Jimmy Onishi trying to pronounce Massachusetts State (Gaki No Tsukai)

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StreetSoldier88 : Why on Earth would you cut this out of the TV broadcast?

Nick : its funny when you live in Massachusetts

Elmer J Fapp : i think japanese cable might be the only cable worth paying for these days it's like something family guy though of

Pseudo unremarkable : my wife says mass-ip-chu-sips

CMBob DankMemicorn : Wait why did kg assassins hit him with a big black tube

光のペンギン : funny thing, for the Japanese, Massachusetts is one the hardest to pronounce but Yosemite is the easiest.

Mathias Severinsen : This shit is so weird I love it

Anthony Howard : I would rather watch a game show like this any day over our mediocre gameshows in the states. spiketv used to host MXC and even though it was dubbed it still had more entertainment value

PiGo : What's up with the guerrillas hitting them with sticks

毒キノコ : 監督が噛むのはせこいwwwww

Maliboomboom117 : Oh god this is so good 😂

S u b / T r a n s : the actual point here is "state" part in japanese this makes even harder to pronounce "massachusetts state" in japanese it'll be "Massachusetts Shuu"

Tony Music : In what state do you watch a priest, sneeze, and sit down? Massachusetts.

danturbo316 : Never been able to say it right.....

鈴科百合子 : オオニシ君 マサッチューセッツ州 ンフフフッフッフフw

i Met a Knight : I don't know how the fuck to say it either. Never had to even use the name. XD

Michael Pitoy : 335 persons don't like their state pronounced wrong

sad boy : Everytime I watched this, I feel like one of them. I tried not to laugh

Ty Steger : I've watched this quite a few times and I still laugh to tears almost every time.

BevelBoyJack : who is these niggas comin in beating tf out of them XD

Aleksandar Bradaric : That man is dying from laughter at 1:38-1:40.

Youngfool : Great, now i cant pronounce it right. Thanks Japan.

Juin All : Why did they leave this out of the episode?

max_rally : the fu... what in the... WHAT THE FUCK

Tommy Dara : brilliant!!!! so funny can't stop laughing

Good Drank : I thought that was Jordan Peele in the thumbnail..

Ali Hasnain : Am I the only one here who doesn't have a slightest clue of what the fuck is going on? I mean why do they have pipes? Why are they dressed like that? Why are they getting spanked by people in army uniforms? What the fuck japan?

ewnard : how is ma sa chu se tsu hard to say?

Bo ThatGuyYouDon'tKnow : I live in MA, this is gold lol

sarethums : try to pronounce Milngavie.

EhCloserLook : I was told that this is as normal as TV in Japan gets.

you-are-the-pelican-man : I love in the US and can't even pronounce Massachusetts.

ruleram1 : I was so sure the guy in the thumbnail was the guy from key & peele

Igor K : I'll say one thing ... Icelandic toponyms

Connor Hatcher : I've always called it, "Mass of two shits" State too.

Havoc1001 : Amazing power swing. Some of the guys in MLB could take some pointers from these guys..lol

Josh R : Is this the Japanese Jordan Peele?

SmexyAss : next uvuvwevwevwe enyentyevwe ugwemubwem ossas ty

Beast Master 64 : Where can I watch this tv show?

OperationEndGame : The struggle to contain the laughter is real.

Farzam Ahmed : life seems so depressing there

Flowish Loz : looks like Jordan Peele

Anfubvinch : The guy with the beanie makes this clip

Carlos Smith : I didn't know what to expect but I was not disappointed

Gojira782 : What's with Saddam Hussein's secret police at the end?

Shanxaderp : Look up Germans saying Squirrel. It's hilarious

J'ai pas le temps : why this man look like james brown ?

Heart of Chaos : I thought it was Jordan Peele in the thumbnail. :/

Armando Robles : do you know if someone subbed the whole extra footage

john papple : Guy looks strangely alike to Jordan Peele.