The Count Censored (ORIGINAL)

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Pharaoh Misa : Whoever decided this was a good idea went down in history as the cleverest person ever.

Ethan Ferris : Sesame Street had horny vampires before Twilight made it cool.

Writban Alim : "When I'm alone I **** myself". Yeah I am so dead and done.

Brandon Robinson : Somehow I feel when they originally made this they knew this was going to happen in thr future.

Polaris : I find this easy to count to.

A. Shae O'Connell : The best part is when he fingers the cobweb.

All0verTheMap : Still one of the best things I've seen on the internet...EVER! It's the very reason why YouTube needs to exist in the 1st place!

Birthday Loyalty Club : This song has become a part of my mating ritual, much like a bird of paradise displaying it's glorious plumage whilst swaying gracefully, I sing this song while pulling down me jocks. #workseverytime

Bob Vahn : that "boiiiing" sound at 1:15 actually the sound of his d***

ThePsychonaut : I wonder if any of the writers or actors from the show have seen this


Alex Paulino : May God have mercy on Sesame Street when the Count shows up.

Alex Paulino : Count at least use some protection, your going to caught some STDs.

insanemedic : 288 Spiders don't like this.

Michael Kelly : Another destroyed childhood

the-sassy-blacksmith : When im having a bad day this never fails to cheer me up xD

Thenextworldwar : Is it low-brow? Yes. Is it funny regardless? Yes.

Chance Feldhaus : Better than the entire rap industry.

Lizzie4 lyfe : "When I'm alone I *beep* myself." 😂🤣🤤

DarkClownJester : ._. What can ya say? He is a Vampire after all. They some horny creatures~

Alex Paulino : Oh Count. What STDs do you have?

Benjamin Herman : This never gets old.

BlueAlchemy : Sorry for getting ripped off, this was funnier than anything that Robin Way guy could make

Jamie Bernard : sesame street definetly knew what they were doing

prince apoopoo : Thanks, Dan and Arin

Margaret Curry : Ahahahaha showed my teacher he loved it! Omg poor spiders

Pyrodragon3993 : Game Grumps brought me here.

Alayna Satterfield : who ever made this is my savior.

Martin Rocks : this isnt the seasame street i grew up with

Morgan Workman : My teacher showed us this AT SCHOOL today😂😂😂

grimdarkpixels : this is the most cursed video out there, if you look at it directly you drop de

qwwq4 : Thanks Danny.

SuperMahmus : G-g-g-g-g-game grumps!

LeviathanLP : Great, ANOTHER classic internet masterpiece created by emeritus King of the Internet Neil Cicierega.

Sammysosa3 : Robin Way more like Robin Gay

British Phantom : Game Grumps anyone?

Dak Lamerbusch : But no uncensored version?! I think Youtube hates children.

VAMPIRE3364 : I'm counting to this

Muhammad Ferdy Prakasa : The anthem of sesame street

Jacob Wolfskill : you know that I am called the count,because I really love to f########!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

myka431 : Im here for the grumps XD

Pplla 78 : I'm not surprised, he is a pimp! Has a cape and everything!

Irritated Camel / Roblox Stuff! : * until i drop die of exhaustion yet?

CMK : Jesus Christ died for your sins on a cross and rose again after three days. You have committed evil deeds, as we all have done. God is a just judge, and must punish you for these sins, because he is perfect by his nature. But God loves you, does not want to punish you. This is why God took the form of a man, Jesus Christ, and died as a sacrifice for your sins on a cross. He was punished for your sins, so that you could be made righteous in God's sight. After three days, Jesus rose again, because it is impossible for him to have been held down by death. This is great news! Repent, (that is, change your mind,) and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and be saved from the judgement of God. God will reward you for your faith with eternal life, and forgiveness for your deeds. I sin, and you sin, and we both will continue to sin, but Jesus Christ died for these sins, and God is willing to forgive them. Repent, and believe the Gospel.

R.A.D tube : I get carried away

just an average nerd : I wonder of how many STDs this guy has

DragonsREpic : When im alone, I beat my meat too...

Mr Galaxy : This is Art

Buzz Line : Anyone else here from GGN?

Crunchatize Me Senpai : Gogol Bordello needs to cover this STAT