This is why you're not truly living | Alan Watts

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Educate Society : The analogy of music was so eye opening. We say that music is played because the point of music is not to reach a destination or get to the end. Simmilarly we just play throughout our life not work throughout it.

Onyx Lionheart : "We missed the point the whole way along. It was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing, or to dance, as the music was being played." These words will stay with me for the rest of my life.

High Frequency : True the way this social construct work is just to make you believe that “oh getting that job you will be happy” theres more to being here than what we are taught in schools told by others theres just so much pass this social expectations of what you have to be doing in order to “fit in”

oooohhhhhhshizzzzzz : I wish Alan Watts were my grandad or some shit haha

KafkaDecaf : When you realise this, when you stop running towards THAT thing, whatever it may be, when you realise that life is NOW, that there is no tomorrow, no future, you see everyone else rushing passed you, trying to arrive at one of their futile destinations only to be left unfulfilled and unchanged before immediately charging at the next thing. You want everyone else to just stop, too. But they won’t. They need that promotion, to buy that new car, to travel to work quicker, to put in more hours, to get more money, to get a bigger house, and the list goes on and on. “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” - John Lennon

rolandpointoh : I fall asleep to his voice every night. What a wonderful man.

Yann HIJAZI : Love Alan Watts. One of the best. Thanks for sharing.

Pedro SXSG : holy shit, what a deep insight, I feel like I'm truly learning something for the first time

Chris : It is always the anticipation that makes people happy but once they finally arrive at their destination, it is never truly different from what they have previously experienced. People get caught up in living to work so that they reach the top job they have always wanted without embracing the present moment.

Felipe Silva : I am studying Computer Science and I don't have any idea about what I'm gonna do in future, I'm not sure about the choice of the college, sometimes I think I should have applyed for Economics or Phylosophy. I'm distressed about all this and don't have any answer to those questions. Someone else?

Bruno M : I liked the subtitles, keep that going. Great message! Love it

Bepske Kaatje : "You are supposed to sing or dance while the music is being played" That will stick with me forever. Thank you Alan, Thank you Wordporn for sharing it to me

waene : 'great content, thanks for the hard work <3

Eisfaelscher : Does anybody know the name of the sound/song which was played in the last few seconds? :)

phantumgrey : That was fucking beautiful!!!

Johnny Guitar : Wonderfully insightful and uplifting :)

Aditya Verma : Awesome video truly inspiring.. There is no destination,only the journey to live.Hope me and everyone learn to dance through this music.

Jan Folkert Haarsma : Whats the movie in this video

ReCell02 : Message: Enjoy life

GREATEST FAN OF AB DE VILLIERS MR.360 : Quote "Music creates order out of chaos"

jpn_h : Does anyone know what movies these clips are from?

Dan R : The realest shit anybody ever said anywhere about anything

Ian Coxen : Extremely beautiful video and message, thank you.

OmAr LiVeS : Omg. That's it!

Tim Haercke : Glad I found this channel a couple of days ago... Great content thanks for the effort and time you put into these videos.

Nam Ceas : But the song doesn t have an end

Grey shadow : Your editing game keeps getting better!! Good video

ben smith : I feel as if I've know this man for years!

Lef : Find something you can play and make it work or find a work and make it play :)

Unusual Enigma : Well... let’s play ;D

Imran Ur Rehman : very right ,,, very right ,,,, the school system is merely hatchery for corporate system , which is conducted by fear , fed by fear , and that fear is used to take smart chicks from it . they make you loaded with information , with out any creativity , with any proper knowledge . one fear the next fear the next one and the at last the last one . they want elephent to climb tree like a lion , and how can he ,,,? then bringing self help scenarios, to for get where is the actual elephant seeking lion in himself ,,, and the life style ,,, and bla bla bla ,,, that vishu cycle ... and what not there is a list of traps ,,, with colorful baits ,,,,

:D : so right.

Strafer66 : Love Alan watts. Disagree with the travel analogy though. In my opinion the best way to travel is with no real destination in mind. I've had the best times of my life backpacking and not knowing where I'd be the next day.

Somirezz : but.. the question arises.. how can we make or live our life.. just like listening to music...???

WeTube : One Love

Raven Zosaries : Find your Life's humble beat

Ashim Dhingra : Superb , the best video that i have heard .

kukulkan : WOW!

Jonathan Pena : "Remember", he told us. "It's just a ride."

guyfromBR : Alan Watts is just another gatekeeper, like McKenna, Krishnamurti and so many others. None 'wrong' or 'bad/evil' per se, of course, as these are non-existent profiles in Reality, but all truly 'misleading', if one is seeking for 'leads'. Which, btw, is a perception-fault in and off itself, according with 'The SysteMatrix' blueprint - which, to me, would be plainly 'wrong', if there'd something like 'wrong' in Reality, of course... They all just 'describe the landscape' our Minds can perceive (in Basic Level) in a rather arcane fashion and just don't tell 'almost' nothing to indicate 'The Way' or, rather, the 'Correct Choice' to do - because these are for YOU and your Level of Consciousness to decide and opt, for. Which, bottom line, is the main reason you're here in the first place... Yeah, I know... this is fundamentally discombobulating, isn't it? Why do you suppose I found it so wrong in the first place? But those 'seating' at that Council are a hard nut to crack, and they shield 'themselves' behind so many Argos-ments one tend to simply give up Argo-ing... One end up agreeing with Al Pacino's 'John Milton (or 'Mr. D')' in his (i.e., Andrew Neiderman, the Writer) speech at the end of "Devil's Advocate (1997)": '(God) Think about it. He gives man instincts. He gives you this extraordinary gift, and then what does He do?, I swear for His own amusement, his own private, cosmic gag reel: He sets the rules in opposition.' Ok... but the 'real' prank here is the mere concept of a central, all-dictating and/or Presidential 'God'... go figure...

Abyssinia Empire : I find Alan Watts to speak lengthy with little value. His philosophies are elementary and he is a mediocre orator. Can you please find an audio clip of a more influential figure? Also I rather not listen to celebrities who have achieved little to nothing.

Crapminator : Anyone know the outro song name?

Prog Rock Anarchy : Alan watts was a true genius. Wish we had people like him around instead of these psuedo intellectual scam artists like Jordan peterson

Ball is LIfe : So I guess the message is to enjoy life while you're alive and don't chase or focus too much on your goals because they are only an anticipation and will not make you much happier after you reach them. However I believe that you have to work hard, you have to be financially independent to a certain degree just to have more freedom, to be able to travel and explore the world. Without money you are forced to survive by working that shitty 9-5 job and have a side hustle to make ends meet. Enjoying life in such moments while working your ass off just to pay bills is barely possible, so you do have to suffer for a certain time, just to have better options and possibilities in the future. And while the future isn't guaranteed for anybody you should fall in love with the actual process of working towards something and simultaneously enjoy your life.

Camarrada : Amo este tipo de reflexiones, pero que es lo que realmente podes hacer para salir de ese molde? Ser un mochilero? Artista? Escritor? Al final del dia lo que estas escogiendo son callejones y al final de ellos solo hay una pared.

Adriana Tavares : Verdade.

Amar Karthik : What's the outro music ??

adultsoul : Except you are the one who has to play the music and dance and sing at the same time.

Astrid Hudečková : Thank you so much - to me music & dance bring real beautiful freedom to my heart ♥

Baconbits16 : I see his point & live it to some extent, but I appreciate both ways. Thinking something greater is always ahead of me helps motivate me to do more to make it happen.. That candy is right around the corner and if I push harder I just might find it.