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HEY, on today's video I break some eggs, lots of eggs. Disclaimer: This content is exclusively managed by Caters News. To license or use in a commercial player please contact or call +44 121 616 1100 / +1 646 380 1615 MUSIC: Green light - Lorde INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: Feel free to leave video ideas in the comments!


Brandon Muñoz : Confirmed, this cute girl is behind how to basic

Everyday Animation : Must be extremely hard to get your videos monetized

Kurtis Corcoran : Good to see you taking your Tourette’s lightly and getting the positive sides of thing Ps my freind has Tourette’s and can get depressed and bullied for it thank you

goddess of mischief : 2:35 her: i just squeezed it but didn’t break it *wHOOOHO* also her 2 seconds later : **yeets egg against the cupboard**

eMiLy HiGgInS : "Omg I didn't break it" **chucks it** oops. Why was i dying of laughter???

Funny Fox : *_Brain: ok, hand just hold this egg._* *_Hand: k._* *_Tourette: lol, no_*

Dutch Lemonade : Its 11 pm. At 5:20 i had to shove the blanket into my mouth to keep myself from scream laughing Edit: thanks for the likes!

pus c fart : I love how she's so confident and that she can laugh about herself and Is funny at the same time amazing

Nuovo : 5:23 a perfect mix of "yeet" and "yolk"

Yeet Boi : 3:03 "Tissues, the only thing I can hold without breaki-" *Rips tissue* Edit: OMG thank you guys so much for all the likes! Now I can flex! 😄😂

MacKenna Cassel : 4:48 Me trying to put my life back together

ImTrash : 5:23 it looks like her brain just told her to yeet that yolk

nope : the "i did it" at 4:25 was so cute omf

GalaxyStars : Imagine if she has a baby one day but ends up just throwing the whole baby (Not making fun of her, I have tourettes too)

So much Fandoms : “Oh I squeezed it but didn’t break it” *yeets egg across the room*

Dionne Hunter : 4:26 the **i did it** was so wholesome oh my god 😩

Alaina T : Brain: Just. Hold. The. Egg. Tourettes: YEEEEEEEEET! (sorry if someone did this first.)

The Meme Master : Me : *doing homework* Brain: bite ur lip Me : no Brain : REALLY HARD ME : NO WTF BRAIN


Caitlin Tinsley : I feel safe .... Smashes the egg

Naiya Martin : I’ve genuinely never laughed this much from a video. Like this made me silent laugh.

XD gakcaii : I feel so bad for laughing when she yeeted it.

Kamil Always Books : 2:01 my best part😂😊❤️

Angel Cornish : Tourette's vs puppy Me: aww so cute Brain:YEET

Katie Willis : Finally. A cooking show I would watch.

Its LenaY : Uhm, yep... Touretts are hard to deal with i totaly understand. But poor eeeeeeggs!!!😂 they flew all over the kitchen! Keep it up! Love ur vids❤❤❤

GalaxyStars : 3:02 "tissues, the only thing I can hold without breaking" *tears it*

Jorge Molina Kespi : When the teacher tells me that 2,5 does not rise to 10 2:44

Lilah Grove : Lmao her phone has the biggest otter box in the whole world 😁❤ also 5:53 is my favorite part

Jay Kay : > throws egg in the air > catches it like a pro > smashes it


Clara Caldwell : Brain:Lets just tell a story. Tourette’s:Umm-*YEETS* egg.

Macey Tarena : I don't have tourettes but I do have tics only 2 of my close friends know not even my mum (I have problems) think you for making a safe space for me. Xx

Burrito Master : Me: moooom where is the eggs Mom: idk just ask ur sister Sis: *breaks the eggs* Me: are u crazy?! Sis:*throws eggs on him* Me: moooom AAAAH!!! mom: *laughs* Sister: bahahahhahaha

natalia ciborowski : I love how you do it in a white kitchen

Awesome A : Trying to be silent and not laugh during that s was a bad idea ( not being disrespectful I was laughing with u )

Bella Hood : I love this I've watched it like 9 times

Christy Clasgens : I love how you laugh at all of your tics. This is great 😂

Donella : Omg I died when you tried to walk and just catapulted it at the cupboard. Got some muscles on ya!!!!

Charlie Stelling : Guy: dude this party sucks Guy2: you see that girl over there. Give her an egg you will have a great time 👌🏼

Mr. and Ms. GachaTubeandEdits : œufs get it? c-cause œufs means eggs in french and it’s p-pronounced oof with an accent?

Amber Thompson : Catches perfectly Tourettes: you better smash that b now

Charlotte Pototsky : She’s the YouTuber version of Samual James Comro

* demonized * : "Tissues are the only think I can break.." Tourettes:am I a joke to you

Eva Ø : “Tissues the only things I can hold without breaking” breaks it.

twirly : i have to ask. what happens when you hold a baby💀

I love Puppies : I have literally watched this video at least 10 times over the past few weeks😂

Nxco Chan : Challenge: Try not to laugh while watching this whole video

Mimin-chan90117 0 : "Tissue, the only thing I can hold without breaking" 3:00