The Count Censored (ORIGINAL)

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Pharaoh Misa : Whoever decided this was a good idea went down in history as the cleverest person ever.

Writban Alim : "When I'm alone I **** myself". Yeah I am so dead and done.

Ethan Ferris : Sesame Street had horny vampires before Twilight made it cool.

Brandon Robinson : Somehow I feel when they originally made this they knew this was going to happen in thr future.

Polaris : I find this easy to count to.

Bob Vahn : that "boiiiing" sound at 1:15 actually the sound of his d***

A. Shae O'Connell : The best part is when he fingers the cobweb.


CranesNotSkyHooks : This *adds* a lot of depth to the Count's character.

ThePsychonaut : I wonder if any of the writers or actors from the show have seen this

the-sassy-blacksmith : When im having a bad day this never fails to cheer me up xD

Alex Paulino : May God have mercy on Sesame Street when the Count shows up.

Benjamin Herman : This never gets old.

Alex Paulino : Count at least use some protection, your going to caught some STDs.

Lizzie4 lyfe : "When I'm alone I *beep* myself." 😂🤣🤤

All0verTheMap : Still one of the best things I've seen on the internet...EVER! It's the very reason why YouTube needs to exist in the 1st place!

Chance Feldhaus : Better than the entire rap industry.

insanemedic : 288 Spiders don't like this.

Michael Kelly : Another destroyed childhood

Thenextworldwar : Is it low-brow? Yes. Is it funny regardless? Yes.

Birthday Loyalty Club : This song has become a part of my mating ritual, much like a bird of paradise displaying it's glorious plumage whilst swaying gracefully, I sing this song while pulling down me jocks. #workseverytime

Alex Paulino : Oh Count. What STDs do you have?

Jordan Macdonald : ... man. I _know_ he's just saying 'count', but somehow it sounds so much like he's saying 'fuck'.

DarkClownJester : ._. What can ya say? He is a Vampire after all. They some horny creatures~

Margaret Curry : Ahahahaha showed my teacher he loved it! Omg poor spiders

Brandon Heinz : The Bill Cosby song.

Jamie Bernard : sesame street definetly knew what they were doing

The Walrus Was Eleanor Rigby : The “slowly slowly getting faster” part KILLS ME EVERYTIME LMAOOO

Jacob Wolfskill : you know that I am called the count,because I really love to f########!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jonny Woods : Interesting tidbit, it was believed that you could distract a vampire by dropping mustard seeds, the vampire then was compelled to count the seeds.

prince apoopoo : Thanks, Dan and Arin

Sarah Animations : I **** the spiders on the wall... IM DIEING 😂😂😂

Mithren : Count the STDs

BlueAlchemy : Sorry for getting ripped off, this was funnier than anything that Robin Way guy could make

Martin Rocks : this isnt the seasame street i grew up with

Pat Smat : When I'm alone I BLEEP my self! I am on the ground crying from laughing so hard!

Pyrodragon3993 : Game Grumps brought me here.

Alayna Satterfield : who ever made this is my savior.

scruffy360x Sanchez : The sexual life of the vampire

Its KiiLtxz : The anthem of sesame street

Sadie Does Things : I **** THE SPIDERS ON THE WALL

Sammysosa3 : Robin Way more like Robin Gay

The Snoipeh : I was riding a bus while watching this, and that last f*** was timed perfectly with a huge bump that the driver plowed over like Mad Max.

DragonsREpic : When im alone, I beat my meat too...

Adam Parrish : Someone showed me this and said "try not to laugh". I made it about 10 seconds and was on the floor laughing for 15 minutes over this song.

SuperMahmus : G-g-g-g-g-game grumps!

grimdarkpixels : this is the most cursed video out there, if you look at it directly you drop de

Reaper The Indoraptor : I (bleep) the spiders on the walls. That's metal!

qwwq4 : Thanks Danny.

Lizzy Rose : “When I’m alone I **** myself” yeah I felt that ouch