Something About Monster Hunter World ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🐉

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Lythero : That Switch joke got me good. I love and support this "shitpost quality but still great effort" animation.

Ben Sarm Chuqui : 0:23 how 99% of the community feel about the handler...

Crazy PirateMonkey : 1:22 Genuine creepypasta material... ... just look at those eyes... Jeez...


Toaster Strooder : I thought that this was going to be a genuine animation... and it was.

Nintendex : 0:40 There NEEDS to be a easter egg in the game where the Great Jagras has a 1% chance of choking on its food and dying instantly.

Elliot's Toons : This was great. It really comes through when you’re having fun making a cartoon.

Greg's Ecstasy : I haven't played a monster hunter game ever, I'm gonna assume this is all actual gameplay.

Kellen Bluestein : you always say "don't use adblock" on your videos, but I pay for YouTube red, does that hurt your channel?

The Great Majora : 0:56 you just had to, didn’t you

koy lei ang : 1:11 this part made me laughing out loud in public. Congratulations, nearly no video has done that before

-Zane- Discduderules on PSN : *_D o y o u k n o w d e w a e ?_*

dadkwashere : I lost it at Do you know de way. Ugandan Rathalos, everyone

Badass Toad : The part with the Water Dam (toilet) joke in Rathalos’ nest killed me. xD Hahahahaha

NissaAnimist : I don't want to be someone who enjoys that Knuckles meme but god dammit you got me with it... I hate you ;-;

Adam Dillon : That sudden BIRD UP freaking killed me


Holo-Cat Head : It's funny because it's true

Eevii : Just kill every monster in sight. One of them has got to be the target, right?

SOHellKite : that switch bit killed me

SuperRitz44 : The animation is so fluid and cartoony, and the special effects sounds are put with great precision. Great animation! A good shitpost that took a lot of effort and was nicely made


Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT! : Oh my God, you come back stronger than ever before and make my belly hurt with laughter. Never change, Jeremy, you’re truly an inspiration. EDIT: Rewatching multiple times I see each secret detail that is put in. Even if it’s a little simplistic compared to your other animations, it’s still so detailed. I love you... no homo. EDIT 2: The Rathalos has Ebola, thus, he knos de wey.

Mushinronja : Blowing past the handler and flushing the rathalos were 10/10 bits

The meow-sician : Is this leaked footage from the next dlc ? I would by this. The name of my felyne is going to be ThaWae

Biorockmanx : BIRD UP!

TheMonarchofDragons : Watching this in class.... Probably wasn't the greatest idea.... now I just look like an idiot for laughing at this.

Parker Sprague : this is trash i wouldnt want it any other way, pls make more

GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA : I found a new religion to watch everyday now

The47Doritos : the trailers are nice and all, but am showing this to everyone that ask how is the gameplay, very accurate.

Sonico : Best Monster Hunter Parody I've ever seen in my life. Keep up the awesome work dude!

how to be edgy 101 : Just what I've been looking for. The perfect video.

ZenZen : but do you no de wae?

andy johns : This animation is what happens when sir pelo meets monster hunter shots

Michael Crespo : If I had a job (I'll look in a couple months, turned 16 last month) I'll donate at least 1-3$ a month HANDS DOWN

Major Degurechaff : When Rathalos freaked out because of the kinsect I lost my shit

Matthew Ashby : Ladies and gentlemen of the monster hunter community This is true art

Amateur Hour : DO YOU KNOW DA WAE

しょう : this is the most accurate representation of an anxiety attack i’ve ever seen!

Noah Larkin : BIRD UP

DJ Galaxia : I wonder what the dragon queen looks like.

melvin st fleur : 0:44 lol if he choked to death "Quest Complete" right?

kyrudo : You can just see the slow decline of his sanity as the video progresses. At 1:39 you can clearly see his sanity hit rock bottom

The Panguinator : This is art

Human_ Spider_ : That... Was without a doubt.. The funniest Monster Hunter vid I've ever seen. I've been playing the game since it first came to the USA almost 10 years ago. I love this shit. Kushshinobi90 my psn gamertag if anyone needs help hunting.

Xeno Tatsunaba : I'm guessing that your that crazy for monster hunter world

林辰叡 ray : do u know de way

Ryaquaza 1 : 0:55 I’m legit dying rn Funny thing is I couldn’t find rathalos in the demo when he went near the centre of the map because of all the damn caves

yusef reynolds : "A monster that's been givingMOVE BICTH!" Seriously though she's annoying.

Christopher Rush : BIRD UP!