Mongolian Throat Singing in ukrainian talent show !! Amazing

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Albert Einstein : Mongolian throat singing by a Turkish man in Ukraine that's what we call talent beyond boundaries

Kyle Reininghaus : New genre: dubsteppe

LORDE 2729 : all i heard was " Your village is mine now"

Akashi : *Genghis* *Khan* *has* *joined* *the* *server*

big rubber gloves : when you've conquered the Kievan Rus and just want to party

Drosne Lochmir : Gengish Khan: we need an epic music as we invade Baghdad! Some random Mongol:....

Sokrates Nudelsuppe : this is how party music sounded like among mongol and turkic tribes 1000 years ago.

Xepher x : Damn some tribes were lit back in the day

Franken Stein : You know, this being used for a party song makes all kinds of historical sense.

FRS99J : This guy should become a DJ and tour around the world with this music.

anis ogba : James franco on got talent

Baudshah Suleymon : I would buy his music!

Frederik kjær : Hot damn, that was actually really good! thanks 9GAG

Black Templar : Mongolian dj's be like

Лариса Январь : This is not a Mongolian song. This is a Tuvan shaman's song. These are descendants of the Huns.

Reaper4367 : Stirs deep the primal, no matter where you hail from on this planet. Bravo!

Anonymous Cow : 3:05 when you take 4 shots and all of them hit you at once

Devin Readye : Leave it to the russians to make it an edm song

Eri Airlangga : This is cool! What is his rate for weddings?

ツUnKnOwN dUdE : 4:16 CRINGE ALERT btw good song :D

SonJinYasha ! : So Hawkeye was busy judging in got talent.

Moonvvitche : 1 this man has gorgeous bone structure. 2 i need those boots. and 3 i love the sound.

Feyzi Gökalp : mongol house music lol

Pedro soliano : 3:50 shang tsung,johnny cage, liu kang, sub zero, MORTAL KOMBAT!

xveiar // : Sounds like alien music . I dig it. .

Lone Fox : Is this the original Skrillex?

Soltanis : Performance starts just after 2:22

A K : This is called one of the best Trance music...

Hirmvlen : sounds like dubstep on russian drugs

Kerim Coşkun : When your Turkic roommate throws a party

Nikolai Dalager : mongolian weeb

Pokémon Hunter : When your at a Finnish Hungarian Mongolian party

Derrick Cooney : Sounds like it could work for a rammstein song I love it 😍

ǝᴉdǝᴉpʍǝԀ oʇ ǝqᴉɹɔsqnS ! : This guy looks like T-Bag

Oğuzoğlu x : He is not mongol. He is a Tuvan Turk

ᠪᠣᠷᠵᠢᠭᠢᠨ ᠪᠠᠶᠠᠷᠬᠦᠢᠦ : I'm prouding Mongolian. Altai's Urianhan Mongolian <3

Hoi19448239345 : 3:33 he said turkum which means im turk so hes turkic not a mongol

Uliserious : Here ist the original song:

Thoriq Maliq : Its Karinding (traditional music instrument from west java, Indonesia)

Bennymiles : fuckin catchy!

Baby T Rex : this is some legit talent right here no autotone!

Charlie Parker : the guys looks hot

Maureen Griffenham : That was absolutely awesome!!!! What a unique skill. Thank you for sharing.😊

Simplicitas : Another reason to be mad at Russia for messing with these awesome people

Keyser Söze : is that T bag from prison break

tAstiiE bAbiiE : OmG😮That shit is SICK..DEFINITELY feeling the beat🎤🎶😍👍👌He's ALSO really cute UNTIL he smiles lol😂

Hori Solomon : Awesome almost sounds like dijaredooooo.

Katalin Gyöngyi Kulcsár Bancsi : Doromb,ez a hangszer megvan a magyaroknak is.Szevasz rokon,köb unokai fokan.

Mitzuka Atasivo : That is arhaic instrument,Its coled Drâmbă,very beautiful and intresting!Spasiva!Harosaia!

Lord Vladimir : Türgen:Turkic