But more Much more than that Cell had it his way

Nebby -Sama : The moment when instead of the 10 YEARS OLD COMMENTS everything is full of comments about abridged perfect cells death...

No this is Patrick : Dbz abridged brought me here

Calian Costa : I was put to tears, such a perfect finale for a perfect villain and a perfect season of a perfect show. Farewell, Mr. Perfect Cell. You will be missed.

Anthony Thompson : God danmit you abridge watchers are fast

ULTRA starkiller : RIP Perfecter Cell

some asshole : this got a surge of views after DBZA

Val-Zod : I came from the radio,dads car,sing and Tfs cells death

White Gold : I came from TFS to mourn for a perfect being dying a perfect way. R.I.P Cell

asoko no sobaniruyo : Love how almost everyone is here from dbza

GurahkWeavile : Who else came back here after DBZA?

Andres Diaz de Leon : Oh were perfect, and you did it your way.

Luke Sykes : He did it his way - Mister Perfect Cell

Thanos : Who's here after Gohan killed cell in Dbz abridged episode 60 part 3?

SKYRULE-49 : SING brought me here last year. NOW Perfect Cell bought me back!!!

Blue Guy : Cell anyone?

kitestar : Fair thee well abridged cell, you went out with a, perfect bang

AnesPlayer : You did what you had to do Rip abridged Cell