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demi : you are my new favorite person

mango : Have you ever yeeted your phone across the room?

A Kids Point of View : "Tissues, the one thing I can hold without breaki....." *Rips tissue*

Charlie Stelling : Guy: dude this party sucks Guy2: you see that girl over there. Give her an egg you will have a great time 👌🏼

Quinn Murphy-DeYoung : for such a horrific disorder you make it actually kinda fun. i have narcolepsy (I will collapse asleep randomly, among other things) it’s triggered by laughter mostly and my family likes to play a game where we put on a comedy I like and bet on how many times I will fall asleep. This reminded me of that.

Hawkens85 : The ancient Romans used catapults, balistas, and trebuchets to launch projectiles at massive speeds. All of that has nothing on you and your ability to launch an egg faster than any man-made object.

eMiLy HiGgInS : "Omg I didn't break it" **chucks it** oops. Why was i dying of laughter???

Janne Lakkapää : I really think you should have your own cooking show

phydeux : I love your spirit. I've known several people with Tourettes of varying severity, and you're by far the more outspoken than any of them. One gentleman I know wouldn't even go into retail stores because his presents as mostly cursing and the occasional eye-twitch and he was afraid of offending people in public. So I'd often help him do his shopping. What I found interesting about yours is that you seem to be able to suppress the tics with deliberate thought and action for a period of time, such as when you were throwing the towel in the bin. But then there were a couple moments where fleeting thoughts would express as tics, like smashing the egg with the large spoon. That was some damn fine coordination but would have required a momentary conscious thought as well. LOL I know I'd have missed the egg or hit a glancing blow if I tried that. So hopefully this means you'll gain greater control over your Tourettes with time and attention. I'm hoping to come back and see you bake a cake without making a disaster. :) Anyhow, I wish you all the best. You're definitely one in a million and have a very infectious laugh. :)

Radical Mooser : Chickens have left the chat

Aleksandar Kjelland : This just casually popped up on my recommended and this was the best thing I’ve ever seen and I cackled so loud… LOL

Brandon Valdez : Ive never laughed so hard in my life. Saving the egg only to smash it with a spoon was the best

Jaycob Campbell : I originally saw this on Reddit and I had to come tell you that you are such a hilarious person and it's really wholesome seeing how you incorporate humour into what can be a very debilitating illness

Annissa Naranjo : eggs your own house

Living With Liberty : When you laugh by forcefully exhaling through your nose but you have a runny nose

Catalaxy 04 : You are How to basic This makes much sense now

Bradley8936 : How to basic face reveal?

King of the llamas : Yeetus chicken fetus

Caroline Ring : Question for your next Q&A! : 1. Do your tics get worse/increase when you're on camera? 2. Do your tics change from day to day? PS: I love that you're embracing your tourettes! My partner and I love your videos. They fill us with joy ❤️ All the best to you

samantha ryan : I feel so bad for you but at the same time it’s hilarious. you make such a difficult disease into something comeback different! love ❤️

MrMwmussel1 : I’m so torn. I laughed so hard, but then my PC side kicked in and told me I’m horrible for laughing.

Clairebear723 : I was laughing nonstop for 30 minutes at 2:03 Scratch that, 6:20

Brad F. : I'm curious — do you know the particular tick before it really hits? Like do you know you're going to throw the egg at the wall and the urge is coming? Or it just happens in a flash? This was really interesting to watch! You've got a great personality for this. Keep it up.

Morgan Symonds : It went behind the microwave!!!! I'm WHEEZING 😂

Yamagishi San : Maam, I'm going to have to ask you to step away from the eggs.

Oof : Me with my life goals *_yeet and yoink_*

Sammie Elizabeth : Someone said this is fake..... shuuuut uuuup

Stephen Ketchum : This is hilarious and I’m so glad that you’ve been able to take this generally “bad” thing and make it into something that you enjoy!!

Amber Rhea : Yup... found my new channel. You’re amazing 😂🥰👏

Nathan Davinci : 4:33 getting negative friends out of your life 😂

meganthebean : Ive never laughed so hard in my entire life thanks for making my day❤️

Josh Willis : Give someone a haircut

skraa : The past tense for yeet is yote

Dallas Darko : Erm I can only watch this with auto-generated subtitles (no sound) is that really what you're saying? lol

Kai O'Brien : One question pls answer how hard is it to sleep with toureets

Jamie Murphy : 5:02 that moment when you remember where the egg came from......

Crazyeyeunicorn 101 : That was the best 7 minutes of my life please we need a part 2,3,4,5,6 and moreee

My Life : Your Brother!! 4:57

Silje Van zundert : 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i laughted mfao at 5:23 😂😂😂😂😂 who els did leave a like 🤗😂

Dirock _15 : Lol I can’t tell which parts are the Tourette’s and which parts are just her humour

Ivey McCraney : The bing bong bing bong pfft with the leg kick was adorable. I know I don’t understand Tourette’s and it’s probably not fun at all but I just had to say that that tic struck me as adorable. You also make me laugh a lot because your sense of humor is amazing so thank you for this :)

Sophester Animates : Omg u put a raw egg in ur mouth lmao 😂😁

Alex Lj : My body does the same thing but I think it’s just muscle spasms all the time This was great btw I love ur sense of humour through what is a difficult time

Kait is weird : Oh my god this is the best thing I’ve ever watched and it makes me so happy to see that you’re using your condition in a positive way :)

master caution : She is definitely howtobasic, and also Idubbbz's sister.

FaLLen Demon : *H O W T O B A S I C*

XCharleyNK123X : I always feel bad for laughing but it’s was funny sorry 😂

Cee Kay : My gosh, you need to do a collaboration with HowtoBasic. Let your ticks have their freedom in the name of "art" and Youtube views. Do you wait until you are in a particularly stressed/tic-filled mood before shooting videos like these?

5,000 subscribers with no videos : Imagine playing fortnite like this 😂

swim on minecraft : The 2nd egg tho