Jimmy Onishi trying to pronounce Massachusetts State (Gaki No Tsukai)

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TekkenH3AT : My friend struggles to say the state, and he's American lol. He says Massive Two Shits lmao

TheBurgerkrieg : I'm more interested in knowing why the fuck thay are dressed like the mob and get hit on the ass with batons by guys in full camo and red berets, but I guess the Massachussets part is interesting too.

Rafahil : Isnt' that the tententententententen guy?

willam belli : so good. WILLAM

ShantyGaming : Next up, Saskatchewan.

StreetSoldier88 : Why on Earth would you cut this out of the TV broadcast?

Karma : I've watched this 30 times now I can't stop.

Exgecko : My good old gaki troop.. watching them getting this old breaks my heart.

AbsolutelyGaki : Thanks for the upload! It would be great if you can credit the subbers, for their hard work, Cheers^

Hellz Yeahh : Every time i re-watch it I get worse at pronouncing the word myself.

StealthApple : Benicio del Toro sure looks different here

Mas Lurker : I really need to watch gaki no tsukai again

Abd Al Rahman Hamdan : Seriously though whoever named that state were high af..

Dave : Its ok some people in MA cant even spell it correctly

U Wot M8 : That's the Worcester attempt at pronouncing Massachusetts that I've ever seen.

Dovahkiff : Um why did two guys in masks just hit some guy with black sticks?

Rex Webster : wow the members and jimmy ald so old pls stay healthy :(

Andrea C. : I'll never forget watching that one Batsu game where that old actor was stuffed in a duffel bag while they were on the bus. Dunno why but I was dying of laughter for a good five minutes. Never laughed so hard in my life. It's summer now and time to binge watch more Gaki no Tsukai yeeeeeeeee

Bio : This is how I feel when I try to pronounce Massachusetts and I'm American

RiderShinden : Wait, this is a deleted scene? I wonder why. And as far as I know, Onishi already retired to pursue his painting career.

Summer Salt : wow... i havent watched gaki no tsukai for quite some time... matsumoto now has hair... and it's blonde

Inge VS : I'm european i would have problems with this word aswell tho....But the hardest i've encountered was....Yosemite...sounds totally diffirent from what you see written...

Keziyah Heartilly : name of this event gaki no tsukai no laughing what? pls tell me

technosasquatchfilms : don't feel bad, some americans can't even say it.

32deej : hip. hip hop. hip hop anonymous

John Louis : I was laughing because of 0:55 lol so funny I wish i was japanese lol

Mayer Yedid : this was hilarious! My favorite part of the special was when they did the food karaoke and Hamada sang to "Imitation Gold"

mildseven73 : コメント見る限りアメリカ人ですら難しい発音の州名なんだねww

KingAdmiral Kamisama : i got the full vid.. but never saw this scene.. which part was this?

OperationEndGame : Need Fujiwara in here too... The guy is such an assassin, especially when he butchers his line, hell breaks loose.

Sky LendNite : where is full video?!

Holy shit, it's a talking muffin : Massachoo chu choo

Alan Falleur : Of course we all learned in school that the Amerikan reberushon began in Masaajusettsu.

Pika Jew : My all time favorite show.

youngatwista : Jimmy is Endo's weakness. I've watched them so much i know all their weaknesses

Issam Hadi : i will forever be grateful to the uploader of this video because it introduced me to the world of gaki and downtown , thank you Sir

Svitac : I'm watching this over and over again...

TrainTrackTrav : 0:58 made me lose it.

Himecchi Honoka : I've been trying not to laugh but I always failed😂😂😂😂😂😂

JamesEarl Rustles : Masase chuchuchuchuchu is now my favorite word

Nick R : I love how Endo doesn't bother hiding his laughter the first time.

Blanca Ruan : why did i think that was Jordan Peele in the thumbnail. lmao

Telisto Life : I seriously thought this was about Jordan Peele doing a racist asian sketch

PizzaPowa : This is fucking GOLD comedy

Sora The Troll : Lol I'm Japanese and jimmy Onishi is like the legend here.

Jesus t : japanese jordan peele

Cupavi Kurcic : lol that hairdoo! It's been a while since i have seen some footage of Onishi. "Ten Ten One!"

Ravenclaw Alltheway : omg i'm glab i'm not in the show, the military men would have hit me billion times xD

illuminatioracle : matsumoto looks fucking cool with that hair

ThePseudomancer : マサチューセッツ MA SA CHU SE TSU what's so hard about that?