Right in two (Tool cover) - Beard of Harmony ft. Yann Phayphet (Live recording)

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Guitar : Ruben Simon, Sreejith The Beard Vocals : Sreejith The Beard, Ruben Simon Double Bass : Yann Phayphet Recorded in Bangalore - India Listen to the EP "Roots" by Beard of Harmony - https://fanlink.to/Rootsbyboh https://www.facebook.com/beardofharmony/

Comments from Youtube

Kenneth Soares : Seriously, I am addicted to this! It ´s the best Tool cover I have heard! Thank you for sharing this, brothers! Let´s take the step from being silly monkeys dividing it all in two - to awakened and conscious creators that take full responsibility for our own happiness and wellbeing - creating a more peaceful, joyful and loving place for ALL life! "Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven conscious of his fleeting time here." One Love ☮

Mister Ploxy : Better than T-Series.

Matt Natoli : the positivity from all around the world in the comment section makes me happy!

Art Exploration Calcutta : crazee guys ! .. do more Tool .. India needs more Tool ..

christofyre : I love two things about this. First off, I love the music, so excellently and respectfully rendered. The musicians do the original song and performers justice in a way few covers seem to do. But second, I love the overwhelming positivity in the comments. It doesn’t matter how great something is, it seems like all you have to do is post it on YouTube and there will be somebody waiting to bash it and troll in the comments. Not so here. Everyone is fully and duly appreciative of this, and that is refreshing to see.

Rhynhardt Krynauw : Okay if someone from every country on Earth records a Tool cover, maybe we'll get an album this year. Aaaaand go. Great job, guys. Fuckin nailed it. Greetings from South Africa.

2strokeFORever : As an avid TOOL fan I never thought anything could compare to the original but wow. This was pure beauty

WaynesWorkVlog : [Verse 1] Angels on the sideline Puzzled and amused Why did Father give these humans free will? Now they're all confused [Chorus 1] Don't these talking monkeys know that Eden has enough to go around? Plenty in this holy garden, silly monkeys Where there's one you're bound to divide it Right in two [Verse 2] Angels on the sideline Baffled and confused Father blessed them all with reason And this is what they choose? [Chorus 2] Monkey killing monkey killing monkey over pieces of the ground Silly monkeys; Give them thumbs, they forge a blade And where there's one they're bound to divide it Right in two [Chorus 3] Monkey killing monkey killing monkey over pieces of the ground Silly monkeys; Give them thumbs, they make a club and beat their brother down How they've survived so misguided is a mystery Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability To lift an eye to heaven, conscious of his fleeting time here [Bridge 1] Cut and divide it all right in two Cut and divide it all right in two Cut and divide it all right in two Cut and divide it all right in two [Interlude] [Bridge 2] Fight till they die over sun, over sky They fight till they die over sea, over air They fight till they die over blood, over love They fight till they die over words, polarizing [Verse 3] Angels on the sideline again Benched along with patience and reason Angels on the sideline again Wondering where this tug of war will end [Outro] Cut and divide it all right in two Cut and divide it all right in two Cut and divide it all right in two Cut it in two Right in two

Brian Lutes : the ambient animal sounds just add to this

liamcoso : the movement of the double bass strings vibrating is mesmerizing

Loki the Cat : Featuring: Some Random Dog That Wouldn't Shut Up (sigh).. Great cover, guys.

Jess Porter : Brilliant job. Love the lead singer's voice. Cheers for Australia!

Oliver Wirth : Usually I am pretty careful with the terminus of "best..." But, honestly, this one gave me goosebumps. This IS the best cover I´ve ever heared...by far! Thumbs up, guys!

Donnelle Belanger-Taylor : I'm in New Zealand. This has been stuck in my head since 15 March. #forthefifty

WreKit RoB : As a huge tool fan... Y'all killed it.. that was a sweet cover

Joseph House : They absolutely killed it, and the main singer has a hell of a beard as well 👏👏

Carl Brown : I love covers where the artist just make it their own. This is one of those. Love the rooftop and the background ambiance the city sounds provided. Intense and soothing all at the same time. Beautifully done.

Iggy Males : this is the perfection you have to throw even more covers, greetings from croatia

Morgan Lake : Love you guys for doing this. You made me weep and rage. I like this better than the Tool version. You showed us we can heal the cut in two with your harmony. In my lifetime? In your life time? This is heavier than the electric version....the restraint and delicacy ....whoa....whoa....thank you. Please do more.

Kip Mcmillan : I am personally responsible for almost a hundred views. Your performance is fantastic... and when the lead singer is smiling and head bobbing at 5:54 , we are all smiling and head bobbing with you. I love this song because of your performance, not because I'm a Tool fan. Please do more stuff... anything!!

J3SUS M4N : What passion , reverence, and obviously deep understanding of this song you have all displayed here! Magnificent!

Thamal Liyanage : Greetings from your neighbour Sri Lanka!! Amazing Work!!

Scott Green : Thanks guys. I played this for my 91 yr old Grandmother. Finally I can get her to appreciate the lyrics. Beautiful!

Mustafa Manga : actually ı never expect that you re so good my friends. Greetins from Turkey

ZenLifeRelax : This is amazingly good! Thank you for sharing this, brothers!

Matthew Pugh : I'm responsible for about 100,000 of the views on this video...alright there I said it

Paul Pz : hell yes!!!!...dudes in India playing tool, this is the level of cool hipsters are failing miserably at trying to achieve

Leonardo Helbert Camargo P. : Excelent performance, congratulations! Greetings from Colombia.

Brian Nicholas : Thanks for doing this cover. Great job!

Whos that guy? : Art is such a beautiful thing, it can reach around the world, touching you. Awesome cover :)

cencalmatt : So glad I found this. Fuckin amazing! And that's from a pretty serious Tool fan. Beautiful work, guys. I'm sure the band is proud to see this.

sollonas : loved how the bass strings waving

campos5950 : I listened to this after taking a few hits of acid.... the cover is amazing.... then the background noise made it all that much better to me. I probably listened to this 6 times in a row lol thanks!!

Nic F : Music unites people from all walks of life. I love Tool and I love this cover. Do more!

djtazzyjeff : Very nicely done. It's rare I truly enjoy a tool cover and these guys did it some true justice

NEGATEtheSTATE : This is fantastic. From all over the world people gather to enjoy beautiful music. If everyone stopped watching main stream "news" and read this comment section, they would come to realize that racism is on the fritz. Cheers from PA USA!

7eventhirty3 : Absolutely phenomenal performance, stunned. Lost for words. Incredible.

Alice's Comics : That was actually really good, right on!

Erik Heyns : Awesomely done. I've always loved this song, and these guys bring it perfectly!

Alex Dick : Amazing cover guys! I love the setting, I bet your neighbors were delighted at a free concert!

Danny : *i want everyone to know I’m PERSONALLY responsible for 1 view*

Joe : Great job guys, great job. THIS is why we have the internet ...

ACRAZEDSTUDIO : Do you have a guitar tab for this version?

Johnny Rr : So satisfying to watch the double bass strings in the close ups. Beautiful performance in generel :)

Shea Roberts : I keep coming back to this version of the song. One of my favorite Tool songs ever and this is a cover that does it 100% justice. You guys are awesome. Keep doing what you do.

Zeevon Production House : What a great execution!! ...Damn give them a Grammy , which they deserve!!!

Sunil Matta : Tool from a rooftop in India? Awesome version boys! Nicely done. You guys done any more? I'd definitely listen

Garrett Babcock : Excellent work gentlemen. Great arrangement. Great production.

Andrea Sosa : Bravoo👏👏👏