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Katie Willis : Finally. A cooking show I would watch.

peachcakes : Your ability to launch an egg at such a velocity is amazing.

frid : her: okay brain, lets just hold this egg tourettes: *YEET*

Leo : "it's actually really hard to break it" *Yeets against wall instantly*

demi : you are my new favorite person

claire ¡ : you’re the human embodiment of yeet

Izzy A : Why did I laugh so hard when the eggs went flying

Dirock _15 : Lol I can’t tell which parts are the Tourette’s and which parts are just her humour

King of the Llamas : Yeetus chicken fetus

Ninooooo : Have you ever yeeted your cat across the room?

So much Fandoms : “Oh I squeezed it but didn’t break it” *yeets egg across the room*

Jay Kay : > throws egg in the air > catches it like a pro > smashes it

Oof : Me with my life goals *_yeet and yoink_*


lotrgirl27 : Are you automatically demonetized? Also, maybe don't hold newborns lol


Ivey McCraney : The bing bong bing bong pfft with the leg kick was adorable. I know I don’t understand Tourette’s and it’s probably not fun at all but I just had to say that that tic struck me as adorable. You also make me laugh a lot because your sense of humor is amazing so thank you for this :)

Delihlah Gaming : This sounds awful but.... If there was a cooking or baking show like this on TV I'd binge watch it all day long

Clairebear723 : I was laughing nonstop for 30 minutes at 2:03 Scratch that, 6:20

Mellon The Cat : Note to people who are starting to watch this: Don't drink anything.. I've learned fro experience

Becca : Oh my gosh, I was crying laughing at your expression when you threw the egg yolk behind the microwave 😂

Somethingover9000 : You would make a perfect couple with how to basic

A Kids Point of View : "Tissues, the one thing I can hold without breaki....." *Rips tissue*

ZobieBobie : 3:03 "Tissues, the only thing I can hold without breaki-" *Rips tissue*

Sam. F : 5:20 *YEET*

Kait is weird : Oh my god this is the best thing I’ve ever watched and it makes me so happy to see that you’re using your condition in a positive way :)

Drink Bleach : *That cabinet opening the way it did really threw me off* 3:21

Charlie Stelling : Guy: dude this party sucks Guy2: you see that girl over there. Give her an egg you will have a great time 👌🏼

Kenni G : i am SO glad this randomly popped up in my recommended

tbhbelle : 5:19 it's perfect :-) 5:22 *_YEET_*

RUMPLY MUFFIN : I’ve never seen someone yeet eggs so ferociously and gracefully at the same time

woof woof : How would she go in the minute of silence on remembrance day

Quinn Murphy-DeYoung : for such a horrific disorder you make it actually kinda fun. i have narcolepsy (I will collapse asleep randomly, among other things) it’s triggered by laughter mostly and my family likes to play a game where we put on a comedy I like and bet on how many times I will fall asleep. This reminded me of that.


Rainey Williams : She yoted the egg with such ferocity

Erwin Roll : 1:33 I love how she successfully caught the egg and rolled it to safety only to accidentally wack it 😂

Alex Lj : My body does the same thing but I think it’s just muscle spasms all the time This was great btw I love ur sense of humour through what is a difficult time

mango : Have you ever yote your phone across the room?

Dude : Imagine her taking care of those baby robots they give you in high school.

sweettourment : I love how she caught the egg at 1:30 and then proceeds to smash it 😂 story of my life

MsLivid : I'm sorry but.. "Scoop, scoop the poop" made me chuckle. 😄

Jory Kanaan : I lost it at 2:03 YOURE my new favorite person, subbing XD

abigail grace : F to all the hens out there.

jamie rose : I'm literally crying I was laughing so much, I dont mean to be disrespectful but I just found that so funny

Tyler : you should probably do this with hard boiled eggs next time to avoid the messy clean up :D

Ruby Abraham : "Tissue the one thing I can hold without breaking it" *tears Tissue in half* Me: 😂😂😵😵

Radical Mooser : Chickens have left the chat

Elma Thacaj : 5:03 got me dyin😂😭

Music Playlists : Truly the only channel that I nearly cry laughing watching. Great job 😂👍

Madam Surfina : Hahah i like u...please take care 😅😍😍