35 F-35's from Hill Afb, UT perform a show of force

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M W : heading to take out the Alien Mothership hovering over ...dont forget to take the shields down!

Cameron Watson : Cool video, thanks looks awesome

Lappie Tova : The Complete Royal Netherlands Airforce.

Charles Walker : Are they heading to Mexico border to stop the caravan ?

Олл Кэп : Как же пидорашкам больно)

LRRPFco52 : You could wipe out any nations' Air Force on earth with that amount of F-35s alone. We're building thousands of them...

David Park : Now thats an amazing sight

Alex Tech Tips : Thats 20 million dollars well spend us tax payers!

Matt Luttrell : That is $3 billion of aircraft.

suttbuttwhat : What else would the U.S. spend that money on? Public welfare? ppfffffff.... that was way more worth it.

Harry Kancyr : Practicing up for trumps parade. Good thing that fuel is free.

BrutalTurtle : already obsolete. beautiful scenery though.

Nathan Smith : Looooooot of people eating humble pie right now

David Park : Practising for china war

SALTY DATTO : Beautiful! Glad I wasn't working the line that day.

Minecraft Murderers : Saw this over Layton one if the coolest thing you will ever see in your lifetime

Kevin Murray : Consequences will never be the same

Tom Nicholson : so it actually can fly... I'm impressed

mccabe1958 : Lota money right there...

fiveiron23 : I don't get it, I can't see anything? Are they invisible?

Dgonny : S400 is waiting for you

BigRedBeard : That was like a trillion dollars, right?