Something About Monster Hunter World ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) 🐉

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Lythero : That Switch joke got me good. I love and support this "shitpost quality but still great effort" animation.

SOHellKite : that switch bit killed me

GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA : I found a new religion to watch everyday now

Crazy PirateMonkey : 1:22 Genuine creepypasta material... ... just look at those eyes... Jeez...

Ben Sarm Chuqui : 0:23 how 99% of the community feel about the handler...

GadgetGirlKylie : LMAO so awesome, thank you for your hard work xx

Elliot's Toons : This was great. It really comes through when you’re having fun making a cartoon.

Kellen Bluestein : you always say "don't use adblock" on your videos, but I pay for YouTube red, does that hurt your channel?

Toaster Strooder : I thought that this was going to be a genuine animation... and it was.


WolfyMelon : Fabulous 👌 shared this on my Twitter great job!

Hazel Cricket : Incredible sound design

HyperSouls : this was so funny to watch !

The Great Majora : 0:56 you just had to, didn’t you

Templar Blonic sez: DEUS VULT! : Oh my God, you come back stronger than ever before and make my belly hurt with laughter. Never change, Jeremy, you’re truly an inspiration. EDIT: Rewatching multiple times I see each secret detail that is put in. Even if it’s a little simplistic compared to your other animations, it’s still so detailed. I love you... no homo. EDIT 2: The Rathalos has Ebola, thus, he knos de wey.

LRGonzales : Waiting for the next episode.

Badass Toad : The part with the Water Dam (toilet) joke in Rathalos’ nest killed me. xD Hahahahaha

Mushinronja : Blowing past the handler and flushing the rathalos were 10/10 bits

NissaAnimist : I don't want to be someone who enjoys that Knuckles meme but god dammit you got me with it... I hate you ;-;

koy lei ang : 1:11 this part made me laughing out loud in public. Congratulations, nearly no video has done that before

Zurgo Pussysmasher : I feel like this was made right after a fever dream.

dadkwashere : I lost it at Do you know de way. Ugandan Rathalos, everyone

Major Degurechaff : When Rathalos freaked out because of the kinsect I lost my shit

SuperRitz44 : The animation is so fluid and cartoony, and the special effects sounds are put with great precision. Great animation! A good shitpost that took a lot of effort and was nicely made

Aninymouse : Lost my shit at Ugandan Rathalos! That's so true it hurts... Also, much respect for the SMRPG sound effects! One of the best games ever made.

Nintendex : 0:40 There NEEDS to be a easter egg in the game where the Great Jagras has a 1% chance of choking on its food and dying instantly.

-Zane- Discduderules on PS3 : *_D o y o u k n o w d e w a e ?_*

Holo-Cat Head : It's funny because it's true

TheMonarchofDragons : Watching this in class.... Probably wasn't the greatest idea.... now I just look like an idiot for laughing at this.

Greg's Ecstasy : I haven't played a monster hunter game ever, I'm gonna assume this is all actual gameplay.

Biorockmanx : BIRD UP!

kyrudo : You can just see the slow decline of his sanity as the video progresses. At 1:39 you can clearly see his sanity hit rock bottom

Brad Daemons : omg the sound effects in this one were soo perfect and well timed lol

Celio Ferreira : Wow this is great and hilarious, nice job dude.

The47Doritos : the trailers are nice and all, but am showing this to everyone that ask how is the gameplay, very accurate.

askej1 : I really like this quick and impulsive animation style. At least for videos like this. If it means you’re able to crack more animations out without increasing your workload, I’d say go for it. It kind of reminds me of thrash toons.

Adam Dillon : That sudden BIRD UP freaking killed me

Uncle Jules : "A monster that's been giving-" *SMACK*

Great Powerful Oz : Had to rematch at half speed. The animation is so funny and well done.

林辰叡 : do u know de way

Ryaquaza 1 : 0:55 I’m legit dying rn Funny thing is I couldn’t find rathalos in the demo when he went near the centre of the map because of all the damn caves

Sonico : Best Monster Hunter Parody I've ever seen in my life. Keep up the awesome work dude!

Elrosh Debach : Is this leaked footage from the next dlc ? I would by this. The name of my felyne is going to be ThaWae

adrian aquino : I watched till the end and thought this is some crazy funny shit and when I saw that bird up pop up on screen I went ape shit laughing

rave cosmo : that was HILARIOUS!!!! XD, great job

The Great Majora : Your pacing is so great

ArsonBoy5996 : B I R D U P

Azure Liolaeus : Da wae?

Christopher Rush : BIRD UP!

Dragon Dreamer : Andddddd it's a bunch of "rocks".